2013 Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update to February 9th

Here we see data representing the global sales through to consumers and change in sales performance of the three home consoles over comparable periods for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Also shown is the market share for each of the consoles over the same periods.

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DialgaMarine2008d ago

Loving how even after PS3 officially outsold 360 WW, 360 fans are still swarming around VGChartz like flies on dog sh*t. They'll never just give up, will they? :)

whoyouwit042007d ago

what 360 fans swarm around vgchartz every one knows vgchartz is unreliable.

user39158002007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Im a Pro sony fan, but even I knows the xbox 360 still ahead by 1,8 million as stated by NPD a week ago. Trolls are everywere 1 buble all the way lol... By the way the list shown its a little outdated, MS has 76 million sold ps3 74.2 and wii well its dead now.

shikamaroooo2007d ago

I thought NPD only provide North American numbers?

inspirated2007d ago

Surely Microsoft and Sony know their own sales figures right?

In October 2012 Microsoft reported that Xbox 360 sales had reached 70 million. In November 2012 Sony reported that PS3 sales had also reached 70 million.

Since the start of 2011 the PS3 has outsold the Xbox 360 worldwide for 95 of the 111 weeks. The only time that the Xbox 360 really sells more are the few weeks around christmas.

Qrphe2007d ago

That's only for the U.S., it doesn't even take into account the whole NA market.

mr_kubrick2007d ago

love how sony-slaves think, that numbers from IDC are more worth than NPC or vgchartz numbers. Love how they dont even know how this rumors from PS3 being second came up.

N4G is the last haven from PS3-boys thinking the world is built around kazs ass.
I love this place. Makes my day.

xursz2007d ago

"Sony-slaves" how mature.

user39158002007d ago (Edited 2007d ago )

Console gaming and sales 101, here are some facts:
Top 10 console sales by countries are:
2 Japan
3 United Kingdom
4 Germany
5 Canada
6 South Korea
7 Italy
8 France
9 Australia
10 Sweden
Fact even with all top 9 from 2 to 10 combined USA outsales them in total.
Worldwide sales are derived by territories top 3 are:
2 Europe
3 Japan
USA Will be xbox 360 countrie and nothing Sony can do about it FACT.

N4G HAS THE BIGGEST DENIAL COUNT OF TROLLS that I have ever seen (Fact).

People here think they know sales and act like you stole their babies when we disagree, because they are on denial... Could be facts lol...

xursz2007d ago

^ I disagreed because you claim "FACT" like you're the spawn of Pachter. Predicting the future of business is the job of analysts. With all your facts you should apply for a job, lol.

fatstarr2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

lol the sony delusion is always so high.

I want to know what the site alliance is for the top 100 vg sites and forums.

N4g = Sony
Neogaf =? cant tell sometimes
the spawn of the internet v = Nintendo
ign/gamespot = 360 heaven.

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Benjaminkno2007d ago

I want all of them to do well.
Unfortunately, I don't really see how an industry on the decline is going to do well with 2 powerhouse machines being released simultaneously. I like them all for different different reasons, I wish there was room for everyone.

With so much emphasis graphics, (the main driver for development costs) why should I be hopeful?
-Sony sells best in Japan.
-Microsoft sells in the States.
-Nintendo splits the share between the two in both regions.
-Europe seems to not be too particularly excited about Nintendo.

I'm hoping this recipe creates an environment for each company to make the profits they need to stay competitive.
It's tragic what's been happening to developers as they just keep dropping like flies.

As far as I'm concerned, android and Apple games can disappear. Leave gaming to the big dogs.

Cogan12007d ago

Japan is a relatively small region, yes MS main region is the US, but Europe is where Sony reign apart from the UK which is also a 360 market. I don see this trend changing in Europe, but depending on what Sony bring come Wednesday, Xbox fans in US might start to realise where the real gamers are.

user39158002007d ago

Small region? Really? 127,817,277 is their population, is it still small? USA 313 MILLION, Europe 739 million, By comparison USA is the bigest market when it comes to purchase gaming consoles followed by europe, then japan FACT. Others sale, but well not as much.

Benjaminkno2007d ago

How many millions of sales in XBox consoles do you think were just replacements? I think if you're going to pick sides you should acknowledge that Microsoft have really shot themselves in the foot with consumers. How many XBox fans go for Sony only because their Xbox malfunctioned? I'm not sure consumers trust the "XBox" brand like they should.

Hey!! I'm all for the American brand. The way they handled the Japanese market is laughable.
But honestly, I think Sony and Nintendo are doing better because of the ineptitude of these arrogant figureheads that have enslaved "Rare" to Kinect.

I think "disconnected" would be a good term to use in this instance.

PS4isKing_822007d ago

On feb 20th Sony takes back America.

xursz2007d ago

I sigh when I read comments like this... Show me your crystal ball or get out.

user39158002007d ago

1 crystal ball for you, Pachter 10% brain cell power equals 150% of your total count. SONY/MS/WIIU owner and mad as a tazmanian devil.

VG charts and NPD SALES SUCK, BUt are more acurate than the majority of trolls count here on N4G.

mcstorm2007d ago

Lol at all the fan boys bickering on who has the best toys. Back to playing games rather than going on who sold more then who. As a gamer all I want from Sony MS and Nintendo is to give me games I want to play and for them to stay in the game as having them all pushing each other will make it better for us gamers.

But as for Sales been a good gen for all 3 this time round and I hope next gen is a good gen for all 3 to.

TheLyonKing2007d ago

Wii U is killing 8th gen haha

Good to see ps3 having over 50% market share do far this year.

FarEastOrient2007d ago

That would be bad if both Orbis and Durango beats WiiU's sales by next year.

Qrphe2007d ago

Unmatched in heaven and earth. One soul, one body. The Wii U, has 100% market share of the current-gen consoles atm.

fatstarr2006d ago

and there's no denying that fact lol so for arguments sake you can say that Nintendo is dominating generation 8.

using logic and statistics but most cant do/see that on the internet.