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Submitted by NYC_Gamer 1088d ago | video

Bonus Round - Is The PlayStation 4 Almost Here?

GT:Brian Crecente and Stephen Totilo join us to discuss what we will see during Sony’s big meeting. Is the PlayStation 4 reveal a few days away? Find out. (Culture, PS4)

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Dwalls1171  +   1088d ago
Cant wait to preorder
NYC_Gamer  +   1088d ago
I'm with you on that brother
arabiensoldier  +   1088d ago
LOL I wonder how crazy people are gonna be for this launch? Day one people won't make it home safe haha
HebrewHammer  +   1088d ago
Hiring myself an entourage of hard-hitters lol
steven83r  +   1088d ago
Ill just repeat what i did for PS3 launch. SUV pulled up to front of Best Buy and had 3 people stand by doors as we loaded all our systems then driver takes off as we follow. My area isn't so nice so ya.
JoGam  +   1088d ago
Hopefully I do. Smh. That's all i need on day one is something to happen. On the day of the PS3 launch some dude fell asleep on the highway and almost drove me off the road.
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jaymart2k  +   1088d ago
Maybe after E3 you can
Tapioca Cold  +   1088d ago
If I ever meet that Crecente dude I will smash his face in. I hate that xbox nuthugging fanboy.
majiebeast  +   1088d ago
Not gonna watch 2 people from Kotaku couldnt they get some actual game journalist this week?
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parkerpeters  +   1088d ago
It's 2013 for cryin out loud! Didn't you know bloggers are journalists now? Bloggin is srs business. ;)
LOGICWINS  +   1088d ago
That last point Steven made was interesting, about letting PS3 owners stream PS4 games through Gaikai with no drops in quality. Technically, thats possible.

Gaikai and the PS4 could be the same thing. The PS4 could be a $50 subscription per year that will allow you to play ANY game on PSN via your PS3, Vita, smartphone, laptop etc.

Thus eliminating used games since the only way you'll be able to pick newer games up is through the PSN store. Genius.
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nirwanda  +   1088d ago
That depends on the bandwidth sony provides them with and your own internet line, also ping, can't see streaming working any time soon people alreay complain about lag input in hd tv's now just imagine your imput having to travel all the way to a server and back.
Can't see it working well with 60fps fighting games for instance.
LOGICWINS  +   1088d ago
I'm sure Sony has thought of this. They'll find a way. Sony spent $380 million on Gaikai. They wouldn't do that if they knew it its use would be limited to the 10% of consumers that have an exceptional Internet connection.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1088d ago
I've suggested that dozens of times in as many threads on here but people think I'm barking. But it's quite possible that this could happen in my opinion.

Edit: I just think you're one generation too early with that though. I don't think the OS is strong enough to carry the load on the PS3 ... Wait for the PS4 and say it again :)
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LOGICWINS  +   1088d ago
It is. Imagine what would happen if Kaz said

"About the PS4,'s already on the market!"

The Internet would EXPLODE!
DERKADER  +   1088d ago
"No drops in quality", then what would be the point of playing games on PS4. It still requires a lot of video compression to stream 1080p at realistic internet speeds.
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LOGICWINS  +   1088d ago
Thats just it. We don't KNOW that the PS4 is a physical console machine. The "PS4" could simply be an extremely integrated network where you can game across multiple devices.

Think about the recent release of the Super Slim when this gen is "supposedly" ending. The "PS4" console could already be sitting in our living rooms as we speak!
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GribbleGrunger  +   1088d ago
Save that argument for next gen because I believe that there will not be a PS5 and what you have just described will become a reality on the PS4. As far as the argument goes at the moment -- they will only offer demos of PS4 games on the PS3. The last thing Sony would want to do is stymie sales of the PS4.

I'm going to hit agree though because I think you are just one generation too early for that remark, and the idea is as 'sound as a pound'.
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LOGICWINS  +   1088d ago
"As far as the argument goes at the moment -- they will only offer demos of PS4 games on the PS3. The last thing Sony would want to do is stymie sales of the PS4"

Agreed, thats the more likely possibility lol
Muerte2494  +   1088d ago
There is a reason why Gaikai was...
bought out and OnLive went bankrupt. Until we get Google Fiber in everyone's home, this kind of reality won't be coming true for quite some time. I also don't like the fact that it REQUIRES an internet connection and most people in rural areas lack internet. So LogicWins idea is a complete bust on all fronts because there are far too many requirements to make it a reality. Now something like this could work with a PSVita with LTE. Because of the resolution of the screen, you wouldn't need much bandwidth for it.
Kingscorpion1981  +   1088d ago
Whatever happen to the Last Guardian??? It that game ever going to come out this Gen?
ApolloTheBoss  +   1088d ago
Highly doubt it. Most likely a next gen launch title.
parkerpeters  +   1088d ago
I played the Witcher 2 on GaiKai shortly before it was shut down for Sony business... And yeah, it obviously had some compression going on, but it still looked gorgeous.
ziggurcat  +   1088d ago
it's not going to be on the market until 2014.
jaymart2k  +   1088d ago
Brian Crecente lol

3DS is doomed, ya ok <sarcasm>
level 360  +   1088d ago
Am going to see which retail store gives out the best bundle deals then I'll pre-order.

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