NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Pictured – GK110 Finally Arrives to Consumers With a Blasting 6 GB Memory

After probably months of wait, the GK110 chip is finally arriving for the consumers tomorrow with the launch of NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX Titan GPU. The GeForce GTX Titan would feature unprecedented power output with the much great power efficiency of NVIDIA’s Kepler architecture. The first pictures have finally arrived by our friends from Chinese Forums and Egypt Hardware so without further ado, i bring to you the glorious and much power single chip GeForce GTX Titan GPU:

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Pain_Killer1434d ago

The monstrosity, the pixel pushing beast finally arrives to the PC tomorrow!

Crazyglues1434d ago

How much is this bad boy going to cost, I got an ATI 6970 and I was thinking of getting the GTX680... -but maybe I should just get this.

Anyone have any idea on the price?

Pain_Killer1434d ago

Its going to cost around $800 excluding tax.

That's what the news source quotes. :)

MmaFan-Qc1434d ago

f that, im waiting at least 1 more year before upgrading my msi gtx580 lightning.

the prices will drop and i will be happy.

Hydrolex1434d ago

Faaak Technology ! I just spent 800 on sli 670 gtx

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NOOBKILLA1434d ago

Damn the pictures of the card are pornographic. Welp I guess it's time to pull out the Visa!! Lol

Sarcasm1434d ago

I'm going to buy Four of those and run them in Quad SLI, gotta prepare for Sim City.

chaldo1434d ago

I can't wait to buy this tomorrow!

EbeneezerGoode1433d ago

You'll probably have to as sales for it aren't apparently going live till the 21st?

I'll be waiting on benchies before I decide

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Orpheus1434d ago

Metro Last Light, Crysis 3 , RESET , Project CARS

Pain_Killer1434d ago

At 4K and beyond!

PC just went beyond Next-Gen itself with the Titan.

sourav931434d ago

I think PCs were already beyond next gen with a GTX 680.

steve30x1434d ago

I;m already playing Projecty cars with ultra settings 1080P with over 60FPS woth a GTX680

Si-Fly1434d ago

I'm using 680s too but as the AFR workaround isn't ideal for SLI a Titan is going to replace my cards for triple screen pCars :)

steve30x1434d ago

SLI isn't ideal at all. I've tried it twice and sometimes you gotta play with SLI settings to get it to work semi properly if theres no Nvidia profile. I had a few games wouldn't work in sli so I had to disable SLI. I much prefer single high end GPU.

Kennytaur1434d ago

Nope, only an overly expensive way to play current and next gen games. Graphics =/= generation.

meetajhu1434d ago

Before the release of Next gen consoles itself this thing is already 10 times more powerful.

Letros1434d ago (Edited 1434d ago )

Yea there was an interesting article about that a few days ago. Titan is the new 8800 GTX

neoandrew1434d ago

And 10 times more expensive

RevXM1434d ago

Ten times? Come on, be real.
As the ps4 and next xbox isnt revealed yet that is a pretty bold statement to make. Even if we go by the rumored spec... the amd rumors,Titan wouldnt be anywhere near 10 times.

GiantFriendlyCrab1434d ago

no pc games utilizes more than 2gb as of today, but by buying this card your are future proofed

Letros1434d ago

Multimonitor setups surely do

Sarcasm1434d ago

Yes they do, beginning with Crysis 3. I've already hit the 2GB cap allocated on my GTX 680 in the beta. As texture quality and assets go up, so will the need for more VRAM. Although I would say FINALLY.

Also higher resolutions like 2560x1600 and Surround/Eyefinity will benefit from more VRAM.

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