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Destiny: Bungie's Brave New Worlds | Polygon

Polygon: "Our solar system is the playground of Bungie's new universe, Destiny." (Destiny, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Bigpappy  +   611d ago
This is exciting to read. Not because it is Bungie, but because it is what I expect from next-gen. It seems more complex and fleshed out than games I am able to play now on current consoles. So if this becomes the early standard, it would put pressure on other developers to evolve or become irrelevant. Bungie did do something like this before with the release of the original Halo then again with Halo on Xbox Live. They changed how FPS are implemented on console, then they created the way lobbies and match making is handled in today's competitive online games. Very smart guys on this team.
Dwalls1171  +   611d ago
Im sold dude.... I hope its a ps4 launch title
ShinMaster  +   611d ago
Not sure about next-gen, but PS3 at least
HammadTheBeast  +   611d ago
Seems a bit like Dust 514.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   611d ago
The only real problem is the always hooked up internet connection to play this game. A large portion of gamers still don't have a internet connection. Im curious to how Bungie will handle this.
SJPFTW  +   611d ago
"A large portion of gamers still don't have a internet connection"

What is this? 1879? LOL if you do not have an internet connection in 2013
AngelicIceDiamond  +   611d ago

This game for me (and obviously you) wont be a problem because I have 24/7 access to my internet, and that's stable as well. In order for Destiny to be playable its mandatory to have internet.

A good % of consumers have either un-reliable connections or don't have access to the internet. You have to think about those gamers who are gonna be missing out.

This was a move by Bungie and not Activision. But I hope Bungie knows what they're doing with this constant internet feature.
Omar91  +   611d ago
This could of been said back when the ps3/360 first came out in 2005- 2006, but now I think there plenty of people with internet connection. The real question is whether they have stable/ reliable connection like you stated.
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lovegames718  +   611d ago
I just posted that in another thread hammad lol def reminds me of what Dust 514 Is doing
lovegames718  +   611d ago
Just seen the vidoc the in game shots looked nice and the vidoc was well done. Ill keep an eye on it.
ATi_Elite  +   611d ago
Looks like Planetside 2 mixed with Tribes:Ascend but with Firefall style gameplay!

Consolers are in for a great taste of what PC Gamers have already been playing!
shivvy24  +   611d ago
DUST 514 , already playable on PS3
Haules  +   611d ago
Never have, never will be a fan of Bungie, liked Halo 1 on the PC though / Multiplayer.

From the looks of it, just another Planet Side 2 with better gameplay, quest / leveling up system.. go out and explore the earth, which was invaded by unkown forces... blabla.. 10 years of content?

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