What is Destiny? Even Bungie Doesn't Seem Too Sure | 1UP

1UP: "Bungie's ambitious new shooter defies description. But is that a good or bad thing?"

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DanielForth1199d ago

looks like a standard shooting fare.

Septic1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Standard shooting fare. Right.

Dynamic environments
Always connected- with mobile devices etc when you#re at work.
Random encounters with players ala Journey
Massive open worlds with huge vistas
Space combat
MMO elements

Yup....standard shooting fare if I ever saw one.

yunatiduslove4671198d ago SpamShow
MoveTheGlow1198d ago

Sounds like Planetside 2, but more Bungie-er. Which isn't a bad thing, necessarily, there's usually one heck of a sci-fi story behind these things.

nukeitall1198d ago

I don't see this as being standard fare at all. In fact, it looks pretty much like nothing anyone else has done anything close to it.

I'm interested and the artwork looks fabulous.

Trenta271199d ago

Whatever it is, I will play it for the lore. They have always been fantastic at a excellent backstory and setting.

maximus19851199d ago

looks interesting. hoping its good

DanielForth1199d ago

basically, Hay Bungie , lets make another halo But Multiplat, So it'll Sell Big Bongo Bucks "$$$$" Sound like a plan?

Septic1199d ago

How?? Have you even played Planetside 2? Planetside 2 is a 2000 player online FPS all about conquest mode. You have 3 factions, and you fight to control bases.

How on Earth is this a Planetside 2 wannabee? Think before you type.

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