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Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Unboxing & Install size revealed

Unboxing MGR and showing the install size required on the PS3 (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, PS3)

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eferreira   895d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
AllroundGamer  +   895d ago
finished the game yesterday, the horrible camera kills the game... will probably get 6-7/10 in reviews.
Zefros  +   895d ago
Camera was bad in the demo too, dosen't surprise me one bit.
HiddenMission  +   895d ago
Camera worked perfect for me and Ive beaten Bayonetta, All of the God of Wars, all of the devil may crys, ninja gaidens

So i think you guys dont know what your talking about i dont think you guys even played the demo
j-blaze  +   895d ago
lol at you guys trying too hard to downplay the game, you're either sucked at it because it was too hard for you or sad because it's not exclusive
AllroundGamer  +   895d ago
wow why the disagrees? i have also beaten Bayonetta, GOW, DMCs and NG games, so i know what i'm talking about, the camera is one of the worst, you will see... or in most times, you won't see anything :D btw. you can beat the game in about 5 hours. (normal difficulty)

RevXM: you counterattack by pushing the attack button and the direction from which is the enemy attacking. Also there is no block, which is another let down.
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grayfoxx881  +   895d ago
I don't think you have any idea what you are talking about. You can block in the game, it's called parrying. To parry you point the analog stick in the direction of the incoming attack, and press the weak attack button. To counterattack you have to press the weak attack button combined with the jump button and the direction you want Raiden to go. The camera is fine. Did you spend any time with this game? I don't think so.
HiddenMission  +   895d ago
Yeah you didnt play the game at all and you proved it bro. There is a block its done when you try a counter to early.

I can tell your spewing what you read from the web. Games like this are about perfecting your skill and the higher the difficulty the longer the game...I personally pick quality over quantity.

By the way worse camera in a Hack N Slash goes to Ninja Gaiden games any fan of the genre will tell you that.
Summons75  +   895d ago
Oh I so can't wait for this combination of great gameplay and story telling.
crimsonfox  +   895d ago
Thiis is perhaps, The creepiest unboxing I have seen all year.
Ace_Pheonix  +   895d ago
I thought for a second there that maybe he was going to behead a captured G.I. Kidding, kidding! Geez, you people get so offended sometimes.
Zefros  +   895d ago
HiddenMission: i probably played the demo before you. Got zone of the enders and YES the camera was bad, but dosen't mean i won't buy the game ( Huge MGS fan).

AND what does GOW,bayonetta and dmc have to do with the game? i finished them myself... EPIC games all of them except ninja gaiden 3.
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HiddenMission  +   895d ago
When you talk about bad camera and say the worse you have to look at other titles in the genre which you havent because Ninja Gaiden is the worse which is why i brought other titles up.

What does getting the demo before me really mean...does it mean you played it more than well you cant prove that so whats your point.

I played the demo a shit ton and the camera was cake Im calling your gaming skills into question and its just that simple
RevXM  +   895d ago
Yeah camera annoyed me too in the demo. Seems like it locks on to whatever target.
Also I found it off putting not being aible to counter or evade. Couldnt find anything in the controller options for those action atleast so I gave it up when I came to the part with the geckos and pmc's armed with rpg's.

It could be that the demo tutorial just lacked bigtime.
If anyone knows how to evade/counter Id surely apreciated it if you would let me know how. The game certainly has a Metal Gear feel to it.
Allsystemgamer  +   895d ago
Uh u can counter and evade
RevXM  +   895d ago
Getting disagrees for being honest and asking for help being left with no real answers... well thank you trolls.
Xklaw  +   895d ago
To evade you press square and X ( ps3 ); X & A (360) in the direction you want to evade. Raiden will evade and stryke at the same time. This is also good to cancel any long animation that might leave you vulnerable. Mind you that this is already in the demo, in the full game it´s an upgrade. I think that i don´t need to talk about the parry system since there´s already lots of information on that. About the camera, it also annoyed me until i found the lock on button. It´s not perfect, but it helps dealing with the camera.
RevXM  +   895d ago
Thank you good sir.
Ill try that out.
SAE  +   895d ago
Bought the game. It's amazing. Don't listen to others. You will enjoy it if you didn't love it.

About the camera. It's alright. If there are 4 enemies you can see them unless they are big. Don't over rate things. It's worth playing. Just play it for what it is and provide feedback if you want to improve it after playing it. It's trying to do something new so ofcours it sacrifice some things such as graphics which look good enough too ..

You could say that the sequel of this game would be like assassin creed 1 to assassin creed 2 but on ps4 xD because the story and gameplay are fun as hell. support them. They worth it for hard working..

My rating so far is 9/10. the gameplay need skills too so i'm happy with it. But i wish they make it more challenging too. Offer a mode for that kind of players. It would e the hardest sword game ever :D
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GuruStarr78  +   895d ago
I just finished the second mission. . I really like it.... best action game ive played in a while.. yes, even better than DMC
SAE  +   895d ago
I'm at 4 :P. It's gonna take a lots of time to platinum it xD . First playthrough playing on hard without caring about the trophies then play it again to understand the story more and collect the stuff ..
bayonetta  +   895d ago
finish it and its just awesome
Zefros  +   895d ago
Can't wait to play it =) won't release herebefore 02/22 =(
IK IR Y IP T  +   895d ago
has 3 copies guy is obviously stealing these games i bet he works at a retail store
StrawberryDiesel420  +   895d ago
good for him

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