Introducing Destiny, "the world's first shared world shooter"

Destiny’s name might be one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming, but the game itself – a persistent online sci-fi shooter with drop-in co-op and competitive multiplayer all sewn into one experience – is esconsed in a level of mystery I suspect can’t be blown away even after several hours in the game. It’s vast. It’s ambitious. It’s incredibly exciting… I don’t know what it is.

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shivvy241893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

Dust 514 ?

GribbleGrunger1893d ago

lol, Yeah, that's exactly what I thought. History, who gives it a second thought?

Septic1893d ago

Yeah you'd think that an official PlayStation website would know better.

K4rm4t00burn1893d ago

Just to clarify, that's a direct quote from Activision's CEO, not how OPM UK's describing the game.

TheSaint1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )


Are we just naming shooters now??

Megaton1893d ago

Like the 10th person in a comment section posting "FIRST".

Sam Fisher1893d ago

Wow, i hate activision, i truly do. I boycott every game they publish or make. But reading this got me interested, i do agree on the part where bungie thinks its going to be huge and activision has the money to back it up, i do believe that. I love the look of it, its refreshing yet looks familiar at the same time. I hope they are making what i think they are trying to accomplish, i am greatful that they are utilizing ps3 and future systems aswell, i wish this comes out right, im looking for the one game that will get me hooked for a very long time. Dust 514 had a good concept but failed on the mechanical core of the game, feels like a cheap pc fps (ive been in dust since closed beta), mag failed, hope destiny is for me.

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