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Next Gen: Battle of the Online Services

At the dawn of this generation, Xbox Live ignited a revolution. In previous console generations, games were for the most part a lonely experience limited to yourself or a few local players, but this generation’s advancements have meant playing video games is now one of the most social experiences we can have at home... (Next-Gen, PS4, Xbox One)

THC CELL  +   1012d ago
Sony free online plus ps plus = win
fluffydelusions  +   1012d ago
PS4 + PC is where it will be next gen (like this gen)
toguns  +   1012d ago
I am willing to bet that there will be at least 1 title that makes every system worth buying. Well... Every system except the nextbox, Microsoft seems super keen to push Kinect as its system seller and that just does not appeal to me. The maximum extent of motion controls for me is minor things like shaking your controller to reload. Or using voice commands to use abilities. Outside of that I think traditional controls are where it's at.
RyuCloudStrife  +   1012d ago
I couldn't have said it better my self brother.
Arai  +   1012d ago
I wish they would redesign the PS store logo.
For some reason I'm not digging it, other than that I like how the store look AND previously looked.
Tapioca Cold  +   1012d ago
I want to know why people still pay to play online with xbox live. Because of this Sony may jump on that bandwagon.

Way to go xbox livers'
parkerpeters  +   1012d ago
Xbox live is a chump. PS+ is the cool guy.

Spread the word. Say it like I said above. Word for word. Soon, everyone will know what goes where.
MGregory666  +   1012d ago
Has the internet ever known a more ignorant person.
parkerpeters  +   1012d ago
I was saying that to be funny. But honestly, Playstation Network coupled with PS+ is the way to go.Micro$oft is living in the past, and if they think that charging a monthly subscription fee for what other companies give away for free is a good idea, then they get all that is coming to them.
InTheZoneAC  +   1012d ago
it's not a battle when there's no contest.....
ApolloTheBoss  +   1012d ago
LOL what battle? With PS+ there's no contest.
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iNathan  +   1012d ago
46m people on Live disagree :D
Xbox Live is amazing servisse the only thing MS needs to do is make it like Ps Plus so the Value will be much better.

Credit to Sony for Ps Plus is amazing!

Thanks Sony, competition ins amazing!
jessupj  +   1012d ago
Or maybe they're all forced to so they can play with their friends.

Ask yourself a serious question. How many people would still pay for a gold account if MS allowed the free silver accounts access to the online portions of the games they buy?

Of course, no one knows the exact answer to that but we can safely speculate it would be a huge chunk.
Andrespetmonkey  +   1012d ago
"46m people on Live disagree"
Disagree with what?
Jek_Porkins  +   1012d ago
I think it all comes down to preference. For me, Microsoft has always had the smoother online experience and features that I want.

I'm not taking anything away from PS+, just in my opinion that isn't so much a online service as it is a game rental service that helps quietly get people ready for digital only.

I think Microsoft is happy with Xbox Live and the billion+ that it makes yearly, and I'm sure Sony is happy with whatever number of people use PSN+, though they've never actually mentioned any numbers.
xxLuckyStrike  +   1012d ago
XBL FTW!!! Yes!!!! (Marv Alberts voice) Bots are going wild in the crowd!!! PS3 fanboy heading for the exits in dejection and disbelief!!!.

Seriously, PSN is free aside from that its 2nd class to XBL. Paying a small fee for live is overblown by PS3 fanboys. Theirs always a live sale on the net I've never paid 59.99 or the 24.99. More like 11.99 for 3 months and 34.99 for a year. In my experience. No long download times/installs, cross game chat, parties. BTW I have both consoles.

*Sure Sony will improve PSN for next gen as that is inevitable. after all there is a whole lotta room4 improvement.. But I'm confident M$ will have a few new tricks up their sleeve come next gen. There not going to just sit and watch.
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R_aVe_N  +   1012d ago
I am one of those that personally dislike Xbox Live it is not worth the money you have to pay for it just to play online. At least with PS+ you actually get something with it like ummm games, and discounts on games. Microsoft really needs to rethink Xbox Live to make it really worth paying for. I have all of the other services offered by Live on pretty much every piece of electronics in my house so not really needed.
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theEx1Le  +   1012d ago
Yes you do have all those services available to you in your house. But there is room to think that those who don't have a host of electronics in their home might see having them all in one place being worth the cost of an XBL subscription. I'm not defending XBL at all as I believe that what they offer should be free like most of the features on PSN. There are only a few things worth paying for.
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StrongMan  +   1012d ago
There is no competition. PS+ is the best paid service on consoles. If you want to play your games online you have to pay for XBL and that should be a crime to charge people for free features. I can use Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter anywhere for free so why on earth would I pay MS to use it on a console?
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1012d ago
You don't pay them to use that on a console. You're paying for Xbox Live... for party chat, to play games online.

Twitter, Facebook, Netflix and all the rest are just added bonuses to the whole 3 bucks a month that it cost for Xbox Live.

Funny that Sony finally made people pay for free games. LOL.. love reading that. Sony fanboys have no problem paying for free games. Ha.. let me write that again. PAYING for FREE games.

Errrr... you guys are paying to rent games.

Cool... I pay 3 bucks a month to play my games online if they have a MP mode, if not, I still play the single player mode... can you play the single player mode of your "free" game when your ps+ runs out?

Ha ha ha.. paying for free. oxymoron.
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WeaseL  +   1012d ago
Free games? So the games are available even if you don't have ps+. How are these games FREE if only ps+ subscribers have access to them?
PS+ is optional Live is not.
DigitalRaptor  +   1012d ago
You pay Microsoft $60 per year (or a variation of that price) to unlock and play the games you've already spent $60 on, as the developer intended. Not only this, but the online is run via P2P technology, which costs Microsoft nothing to run, since P2P is what it is - look it up. Now you can defend them all you want like the fanboy you are, OR you can see that what they are doing iS anti-consumer and pretty disrespectful to their consumer base, who avidly support an excellent service.

Forget party chat and cross game chat (which are free on Vita btw). If Microsoft are FORCING you as a consumer to pay for for things that are free across the rest of the industry, then something isn't right and the sad thing is, no one is seriously condemning this for being allowed to happen. When people who aren't fanboys even acknowledge this, it STILL gets brushed off as fanboy conjecture. It's sad that you can't see it because to you, everything that is anti-XBL is "SDF" and not "something the industry needs to acknowledge".

And you're basically admitting that it's okay for Microsoft to restrict apps that are free on every single other device in the world to a yearly cost. I mean let me repeat that - a continual fee to access free apps for websites that are meant to be accessed freely (provided you have an Internet connection). With Netflix it's a DUAL barrier to entry because of XBL, which just like "WTF!?". Premium apps are a one-time purchase, but Microsoft can ensure that it costs you to access them each year. And you think that this is not a bad thing because "it's an added bonus"? Never seen such willing submission in all my life.

But wow man, you pay $3 per month to get ripped off by Microsoft. That is COMPLETELY your choice, but it doesn't remedy anything but your sense of pride. And that's what Microsoft needs to do. They need to swallow their damn pride and let their gamers connect to their games like the rest of the industry does, because having other features doesn't make what they do any more right, and doesn't not make the service a rip-off based on the factors I've mentioned.

About Sony and PS+ : what the heck are you on about? A rental/discount/exclusive features and content service is not the same as charging for basic P2P online. Also, do you really think that when people say "Sony gives you free games", that's what they mean? HAHA! Oxymoron - true, but you'd have to be a moron to think that's what they believe.

I can't even believe what you're trying to compare - unbelievable.
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broken_back-man  +   1012d ago
your not too smart..... if you pay 10 buckd a month for netflix why in the hell would you need to pay xbox to use the service you already pay for you like wasting your money
hazardman  +   1012d ago
All xbl gotta do is offer free online for games and apps to silver users and make exclusive content for the gold service. I know the PS+ free games are great but Sony also gives publishers a cut from PSN+ for us to get free games. As a consumer of both psn+/xbl, psn is not so far ahead of xbl as most sony fanboy make it seem. A few tweaks here and there and xbl is back to being on top again. I want to see what the next XBL will be like before I give PSN the title for best online service on console!
ShadowKingx  +   1012d ago
oh, great another one of these articles. Are journalist really that dumb that they can’t come up with anything better,
Andrespetmonkey  +   1012d ago
"Journalist" lol. I'll take this post as a compliment then.
ShadowKingx  +   1012d ago
Journalist, writers whatever they all do the same shit.
DivineAssault  +   1012d ago
PS Plus is going to be hard to beat.. Especially if Gaikai is implemented.. They give u free games already so i dont see why they wouldnt allow u to get even more
Gamer-Z  +   1012d ago
Xbox Live was worth paying for like 3 years ago but not anymore because really what are you getting for your money? Cross game chat and the ability to unlock the online portion of your game that's it.


What makes XBL a premium service (also that word is thrown around a lot)? And don't say apps, i would hardly call the ability to use free everywhere else apps a premium service.
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ACESupERIC  +   1012d ago
Whoever gives me multiplayer without having to pay extra for it is who will get my money next-gen. Xbox, Sony, Valve (steambox) even PC doesn't matter. I got rid of xboxlive when they went to 60 bux a year and took a month away. (12 months+1 for 50 bux) remember those gold cards? Now my online multiplayer is confined to ps3 and pc. Ive been a gamer since atari 2600 and have (and still use) almost every system since then. My 360 has become the only system that collects dust.
one2thr  +   1012d ago
I for one, would like MS to open up their servers so that when I buy a multiplat title... Lets say Battlefield 4, I can/should be able to play online with or against Next Box and even PC players...

It'll be the Boxers Vs. Dual Shockers Vs. M.K.ers or Boxer Vs. Dual Shockers & M.K.ers or Dual Shockers Vs. M.K.ers & Boxers.... And so on...

I dont want to have to own another platform to play against people that arent interested on playing with my preferred platform, and I that way theres always an opportunity or game that people can join in...

This would truely revolutionize, gaming seeing that we can all finally play together...
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evilhasitsway  +   1012d ago
i agree but will never happen sadley i would love to kill some xboxers on cod or something lol.
profgerbik  +   1012d ago
It truly shows how ignorant most of society is when this is even a question.

The fact many are even having to debate whether Playstation's online service is better or not is beyond ridiculous.

It is better, it's free. Doesn't get any better than free sorry and it actually has more to offer for being free. It is just absurd people can't just recognize that, instead defending a company who sees them as nothing but purely dollar signs.

That is like me defending my phone carrier and how much they rip me off. Yea that sounds logical.
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evilhasitsway  +   1012d ago
i am a sony fan but i also have a xbox ask me when is the last time i used it or even payed for gold been a long long time i even have the same game for both systems and guess what there isnt a single diffence between them so yeah sony is the way to go with ps+ you get big discounts and free games. xbox gold you get to download demeos and play online :{
stage88  +   1012d ago
I dont think MS will have a leg to stand on next gen in the online department.

Of course Sony will be bolstering up their online network and since it has always been free (including the Vita with x-game chat) I don't see why anyone will want to pay for the same features on xbox.
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KMCROC54  +   1012d ago
Have just one Question, Why does it bother PS3 fans so much that Xbox live consumer are willing to pay for the service. Just never understood why this anger of what another person does with his money or how he spends or on what. why does this angers them so much ,let's be honest they are not asking u for the money or in anyway caused you harm in using this service so why the angry.
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ACESupERIC  +   1011d ago
I don't know why somebody who owns only a ps3 would be angry, but for people who own all platforms (me and the majority of my gamer friends) this is a real issue. I play across all platforms and xbox is the only one I have to pay extra to play features ive already paid for by buying the game. I love video games and will play until I cant anymore. But I have stopped paying for live and it bothers me that I can't even download extra content for some games without renewing. Xbox live should offer free multiplayer to people who have spent the money for their console and 60 bux a pop for games. I don't like paying for all the crap that's being offered (for yet more money) on xbox live.

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