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Will One of These PlayStation 4 Controllers Be the Real One?

With the PlayStation 4 announcement looming, pictures of the console’s controller concepts, patents, rumours and prototypes have been circulating. Here are some of those, in order of the most likely. (Dev, Industry, PS4)

Good_Guy_Jamal  +   869d ago
Personally, I'm loving the rumoured new controller (pictured above)

D-Pad look even more awesome
analog sticks seem more comfortable (concave + convex = stroke of genius)
Bulkier for my man sized hands!
Speaker! (can't think of a single bad thing to say about a bonus speaker)
I'm not sure about the touch pad though, seems a bit tacked on, kinda like sixaxis (fun fact, sixaxis is the exact same word spelt backwards, your mind = blown)
Built in Move. . .yeah okay I'm not sold on this one either, unles the controller does split.
Improved R2 and L2 (okay what were they thinking with the DS3 though??)
Overall it's a great improvement and has got me excited for the main console reveal. All SONY has to do now is tell me the price and whether or not they are blocking used games and I just may be sold.
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Bounkass  +   868d ago
I don't think it's a speaker. More like a microphone. Imagine the rubbish phone "quality" sound coming from it's mic. This won't be muich better if it was a speaker. Microphones the size of a amall coin are much much MUCH better than speakers the size of a small coin. Period.
nikoado  +   868d ago
I initially thought that too. Then I realised that a mic placed there would be constantly picking up the click of buttons/movement of the analog sticks.

They would need some kind of way to eliminate that kind of background noise and I don't think it could be done easily.
DwightOwen  +   868d ago
I'm not liking the rumored touchpad/touchscreen feature. Presuming the mockups are accurate, it's too small to have any valid gameplay applications and needlessly raises the manufacturing cost of the console, in my opinion.
The_Infected  +   868d ago
Your right it would be better if the touch was used for menu and some shortcuts than actual gameplay functions.
JoGam  +   868d ago
Lets wait and see.

@ at below, Oh gosh, i hope ur wrong. Im almost more hype about the new controller.
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mochachino  +   868d ago
it would be perfect for web browsing
DivineAssault  +   868d ago
the real one wont be shown until E3
chukamachine  +   868d ago
Who cares about the d-pad/
perfectCarbonara  +   868d ago
This Tekken player does.
PS4isKing_82  +   868d ago
For "actual" games that require "skill" such as fighting games, a quality d pad is needed.
Xklaw  +   868d ago
Amen to that.
3GenGames  +   868d ago
Only thing that looks bad to me is the sticks. That little ridge would have be digging my thumbs in there the whole time if I had that controller...plus, I bet it's annoying to lay your thunk on top of. If it isn't broke, Sony...
cleverusername  +   868d ago
I remember getting an arrow imprint on my thumb from the NES D pad back in the day!
d0nT wOrrY  +   868d ago
Can we just wait for the official reveal? I'm sick of these articles.
Aggesan  +   868d ago
I'll write an article about the controller 1 minute before the reveal.
GreenRanger  +   868d ago
Sony have already shown the official controller.
Here it is...

Related image(s)
cleverusername  +   868d ago
Built in willy warmer?
cleverusername  +   868d ago
I still think I saw that same picture in an article last year!
VonBraunschweigg  +   868d ago
Firts row, first 2 pictures is the real prototype, 2nd row 3rd picture looks to me as the final version. Everything is there and it imo it looks finished, ready for sale.

I like it a lot. They kept the classic design, improved what could use some improvement (sticks, triggers, size) and the addition of the touchpad and move is done in such a way I'm pretty sure they won't botter me should I not want to use them, which is very important to those who think the DS3 is just fine, who just want a regular controller without to much change.

Few thoughts about adding Move: the original wand (and Wii mote) were fun because they allowed you to swing & slash like you would normally do with rackets, golfclubs, swords etc. I think for those type of games a wand would still be more fun to swing with than moving your controller in front of you.
As for shooters: I don't think I will use Move for that if I'm already holding my controller, I'll probably keep on using the sticks.
But I'll give it a try, and that's another good thing. I can try it without buying additional stuff and the devs can now be sure all PS4 gamers have Move.
This of course brings the danger of developers overusing all the options of the controller, for example I wasn't a big fan of the whole sixaxis thing so I was glad I never really was forced to use it, besides on a few trees in Uncharted. I wouldn't want to be forced to use Move simply because it's there, especially not if those gameplay segments are designed to be played with a wand, or if those segments shouldn't have been designed for that feature at all like aiming grenades using sixaxis only in the first Uncharted.

Still, I see the new controller as the best of past & present, the new possibilities outweigh the possible dangers. And should there be a game that uses all the options in a cool way I expect to adapt quickly, but say if you're a PC gamer and this would be the first controller to start with, without being used to a controller...it doesn't become easier with every new generation.
skydragoonity  +   868d ago
I can't believe ur all falling for this... I've learnt not to believe any rumour from n4g unless its an official statement

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