IGN- Bungie's Destiny: A Land of Hope and Dreams

IGN:Ambition, social interaction fuel creators of Halo in quest to make next great shooter.

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GalacticEmpire1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

It seems a little too ambitious to me, Bungie might be spreading themselves thin on this. If it turns out alright but doesn't really set the world on fire then this may be pretty much all Bungie will be doing for 10 years :/

NYC_Gamer1194d ago

I think Destiny is the project Bungie always wanted to create but MS had them stuck on Halo

Dwalls11711194d ago

I hope this this is amazing...they have me sold tho ps4 day one :)

guitarded771193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Please note: NOT TROLLING (serious questions/concerns)

EDIT: So Destiny is this-gen? I thought it was gonna be next gen. If so, that explains the look of it. Anyway, I'm confused.

I know it's early footage, but it doesn't really look "next-gen". Maybe I expect too much. Also, I don't see this as much of a stretch from Halo, sci-fi, opening music very similar, and shown environments even remind me of Halo for some reason. I'm still excited and want to see more, but I just don't see this as a groundbreaking AAA game yet... I see it more as a safe jump for Bungie. Best of luck to them, I hope Destiny breaks all expectations, but I just don't see it yet.

cloud4951193d ago

I believe it is cross-gen. So PS3 and Xbox 360 plus PS4 and next gen xbox.

lovegames7181193d ago

Seems like its going the, dust 514 Route.