Gameinformer-Destiny Preview

GI:In 2010, Bungie went through a number of radical changes. It left behind its parent company, Microsoft, to become an independent game developer, struck up a 10-year deal with Activision, moved into a new studio space, and left Master Chief and the ring-shaped world of Halo behind to begin work on a new universe.

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3-4-51886d ago

Looks good so far. I'm pretty much done with Halo so another Space themed game is always welcome.

supraking9511886d ago

meh ill stick with Mass Effect, Bungie was never good story tellers.

Sgt_Slaughter1886d ago

...Are you serious? The Halo franchise has one of the most memorable story-lines of all-time!

thorstein1886d ago

" Destiny is coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3" We win.