Destiny – Bungie’s brave new world finally revealed

If there is one thing that the gaming industry does well, it’s crafting out adventures with elements inspired from other games. Without Batman: Arkham Asylum we wouldn’t have a gritty successor such as Sleeping Dogs, or if Gran Turismo had never popped up, hyper realistic racing games would still be a pipe dream to enthusiasts. Over a decade ago, Bungie got the ball rolling with their console shooter Halo. It set a new benchmark back then for a genre largely seen as the domain of PC gamers. Years later and a with a successful franchise behind them, Bungie is looking to recapture that spark of a new and exciting universe. A universe that they’ve named…Destiny

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Darranged1978d ago

So, so amped for this game.

Nawert1978d ago

I need more information on this game now!

GavinMannion1978d ago

It would be easier if some N4G troll didn't decide first hand journalism was a duplicate...

GavinMannion1978d ago

A MMO / FPS title... I'm intrigued but still a little worried to be honest

Blasphemy1978d ago

No crossplatform play :(.

GavinMannion1978d ago

They didn't say that... that would make it awesome though

Tr10wn1976d ago

that'll be awesome and it would make sense why is not on PC, cross between PS3/360 and with out the advantage of mouse and keyboard from the PC since this will be an FPS although i seen friends playing COD in PS3 with mouse and keyboard but i don't know if that is illegal you know like the mods for the controller of the 360, but it could be fun if they make it cross-platform.

DarkBlood1976d ago

i dont understand crossplay entirely, are you wanting to play with other people from a different platform instead of the one you bought it on?

HorrorGod1976d ago

Correct. So if I wanted to play with my brother (who buys most his games for his 360) and I bought the game for my PS3 (which is the console I buy most of my games on), we would still be able to play together online.

DarkBlood1976d ago

i see, would make some sense on all platforms up to comparable speeds except microsoft for obvious reasons unless they change thier policy

Thefreeman0121976d ago

If the lore is as deep as mass effect, has decent combat and lots to explore it should be great

NonApplicable1976d ago

I've heard this "chosen one" story a thousand times. Hell, Halo was based on a similar premise.

theWB271976d ago

The non hero thrust into a situation and fights himself out...or the down and out hero revives his name..all these tropes have been done before. What angle would you take...please make it fresh and original.

NonApplicable1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Who says anyone has to be a hero or be restricted to one definition? There are millions of premises one could come up with. Countless original stories come out of movies, books, and other mediums every month. Besides, that isn't my job. If you want "fresh and original" fiction, I do accept PayPaal.

The reason I brought up the story redundancy, wasn't because I expected more fictionally. It was because of how emphasized it is in the video. The long drawn out text screens with professional narration seems a bit pretentious considering the premise. I'm in no way condemning the story, I'm simply pointing out execution flaws.

theDECAY1976d ago

Dark Souls is based on the same idea and that game is amazing. The idea is tired, that doesn't mean the implementation won't be interesting and intriguing.

NonApplicable1976d ago

I agree. When the story is reduced down to hollow and simplistic terms like in the video however, it does seem underwhelming. Don't you think?

theWB271976d ago

@NONApp- How do you know the story is reduced to anything when all it was was a first time video. All we knew about Master Chief was he was the last of some super powered soldiers that could end the war. As time went on look at how rich the lore got with that series.

What we get now are different twists on stories already told. You can pick any story you think is original and it could closely resemble a story already told. That's why I asked for your "original" idea, cause you'd be a good one.

No I don't need your fresh and original idea...I write my own scripts. But thanks anyway.

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