Naughty Dog: Our assets are created at high resolution, ready for PS4

It’s no secret that Naughty Dog have two internal teams: One team is working on The Last of Us, and the other we think are working on the sequel to Uncharted 3 for the PlayStation 4. Now that there are just a few days before Sony unveils the ‘future of gaming’ with the much anticipated reveal of the PS3′s successor. Naughty Dog are already talking about their approach in getting prepared for the next generation.

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ShugaCane1976d ago

They are going to make the best of the PS4, as they did with the PS3.

DeletedAcc1976d ago

Naughty Dog + PS4 = WIN!!

b163o11975d ago

Agreed, thou I am hoping that another studio steps up to the PS4 and amazes everyone like ND did with the PS3, cause ND really didn't do anything amazing on the PS2. Sony's got some great studios under there belt, and I'll be watching to see who's willing to step there game up as ND did. Can't wait for the 20th to get here.

himdeel1975d ago

I believe Sucker Punch will continue to make great games on the PS4. I've enjoyed the inFamous franchise and look forward to their next inFamous and non inFamous franchise.

Ilovetheps41975d ago


Jak and Daxter? That was one of my favorite series on the PS2. I still enjoy playing the games.

shivvy241975d ago

seriously man jak and daxter is my favourite games of all time , and btw they were great games

DOMination-1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

I sort of agree. ND have always been good, so too was Jak... But this gen ND went up a notch and turned into one of the greatest devs in the world.

I think they can do even more with Uncharted too. Like i really wish they would tone done the shooting and have more platforming/explore and adventure. Shouldn't that be what a game called Uncharted and a character called Drake should be all about?

EbeneezerGoode1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

I just wish they would tone down the route they went in U3 with the overlong 'cinematic' sections, and set pieces (rooftops, 'woozy' slow plodding section, desert) The actual gameplay parts felt more and more spaced out vs the AMAZING Uncharted 2. I also loved 1 for it's sense of exploration and discovery, but overall 2 was the best and 3 was the worst. All amazing games though and can't wait for #4 on the PS4 :)

And no I don't want them to reduce the gunfights, these are the bread and butter of the series now and because the controls are so good and the shooting so rewarding they should keep it the same AND add more slow paced exploring/puzzle bits too. Perfect balance of one of the best game series of the generation.

shiftymorgan1975d ago

I remember from the original ND demo, when I walked into water and it actually matched where on Nathan depending on how deep you went.

God the graphics were a revelation then.
Hopefully something magical comes from the next gen.

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LOL_WUT1976d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Lets not forget Guerrilla Games I can't wait to see what they have been working on.

brettyd1975d ago

Im excited for all Sony's first party studios, they own the best in the business hands down. Can't even imagine how good a ps4 killzone, Uncharted or what im most excited about InFamous will be.

Hydrolex1975d ago

PS4 + Uncharted 4 bundle for PS4 release would make many people Hoppily skilly happy

EbeneezerGoode1975d ago

That would be a day one purchase for me right there!

TAURUS-5551975d ago

id rather have a PS4 + new killzone combo.

TimeSkipLuffy1975d ago

no, they won't. They will create a superb game for the PS4 but not take it to the limit with the first shot XD. But ND will create a quality benchmark game for sure :3 and maybe some years later push the PS4 to the limit. ^^

jivah1975d ago

(cue the background music)

showtimefolks1975d ago

meaning last of us will be on ps4 and every other game they are working on will be on ps4. but than i do believe there will be ports available day one for ps3 too.

i think we gonna see dual copies of games on current and next gen systems

PS4isKing_821975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Simply put PS4 will shatter expectations of next gen gaming!!

The ps2 days are coming back folks!
Brace yourselves!

attilayavuzer1975d ago

Putting all fanboyism aside, gaming needs more developers like ND

SheenuTheLegend1975d ago

Bill Gates, Tim cook n samsung disagreed lolz

Sy_Wolf1975d ago

@b163o1 Naughty Dog did things with the PS2 that no other developer could other then Santa Monica Studios with God of War 1 and 2. They did things on the PS2 that some games on the PS3 dont have like their animation blending. Jak and Daxter are some of the best platformers ever made. I put them up there with Mario and God of War to a lesser extent.

BOLO1975d ago

Enter: Shadow of The Colossus.

Sy_Wolf1974d ago

@BOLO That too. But the amount of developers that could match Naughty Dog's technology on the PS2 is quite small.

JsonHenry1975d ago

I love this company. But I couldn't help but think that they already have the "HD Remake" of Uncharted waiting for the PS4 so they can sell it all over again like so many other companies. hahahahaha

What I took away from this though- that maybe the next gen will finally bring high rez textures (or "high-er") to consoles. Which will make a HUGE difference in eye candy.

TAURUS-5551975d ago

yeah ¡¡ unlike others..this is true high resolution.

PS4..another win for sony.

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GribbleGrunger1976d ago

Very interesting. This could mean that we WILL see a PS4 version of this game in 1080p at 60fps

zebramocha1976d ago

I remember reading at eurogamer that they had two net work ps3's to render that 60 fps uncharted 3 trailer,I believe uncharted 4 will be a very impressive game.

yewles11975d ago

It was actually from ND's eight PS3 render farm, the same used for Uncharted 3's cutscenes.

Conzul1975d ago

Then what do we do? I'm torn between playing it NOW and WAITING for 1080p 60fps


GribbleGrunger1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

It depends on how they handle it. IF they are able to detect whether you have the PS3 version (code on disc/PSN ID. Perhaps that's what the recent patent is going to be used for?), perhaps they'll have cross-buy for certain games. Buy the PS3 version and you get the upgrade free of charge when you get the PS4. Perhaps it's just a matter of downloading the HD patch.

Qrphe1975d ago

1080p yes, 60fps I'm not sure. It really depends on how far they're willing to push the PS4's graphical power on the first attempt.

BitbyDeath1975d ago

And opens the possibility of the PS4 releasing as early as June O_o

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majiebeast1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

Uncharted 4 or new ip my body is ready. Naughty dog and Sony's ICE team are insane.

MidnytRain1975d ago

I don't see why this excites people. Isn't this the case with any dev? Their raw textures being a much higher resolution than the game will eventually run?

stage881976d ago

Naughty Dog - The Developer of Developers

Walker1976d ago

Naughty Dog - The God of Developers

Fixed :) .

Grap1976d ago

all this based on UC2 and J&D. don't take it far.. they are great developer but no way near god title

MizTv1976d ago

UC2 says it all
They are gods

1975d ago
MakiSaad21975d ago

Crash Bandicoot SMASH HIT Jak and Dexter SMASH HIT Uncharted SMASH HIT so yeah I think they are the best developers out there period

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Shuyin1975d ago

I can't disagree with you but neither can I agree. As much as I luv my PS3 and one's gonna take Kojima Productions' champion belt away ;).

TronEOL1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

I don't know about that. Even Kojima is taking things down from Naughty Dog. When your acclaimed "best developer ever" is asking for help from another developer everyone claims is the best, the point kind of proves itself.

Even Bungie, Infinity Ward and plenty of other developers have asked Naughty Dog how they do the certain things they do (and have also hired people from Naughty Dog).

It's fairly safe to say that Naughty Dog is currently one of the greatest video game developers.

shivvy241975d ago

didnt kojima get some help/ideas from naughty dog about some ai thing from last of us

BlmThug1975d ago

One of the best. Too many choices to nail down as the best ever, although R* games has my heart for best games i've ever played.

smashcrashbash1976d ago

A Naughty Dog game at launch would be sweet but I am sure they still have a lot of work to do on what ever they have planned