Squandering THQ’s assets and how Nintendo failed us says: "Old news is, as they say, old but the catastrophe that was the total dismantling of THQ is still resonating throughout the industry. Tough as it is to accept, THQ’s prized properties are long gone, auctioned off to the highest bidder. Finding new homes with the likes of Koch Media, Crytek, Take 2, Ubisoft and SEGA, there’s one party who could’ve benefited the most from this company Steam sale – Nintendo. The final gavel may have been dropped on this case, but my issues with Nintendo’s indifference are just beginning."

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PopRocks3591893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

...How did Nintendo fail us by choosing not to pick up assets from THQ and the Darksiders franchise? (Small point in the article, I know, but I wanted to focus on this type of rhetoric).

1. They already have a lot of developers on hand and are working with third party partnerships.

2. Darksiders already borrows elements from The Legend of Zelda... Nintendo can just make another Zelda for a game of that nature.

And don't get me wrong, it's a shame that a big publisher has yet to pick up that IP (unless it's happened and I just haven't heard about it). But you can't expect a publisher like Nintendo to pick them up just because you think it's a good idea and then call them out when they don't. Sony did not buy them out, Microsoft didn't buy them out and neither did any of the other big publishers.

Which brings me to my final point; Darksiders is a GREAT franchise. I love both games. But there's a consistency between them... they didn't sell well. Nobody bought either game. Now look at it from a business standpoint; do you want to lose money on a game like that? In this economy where big names like THQ and Atari have filed for bankruptcy, you can't risk picking up an IP that will lose you money. It sucks, but that's just how it works.

EDIT: I wanted to add that former employees of THQ joined Retro Studios who works under Nintendo, so.

Shok1893d ago

Not only that, but even before this year, there was a report that Retro had aquired some Vigil devs, along with Crytek and Naughty Dog people as well. So this recent hiring is actually the 2nd absorption Retro has done with Vigil.

But if any company needs to actually be bought out by Nintendo, it's Platinum Games. They have a flawless track record and seem to be very fond of Nintendo, and vice-versa.

PopRocks3591893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

I absolutely agree. Nintendo acquiring Platinum Games would be a fantastic way to reel in more mature experiences for their platforms. Platinum can do more new IPs (like the Wonderful 101) and other such projects and Nintendo can occasionally hand them, say, a new Star Fox or F-Zero idea (speaking of which, what the hell IS Retro Studios doing with either of these franchises???).

The developer in question has a very solid track record, and with Nintendo's assistance I think they could create some outstanding experiences with both new and older franchises.

jacksheen00001893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )


I have to agree with this article..Nintendo did failed us.

First, Nintendo kept leaning on 3rd Dev to help them advertise their Gamepad which in the end turn out to be a disaster.

Second, Nintendo have become way too reliant on making 2d side strollers and 3d platformers.

Third, Nintendo waited til the last minute to hiring more talents and games collaborations.

Forth, Nintendo waited til the last minute to get in to the HD bandwagon.

Five, Nintendo aren't producing enough quality games in a timely manner.

Six, Games ports weren't much better than xbox/ps3 versions.

Seven, Nintendo make too much rehashes, mini games, and casuals games.

Eight, Nintendo haven't been aggressive enough to make some new Ips.

You get the idea.


I agree,But to say all of my above commits are depressing is going overboard.

Mind you Nintendo failed us many ways....

PopRocks3591893d ago

I don't know what's more depressing about this comment... the fact the entirety of it is all subjective as oppose to factual or that a large portion of it is completely off topic.

BlackWolf1893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )

You've called for some off topic and subjective arguments to your theory. I may as well give my counter argument then:

1. They used the devs as experts to speak positively about the Game pad. What's wrong with that? Aside form this, the way devs use the new controller is up to them. Whether the pad is good or bad is subjective.

2. In a industry in which there are a lot less games of this type, I personally see it as a bliss; it's what they do best, and they do it well, IMO.

3. It's not their fault that devs didn't want to work on Wii. Around now, Nintendo is trying to fix that problem. Why is that wrong? Also, they've made good games with their current personal.

4. Maybe they felt now it's the time for that? That's totally their call, I'm not gonna say anything about that. At least they are trying now.

5. Games take their time to be made. If they don't feel their games are top-notch, they are not going to release them earlier, won't they?

6. That's actually the devs' fault for making rushed ports of games that run on architecturally different consoles.

7. There are people that cater to these games. Also, some different games can be refreshing when you've had enough "hardcore" games. I think that's a lot better that getting a yearly CoD.

8. This is my favorite of your arguments. And here, my counter argument:
-Zangeki no Reingleiv
-Disaster: Day of Crisis
-Captain Rainbow
-Xenoblade Chronicles
-The Last Story
-Pandora's Tower
-The Wonderful 101

And that's about it. It's all about a matter of perspective. While you feel you've been cheated by Nintendo, some do not share your viewpoint.

wiium641893d ago

totally agree, platnium games would go great with nintendo, really getting tired of all these nintendo failed stories, ssssoooo stupid.

infestedandy1893d ago

It's not that Nintendo failed, blah, blah, blah, it's that they aren't doing anything to help their classic franchises. I salivate at the thought of Nintendo buying Platinum Games and that's a true step in the right direction.

wiium641893d ago

yeah, and wait until, the e3, i know it sucks we will have to wait that long, but that's when they are going to show their big hand with all the franchises, then the game changes for good!

MasterCornholio1893d ago


I have a feeling that the Wii U is going to get overshadowed by the impending release of two next gen systems which will be the focus of E3. But i respect your devote faith in Nintendo.

wiiulee1893d ago

nintendo did not fail wiiu is a brand new system and the only next generation with uniqueness and as for the games they are on the way...end of story

jacksheen00001893d ago (Edited 1893d ago )


You've made some interesting counter points.

I agree with everything you said.

But I'd also like to add that Nintendo did not do any of those things you've stated above at the right timing.

In the Gaming Industry having good timing is key; if FPS is what everyone what at the moment than make your own version FPS just to be on the same level as your rivals (Microsoft/Sony).

Sure,2d side strollers and 3d platformers are wonderful genre, especially if that what Nintendo do best then they should stick to your Guns and continue to make them.

Mind you Games are not so different from movies. You gotta go with the flow. This pattern which I speak of seem to go up and down on a month to month basis. If everyone want Sfi fi films at the moment make it instead of shoving your product down everyone throat like Nintendo have been doing in the past.

This is the main reason why everyone is getting tired of mario/zelda/kirby etc.

Everything they have produced since the 80s has been the same thing up until now, which is sad because I know what Nintendo can do if you backed them in to a corner.

Nintendo has a lot of potential if only they come to the realization that You Gotta Spend money to make money. Taking the short cut or cheap route is costing them everything, and if continue they may send themselves to the poor house.

BlackWolf1893d ago

So, by your logic, Nintendo must do what everybody does? I think that's the true shortcut. What makes Nintendo special is doing their damn own thing. Making FPS, for me, is a safe way to cater to cores (by the way, I dislike this term). Everybody doing the same thing is what's killing the diversity of games. And that should stop, IMO.

jacksheen00001893d ago


Not entirely should Nintendo do what everybody does gaming wise.

They should do what's required to satisfy everyone needs, core and casuals. Supply and demand.

Though, I love Nintendo and have since the NES days.

And as strange as this may sound, I Like the wii U because it the first time Nintendo have ever taken any interest in the core market. But of course things are going to take time. I don't expect Nintendo to be on the same as every other Devs out there.

But I know all the fuss about Wii U has given Nintendo the drive to take us gamers more seriously.

One thing that is for sure, I m no hater I tell it like it is even if people don't like it. I keep it real.

BlackWolf, I had fun communicating wit cha.

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