Talking Point: The Year of Luigi Could Bring a Burst of Creativity

The most recent round of Nintendo Direct broadcasts opened, whether you were watching in Europe or North America, with Nintendo President Satoru Iwata telling us all about The Year of Luigi. After a solid 18 months when, arguably, Mario was the go-to figure accounting for a healthy portion of Nintendo's release schedules, the put-upon brother is now being given an opportunity to shine.

Nintendo Life looks at the upcoming Luigi releases, and how they're leading the charge for a 2013 line-up of new ideas and creative gaming.

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wiium641976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

yes, i agree, along with the unique 3ds titles, wii u is getting wonderful 101, bayonetta 2, and the dlc bar has just been raised!! why have a few bonus levels here, new costumes, and new ending there, when with super luigi u, you are going to get, 82 new levels, not broken up into packs, but one full down load!!
this is going to change dlc i think, playerw will want more content, and this will add months of replay value for games, hell maybe even years?
who says nintendo won't make more levels with the toads or mii characters?, and just think of what they can do with zelda games? down load new worlds, dungeons, the possibilities are endless. now whole games can be added to games as dlc, this is one of the reasons why i think nintendo will have the edge in the next gen console wars, along with triple a titles like, smash bros, mario, zelda, monolith x, and retro's game, now these titles, can have whole games added as dlc!!. this is very exciting, and i cannot wait to see what becomes of it! can you imagine after beating zelda, nintendo makes sheik's quest, with 100 new dungeons, or fire emblem the new journey, with an alternate journey for the whole game! and again, not broken down into paks, but as one down load. i think nintendo is on to something big, and i cannot wait to see how other game developers will put this to use!

Me_My1975d ago

I'm waiting for Zelda -_-

linkenski1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Agreed but offtopic. This year will hopefully be the biggest yet for 3DS, and especially when looking at Luigi's Mansion i got that Nintendo feel, that i've been missing in some of their past core titles, namely Super Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword. It's hard for me to describe what it is, but there is just a certain feel and tone of spontanity in most older Nintendo games that have been missing for a while. I think it's creativity they have been lacking in some aspects, and hopefully all these new games like Luigi's Mansion and even Mario & Luigi: Dream Team seems to have that amount of creativity, from what we've seen.

Zelda will be there for the 3DS. Probably coming out next year or so, but we never know, since Zelda is that one franchise that doesn't have all sorts of different spinoffs, so there's typically at least a three-year interval between the titles respectively on handheld and home console.

tweet751975d ago

luigi u is a great idea for DLC adding essentially a whole "second quest"

Kevlar0091975d ago

LM: Dark Moon will certainly be an excellent title. It has the concepts of LM, but is a bit more player friendly with hopefully some interesting twists. It's a sequal to an underrated game, and I'm sure Miyamoto has put plenty of love into it.

The Luigi DLC for NSMBU is interesting because Nintendo has never released any major DLC for a 1st party (or any title really) on a home console in its history.

Hopefully Nintendo will continue to branch out of its usual line-up and open a new bag of tricks. It would be nice to see Star Fox get its due, they could release a more hardocre oriented game that expands on its genre. Nintendo looks to have some surprises up their sleeve, hopefully they have a lot more to offer.

3-4-51975d ago

Nintendo has always been creative, but in sometimes small and almost un-noticeable ways.

I like that they try different things, even if they fail and don't work out at least they attempted and helped to further ideas within the industry.

They don't care about what is hot so much as creating the next new good gaming experience.

Once this gen's fads wear out people will start getting back to the soul of gaming. Where Quality trumps quantity and we start seeing some extremely creative games.

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