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How Important Are Motion Controls to the PS4?

Push Square: "It wasn’t so long ago that the industry was obsessed with motion controls. Believe it or not, PlayStation Move and Kinect were the key topics of discussion in 2010, with both Sony and Microsoft locked in battle over the affection of the casual gamer. But while the PlayStation 3’s saucily shaped solution never quite managed to match the success of its closest competitor, it still shipped an impressive 15 million units during its first two years on the market. The question is: are motion controls still important to the PlayStation 4?" (PS4)

LOGICWINS  +   714d ago
Sony needs to market Move as the ideal way to play PS3 exclusive shooters. I want to see a stage demo of KZ4 with Sharpshooter!
GalacticEmpire  +   714d ago
I'd rather see what they have in mind with the Move built into the controller.
black911  +   714d ago
About as important than Eddie Money running a travel agency.
zebramocha  +   713d ago
@galactic yeah,like dual play with the ps move.
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BattleAxe  +   713d ago
I was never interested in the stand alone Move controller, but having Move built into the Dual Shock controller could be a great feature if it is utilized properly by developers.

I feel like having Move built into the controller is kind of an extension of the Six Axis functionality. The two games that used Six Axis better than any other was Killzone 2 with the sniping and Heavenly Sword with shooting arrows. I'm not sure how they will implement this, but hopefully they are smart about it.
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showtimefolks  +   713d ago
never bought a motion controller never will. the day its all motion controls is the day i will stop gaming

give me dual shock 4 with few much needed improvements and i am sold
Ju  +   713d ago
It was awesome in Killzone 3. I want more like that. But it seems that dev need to tune it proberly and not a whole lot were able to. Best example KZ3 & Socom4, not so great in R3. And, well, RTS like Ruse; Portal got patched. Endwar could be a great Motion game.

Optional, sure, but more wide spread than it was so far.
vickers500  +   713d ago

I thought it was pretty bad in KZ3 to be honest. Though I only tried 2 different tweaked layouts, so maybe I just can't get the right settings.

But I thought games like RE5:Gold, Modern Combat 2 Domination, inFamous 2/FoB, and Counter Strike GO used it very well.

In Resistance 3 I thought it was okay, better than KZ3 at least. I dunno, maybe it has something to do with the pacing of the games as well.
Donnieboi  +   713d ago
There's room for multiple kinds of gaming. If u don't like it, bye then. U won't be missed.
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   713d ago
Move is good for fps (killzone 3) and games like house of the dead, but other than that i dont care much for it.
Tapioca Cold  +   713d ago
Guys stop with the move/kinect crap.

Motion controls have done nothing to improve gaming at all. They've turned our awesome hobby into a Straight to DVD disney movie. They're horrible.
DarkBlood  +   713d ago
well the controller hasnt been doing anything new for gaming either at least up till the gamepad anyways

so your point is?
MidnytRain  +   713d ago

His point being these companies are pushing lame, unnecessary hardware for profit. -_-
sinncross  +   713d ago
hmmm I dont think motion controls are that important to the PS4, that said I think they will want to keep that option open because it cant be denied that a motion controlled demographic does indeed exist.
Bathyj  +   713d ago
Yeah Sony really havent used Move to its strengths.

I'm not into motion gaming but Killzone 3 with the sharpshooter really is an experience all on its own. No other real FPS handles like that, its quite unique and exciting.

Sony should be pushing for all shooters to have this control scheme, 1st AND 3rd parties cos it would really separate them from their competitors.

Plus why is it not in a game like Metal Gear Rising? It seems made for 1:1 motion tracking with the slicing gameplay. I can only guess Konami dont want to piss MS off because it would definitely make it THE version to get.
Ju  +   713d ago
Yeah, I am not sure why Dice/EA did never support it. Crysis or BF would be awesome with it.
Donnieboi  +   713d ago
So what if MS gets upset. The world of gaming doesn't stop for microsoft.
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nukeitall  +   713d ago
That is it! It must be MS fault!!! /s

In other news, kid gets hit by a car. MS probably got him hit, so he can't buy a Playstation!

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Lvl_up_gamer  +   713d ago
"I can only guess Konami dont want to piss MS off because it would definitely make it THE version to get."

That is a very poor guess. The more logical guess is that Sony bailed on the Move because Move's sales are terrible. Why should a software company spend money in developing features for a peripheral when nobody owns it?

That would be a more logical guess.
Sharius  +   714d ago
sorry for become a lazy A, but after over 25 year of gaming, i rather sitting here, playing my video game, drinking beer and eating snack than take this f*ck move or wii chuck or kinect or whatever they might be name and waving it like some crazy monkey

no, thank you
kwyjibo  +   713d ago
Hopefully, not at all.
nevin1  +   713d ago
AznGaara  +   713d ago
Nothing and I mean nothing will ever beat tactile feedback. And with images of the prototype Ps4 controller I really believe Sony understands that. Yes it has motion integration with the move sensor on top but it's implamented in a smart way that doesn't seem "gimmicky" like it does with a wand.
1nsomniac  +   713d ago
The way I see it, is even if there were no restrictions & you could have any motion controller you could possibly imagine. Is there anyone at all that thinks it would improve gaming??

Even if we had full scale Minority Report technology, I still cant see how it would possibly make gaming better!
vickers500  +   713d ago
Games where you use magic or shoot projectiles from your hands would be pretty cool (assuming I could have any motion controls I could imagine, which wouldn't suck like they do now).

Think of a game like Bioshock, where your hands, arms, or even your whole body actually appear on screen precisely as they do in real life, being able to cast incinerate just by snapping your fingers at the screen and it moving in accordance to your every motion, that would be pretty cool. Or if you're a Dragon Ball Z nerd like me, being able to perform a kamehameha or spirit bomb, playing the game shooting energy blasts and crap at people would be pretty fun.

That's assuming the tech was flawless. If the tech was flawless and perfect, then it would definitely improve SOME games.
1nsomniac  +   712d ago
Is it just me that is really not interested in that. In fact I would find that quite annoying. Yea it would be impressive for 2 minutes but then how fed up of it would u be 20 mins into the game. It's just not practical for anything more than just the casual gamer.
vickers500  +   712d ago
"Yea it would be impressive for 2 minutes but then how fed up of it would u be 20 mins into the game."

I don't know, I might end up liking it, so long as the game was good and found creative uses to use the tech. You can't really say who it would be for though since it doesn't exist yet. Well, I guess you could say it wouldn't be practical for lazy folk who want to sit on their asses and move nothing but their fingers and thumbs. But I would personally welcome the chance to play a game with at least my upper body, so long as it was perfectly accurate and perfectly responsive.
Theyellowflash30  +   713d ago
Not very important.
bigfish  +   713d ago
not important, infact it takes away from the experience,, having it built into a controller as a secondary feature is spot on
clintagious650  +   713d ago
Im sure it is important but sony will handle it like they always have with maybe more advertising this time around. If u noticed even with the eyetoy in the ps2 era it wasnt as successful as kinect or ps move but sony always supported it anyways at that time when it was still new.
BitbyDeath  +   713d ago
Hopefully it'll evolve past Move. Don't know why people focus so much on motion controls when AR is so much better... IMO
Kevlar009  +   713d ago
Can PS Move just die already? It was a lazy attempt to tap into the casual/motion control consumer base, a base the hardcore PS group could really care less about. So few games had Move funcionality I'd rather it be a core feature than some distraction to the system. Even if it was a core feature I highly doubt anyone will care from the PS group.

Also having multiple interfaces can be confusing to customers. They need to stick to what they do best and accept unless its a defining feature it's not going to take off. At least not with the support they've given it in the past.
wiiulee  +   713d ago
u mean how important is touch screen to sony because they will once again copy wiiu like they did the wii and bring an inferior smaller version of the gamepad to their controller
WooHooAlex  +   713d ago
I like what they're doing with the new controller.
We get our dual analog sticks and triggers, casuals get the touch pad and built-in move function. Hopefully they just treat it as a "hey, we have that too" type of thing, and not force it as the primary way to play games.

If they are building move function into the new controller, its probably going to play a pretty big role in what they're doing tho.
Vanfernal  +   713d ago
While the concept looks interesting, I think it's gonna be like the sixaxis. It's a neat little feature that's there in case someone wants to use it but ultimately most developers won't bother with it.

It would be pretty cool if you could use it for stuff like precision aiming once you aim down the sight on an fps (kind of like aiming in Uncharted for Vita.

But what I would REALLY like to see is a sequel for Folklore were you use that thing to yank out the souls. IMO that's the one game where motion controls didn't feel as a gimmick and just felt perfect complimenting the gameplay.
Jek_Porkins  +   713d ago
The latest rumor says the PS4 will launch with the new Eye, so I'm guessing they will try to market the next version of Move a bit better, and that "Eye Pad" that they have patented is obviously something that is aimed towards the tablet crowd, which is Move controlled.

So I'd say it's fairly important, although I'm sure a lot of Sony fans will downplay it, fact is that all the companies need to appeal to a wide array of people, which is why they will all have entertainment apps, motion controls and a lot of different genres of games.

Looking forward to the reveal on the 20th to help set the rumors straight. Here's hoping for PS3 backwards compatibility, ability to play used games and some great launch titles!
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clintagious650  +   713d ago
I could careless for motion controls but im sure to ms/sony/nintendo its important because it makes money for them. As much as it isnt that important to me & many other core gamers I guess it all comes down to which company will focus more on this and forget about the core audience. I think we all know who has been ignoring their core base but money talks so i dont blame them but its still effed up.
WeAreLegion  +   713d ago
I really enjoy Move as an alternative control scheme. In fact, I enjoy it if the game is based around it, as well. Start The Party and Sports Champions 2 have been huge party games for me and my friends. :)

It was so well implemented with Killzone 3 and Heavy Rain though! I really hope they don't drop Move as an alternate control scheme. It may not be a popular opinion, but many people have never tried it. ;) I can't wait for Until Dawn though.
HeavenlySnipes  +   713d ago
If Skyrim had Move support it would have been far more immersive. It could actually work as well

Sony needs to make a Move RPG. With them releasing a new camera, we'll see better tracking and maybe some form of body tracking as well. Just imagine fighting all the various creatures with you actually pulling off the sword swings
ACESupERIC  +   713d ago
I wish they would stop trying to cram this motion control crap down everyones throat. The wii brought in a bunch of people who never played games before because it was intuitive and I'll grudgingly admit fun for certain games. But hardcore gamers will always feel more comfortable with controllers, mice and keyboards. How many "core" games sold well on the wii? And if motion controls are so great, then why did nintendo go back to a more traditional (tablet excluded) controller?
Clover904  +   713d ago
Hopefully the Move is dead. I don't mean that motion controlled gaming is done for (it has its place for casual experiences), but with the rumored two camerara rig it may be more in line with Kinect. A controller with built-in Move capabilities is much more ideal. I love how in Uncharted Golden Abyss for the Vita you could movie the system to precisely adjust your aim. I can see this being really useful for snipers in COD or Battlefield.
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mamotte  +   713d ago
I know there are a lot of hardcore gamers and that stuff, but as long as there're friends and Just Dance, I dont mind Sony supporting move.
mastershredder  +   713d ago
I hope they exapand on Move. I really dug playing FPSs /rail shooters with it and the Sharpshooter, but not much else. The Fight coulda been a contendah, but most times it did not work so well. Even if they limit it to FPSs and RSs I'd be fine with that.
TheOneEyedHound  +   713d ago
Very big Imo, don't see them droping the tech very quickly.
Yodagamer  +   713d ago
I'd much prefer Sony support it as long as it has a Wii remote/PS move type form. The PS move is more than accurate enough and the benefits of motion, when used right, can add to an experience be they hardcore titles or casual ones.

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