Best Buy Weekly Deals Include Sly Cooper, NBA 2K13, and More

Best Buy is having a sale on some PlayStation 3 games including Ni No Kuni, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time and NBA 2K13.

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Abash2003d ago

Sly 4 is a steal at $30

SonyStyled2003d ago

especially considering you get the vita version for free with it via cross-buy

3-4-52003d ago

I see what you did there...

LOGICWINS2003d ago

Damn, Sly must be selling like crap if its already getting a price drop. For me it was totally worth it at $40.

LOGICWINS2003d ago

Either way, 25% off a game that JUST came out means it's not selling well. Period. Lets not sugar coat.

Skips2003d ago


Assassin's Creed 3 was on sale at K-Mart $10 off the DAY IT CAME OUT.

Know the difference between a SALE and a PRICE DROP buddy.

WildArmed2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Sly started at a really great price point. Back in the good old ps2 days, new games would cost 40$. So it's almost like a salute to those days.

Now with that said, I think the game being 40$ may have had a bad affect on the developers ie the mass lay offs.

I'm going to pick up the game soon as well.

Sly never was a "big" seller, but I hope it does it's numbers like usual (at the very least) ~1-2mil

Catoplepas2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Except your "logic" falls down when you consider the fact that Ni no Kuni is also a part of this sale, and happens to be selling very nicely.

LOGICWINS2003d ago

Ummm..clearly its not(at least in the U.S) if its getting a sale this soon.

LOGICWINS2003d ago

Btw, post a link in regards to Ni No Kuni sales. Surely you have evidence to support your claims that its selling "very nicely".

nolson102003d ago

@logic: It's presidents day weekend...that's why they are having the sale. By your "logic" games that go on sale during black friday are also selling bad because they are on sale.

rainslacker2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )


While I'm skeptical of VGChartz numbers, Ni No Kuni sold about 160,000 units in North America, making up 30% of the total worldwide sales. It sold about 102,000 in the US. Now this is VGChartz, but even still they aren't usually drastically off, and if anything they under track things related to Playstation. We've also seen Ni No Kuni on the top sold list on many of their reports since it's release, so yeah, it is selling very nicely.

It's listed as number one on Amazon's most wished for list, and is number 24 on amazon's best seller list for all games, being there for 45 days. It's also listed on Sony's own website as 4th most popular yeah, pretty good supporting evidence.

As to sly cooper it has sold 100,00 in it's first two weeks in NA, with 88K sold in the US. It is currently number 23 in Amazon's best sellers list for all games, and is number nine on the most wished for game. Sly cooper is listed as number 8 as most popular downloads right now on the playstation page.

The reason for sales like this, particularly at best buy or other similar retailers is to get people into the store, hopefully to get them to buy other things as well.

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Summons752003d ago

Best Buy always puts games on SALE it isn't a price drop and always rather soon after release...

Y_51502003d ago

It's a fantastic game though! I don't care how much it's selling because it will sell enough. All I really care is that I'm enjoying it!

BoNeSaW232003d ago

It is a sale for the holiday weekend you Bozo! Not a price drop! (sigh)

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snowman21492003d ago

If you like platformers you need to play sly cooper 4, its a great game
sad not that many people bought it

WildArmed2003d ago

This gen most of the platformers have been from indie developers. I'm glad we finally got a good retail release for this genre, but I think majority of the current gamers have forgotten how fun a platformer can be.

LordHiggens2003d ago

I suck at platformers...besides personifying creatures kind of creeps me's why I never really enjoyed Sly, or Jak, or Ratchet and Clank.

DivineAssault 2003d ago

Im buying sly 4 RIGHT NOW! see ya!

jagstatboy2003d ago

I got Darksiders 2 for $15 from Best Buy....very stoked about getting it for that price.

rainslacker2003d ago

I picked up Kid Icarus Uprising and Professor Layton myself for $15 each.:)

RTheRebel2003d ago

got those two as well and pokemon black 2 for 15$ =)