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Pokemon X & Y: Sylveon, Nintendo’s Newest Eevee-lution Explained

Following Thursday’s reveal of the official name for the newest Eevee-lution, Ray discusses what kind of Pokemon Sylveon might be.

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Mathew9R1321d ago SpamShow
kirbyu1321d ago

I still think it's a magic type.

Trunkz Jr1320d ago

Probably evolves with Beauty like Milotic.

Lunethenia1320d ago

It seems to be a flying type.

1. Sylveon: Syl- seems to derive from the word sylph which is a a fairy air elemental. You can also tell by the the way its long scarf moves around in the trailer, it like its in the wind.

2. If you look at one of those nintendo diagrams of the new eeveelutions the way there set up is the evolutions are opposite to what their super effective against, Jolteon is opposite to Sylveon meaning its a good chance it is a flying type.

That is my opinion.

AWBrawler1320d ago

normal The bow and the color makes me think normal type. Just look at Audino then at Sylveon. I am calling normal.