Another Black gaming lead - does race matter?

Remember Me looks like offering a black lead character in an industry where black leading roles are quite rare.

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j-blaze1892d ago

i don't mind black characters, but the min character's look/design overall look bad in this game especially the face, let Capcom Japan redesign it please

ElitaStorm1892d ago

this should not be approved but that is just me

Septic1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

She just looks really tanned or mixed race to me as opposed to black.

But either way, race can matter if the story line accomodates its inclusion. Otherwise, just the fact that she is black isn't really something to write home about.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Most games are the white male heroic/bad ass type figure. For the past 8 years it's been like that. Very generic. The walking dead did it great. Instead of making a black guy some gangbanger/side kick.

Race doesn't matter but having mostly one race makes it seem stale and unrealistic.

Same goes for the lack of female lead characters.

Not every game need to be a big bulky hairy grizzly with a gun.

"Another Black gaming lead"

This sounds like the racist 1950s.. I would change that part.

I was watching the newest batman cartoon and wondered why they made the president white even though it's 2013 in the cartoon. Idk...

Why are black celebrities photoshopped to look lighter in magazines? Why did they darken OJ to make him seem to appear worse?

a lot is still going on in the world. A lot of evolving needs to happen.

DOMination-1892d ago

Should it matter? No! But everytime some idiot makes an article like this it becomes a "thing".

It really shouldn't be approved.Te game from what i hear is looking good. That should be what's important; not the race of the character.

ATi_Elite1892d ago

Alyx Vance is half Black half Asian and EVERY PC Gamer I Know Loves Alyx Vance more than almost anything EVER as she is still the Top female Character on any list!

Race is a non issue in a Civilized World. Only the Depth of your character is what really counts.

Looking forward to Remember Me!

Scenarist1892d ago

also the lead from san andreas was black

I think race does NOT matter ... but you wouldnt put a white character trying to come up from groves street UNLESS ,.. you have a proper story to go with it

RaidensRising1892d ago

Other than her skin colour the character itself has no distinguishing features.

Blacklash931892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

No less distiguisable than most western videogame characters. Does she need a tattoo or a scar or something? Her character design looks quite good to me in her second outfit in those screens.

Anyway, I don't care about a (main) character's skin color. Or their sex or whatever else. As long as they're a *good* character.

wishingW3L1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

Generic has been one of the main features of this gen when it comes to character models, art-style and even gameplay.

AAACE51892d ago

Doesnt matter as long as they dont just focus on stereotypes. It feeds a negative image. The stereotype thing irritates me so much because i always have suburban raised mfs trying to relate to me trying to sound like they from the hood!

Malibus most wanted type sh!t! And even worse... these younger generation mfs got them thinking its alright to say n***a!

What the f is the world comin to?

Muerte24941892d ago

argument simply because Walking Dead's lead character was black. Like Blacklash93, mentioned before, it just has to be a good character with a compelling story. Duke Nukem had a white male as the main character and it still bombed. But lets just be honest here, the black protagonist (if you want to call him that) that we really want, is SPAWN!!!! Someone should have definitely made a Spawn games using Arkham City's combat system. Using he cape for stealth gameplay.

Excalibur1892d ago

Nope, don't care if they are white, black, yellow or purple as long as you make the game fun and interesting to play.

Inception1892d ago

Hey, i want a game with blueman as lead character :D

zealot_x1892d ago

I suggest Rogue Trooper and Soul Reaver 1, 2, Defiance

ShugaCane1892d ago

I'm sure the author had good intentions writing this article but honestly, asking such a question just gives credit to those who think the answer is yes.

_LarZen_1892d ago

Was just about to write the same, why even bring up the question....

Normal people ofc don't care. Sub humans will...but they are trash and nobody cares about trash.

Ashlen1892d ago

That was my impression as well.

WildArmed1892d ago

Indeed, I think it's be silly if we start asking why aren't there more Latino/Indian/Chinese/Russian protagonist.

It's not like we have not had those before. We've had games with those protagonists. And I think african american is def. more represented in gaming than most races. If someone ever asked the wondered if having a "black" protagonist equates to low sales, I'd simply point them to GTA:SA.

Same with female protagonists, we have them. And we do truly love those games, we do not discriminate because she isn't a "white" male (RE-franchise).

ninjahunter1892d ago

Depends how the character is portrayed really, if you go all stereotypical, youl get a lot of flack for something stupid like "you hate black people because you put a black chick in your game". If you make a good character, like alyx vance who is blasian (black + asian), then you will probably get better results than block of meat white male with brown hair.