Aliens Colonial Marines for Wii U is Better – PS3, Xbox 360, PC Are Last Minute Versions

Why is the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines is Delayed? And could it be possible that it is the better version that everybody was expecting and wanting?

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majiebeast1974d ago

Yeah the best version is gonna be for the system with 3 million users... That makes a lot of sense.

zerocrossing1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Your comment has no standing, the user base doesn't reflect the quality of a multiplat title.

Gearbox really messed up ACM, I highly doubt any new features in the Wii U version would salvage that garbage..

ElectricKaibutsu1974d ago

I agree. The only things that could reasonably be improved are the graphics, specifically lighting and fog effects. I doubt animations and AI would improve.

The thing is, from what we know about the Wii U's GPU it SHOULD be able to do the lighting and fog effects like we saw in that infamous "demo". Some people call the Wii U seven year old tech, but it's not really. That GPU is two years old at most and heavily modified by Nintendo. The one place it should shine is in lighting, particle effects, and tessellation.

Will the Wii U version actually have those effects added back in? If the PC version released with them I would say it would be more likely. It really depends on whether or not the Wii U version is a thrown together afterthought or if for some reason Sega deemed it worthy of extra TLC. I'd say don't get your hopes up.

dantesparda1974d ago

Do you realize that when you say that the gpu is heavily modified, its usually towards gimping it right? they'll disable rops, texture units, cores, etc. Usually they do this to save money, so dont go thinking its a better than usual 4000 series

SilentNegotiator1974d ago

They aren't going to do the overhaul required to make it a decent game.

t3gamenews1974d ago

the wii u was just released like late last year, of course it wont have as many consoles out there as 360, & ps3. oh wait your logic, it has to be ps4 or xbox 8 to just be released not have as many consoles sold & get the best version.

SilentNegotiator1974d ago

No, the point is that it doesn't make sense for THEM to release a bunch of crap versions that will sell like evaporated wizz and then make the an actual good game on the smallest userbase console.

BattleAxe1974d ago

This is exactly what I've been talking about. WiiU owners are trying to hype any and every game that is coming to the WiiU, regardless of whether it is a complete pile of trash like Aliens Colonial Marines.

Neonridr1974d ago

We were trying to hype this game because everyone was hyping this game. The game itself was being anticipated by everyone. Wii U owners were hyping the fact that Randy Pitchford said it would be the best console version. Turns out the game is crap regardless. But Wii U owners weren't touting the game after we learned it was a big pile of crap. Only when everyone still thought the game was going to be amazing.

Of course we are going to hype something when the game looks good from the "demos" (which turned out to be doctored) and when we were told that our version was going to be the definitive game.

Ck1x1974d ago

Well in defense, NG3 was garbage on PS3&360 but a much better game on the WiiU. There's a different developer for the WiiU version, so one can only hope that the game does turn out better. I for one was looking forward to getting this game, but not so much now!

SIANSLOW1973d ago

we see articles about how awesome the last of us or beyond will be but guess what? nobody has ever played them so they might be turd too, thats what hype is

N4g_null1974d ago

Why not just wait for it to come out. I got ninja gaiden and thought wow this is way more fun. Yet I'll wait till I can try before I buy. Pitchfork should release a demo with the first few maps then let buy the whole game digitally.

This crap happens all the time but you have to blame ign and others for hyping dieing ports. Sega should have released this game after the wiiu version though and they should have shown off the lacking ports also.

Sorry for all who got this on last gen systems. You still have the last of us though plus you hate the wiiu right so why even bother worrying about that version. If it is good I'm sure a wiiu owner will let you know.

Link0791973d ago

Yes but the wiiu version is rumoured to be getting the port treatment to ps4 ect look it up.

1upgamer991967d ago

Sales of a system have to start somewhere. It is not like PS4/720 are going to have 30 million in 4 months. Not only that, but the gamepad is also what makes it the best version. The PS360 don't have the gamepad, and the Wii U does have more power than PS360. So one of only a few ports that developers are taking the time to take advantage of the Wii U. I say good. I rented the PS3 version of Alien, and it is not that bad, but I am picking up the Wii U version.

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Intentions1974d ago

Apparently the WiiU version is even more crap then the ones already released.

PopRocks3591974d ago

Where'd you get that from? Doesn't this report suggest exactly the opposite consensus?

Oh well. Either way I hope it isn't like the others and actually does offer a better experience. Not just because it's on the Wii U but because it can also hold a bar of quality for a potential update to the other versions.

Genuine-User1974d ago

Not going to happen rock, it tanked on all platforms, Wii U won't be any different.
Save your money for something better people.

MasterCornholio1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Yep Pop no matter what they do unless the make a new Aliens game its going to be a piece of crap on the Wii U. Anyways isnt gameplay more important than graphics? So who cares about the Wii U getting the graphically superior version of a crap game.

And this is coming from an Aliens fan.



"just like zombi u, so many people trashed this game, and it's one of the best horror games"

Well Zombi U did get some terrible reviews but it got some decent ones as well so the game isnt that bad.

However the majority of the reviews for Aliens are terrible so its pretty obvious that its a crap game. You really should accept that not every game on the Wii U is going to be great which goes for any other console as well.

PopRocks3591974d ago


Are you serious? The majority of the reviews for ZombiU are mixed to positive. It has a 77 on Metacritic with an even higher user score.

You're also admitting that you've based your assessment on Aliens strictly on reviews as oppose to your own perception. At least I have the decency to hold my tongue on how bad it is until after I've played it. I question your validity strictly because you've never played it and therefor probably don't fully understand why others have said it's crap.

On top of all of this there have been some mixed to positive reviews for Aliens and on top of ALL of this, the Wii U version is handled by a different developer separately from the other three. So 1) there is at least a chance that the Wii U version could be better, if only slightly (a chance, I'm not saying it's set in stone, so don't take my words out of context) and 2) there's still a chance I may like the game regardless of version.

I constantly bring this up, I actually liked Duke Nukem Forever for what it was and never got the hate for it (seriously, who complains about two weapons and rechargeable health in DNF and then praises them in Halo and CoD?). I'm halfway expecting the same thing here.

Trekster_Gamer1974d ago

the fact you like liked DNF is very telling of anything you have to offer. I am sorry DNF was TOTAL CRAP!

PopRocks3591974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Oh boo hoo, I liked something you didn't like. Soooo terrible.

What was so bad about it exactly? It was a moderately decent shooter with some okay gags and stiff controls with some archaic design. I'm not saying it was a GREAT game. In fact it was the farthest thing from perfect. I'm just saying I don't see where all the hate came from. The game was decent at best and forgettable at worst. It wasn't worth half the stink people made about it.

If you cite the development process then you clearly don't know much about it. DNF wasn't truly developed in 15 years. The final build of the game may have been in development for 2 - 4 years because they kept having to start over from scratch multiple times since development began.


I'm REALLY glad someone typed out a comment like this. You should always base your assessment off of your OWN impressions, not that of reviews or general word of mouth.

Regardless of what I think of any game, I would implore anyone to really try the game out before judging it for the simple fact that there's no guarantee you'll just agree with the reviews.

Bubble up for you sir.

Blastoise1974d ago

I agree PopRocks. Not on Duke Nukem being any good, nor the Wii U version of Aliens being better (though I agree there is a chance)

But people should stop reading so much into review's and try games out for themselves. Played Skyrim, 96 Metacritic, I think it sucked. Played Playstation All Stars, 75 Metacritic, I think it's a lot of fun.

On saying this though, I have very little faith in Aliens Colonial Marines being any good, just looks like you're better off with Aliens VS Predator from 2010..

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herbs1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Interesting read and theory's but its most likely just wishfull thinking. The author also said reddit was a site he'd never herd of :/

zerocrossing1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

I call BS. Anyone looking to get burned go ahead and buy the Wii U version, but untill I see some evidence for this statement Im remaining sceptical.

jmc88881973d ago

Just about everyone saying it 'has a chance of being better', is being skeptical.

Skepticism doesn't mean you have to say 'no it won't be good', it means you think it probably won't be good with a chance it might be a bit better.

We'll see more evidence as time goes on. Some game site will break the embargo with their Wii U review simply because there are so many and it's a big issue many are interested in for quite a number of reasons.

N4g_null1974d ago

Wasn't it here say that made many believe the last fen ports were going to be good? Ummm just wait for it and then judge. Yes some one dropped the ball but this is the sole reason why you should not pre order.

1upgamer991967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

Your comment is so outdated....

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Qrphe1974d ago

I remember when it was also speculated the Wii U version was the lead platform. Of course, we know that wasn't the case now.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1974d ago

Who knows.

The argument that is made, in this article, is made in a logical fashion so that it does not seem like he is Trolling for hits.

-He sincerely believes the scenario that he has lain-out is possible.

With the disarray flourishing behind the scenes in the making of Aliens Colonial Marines, it is quite possible that his version of events is correct.

No matter our opinion we will have to wait.

DA_SHREDDER1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

I'll be playing Monster Hunter Ultimate while yall hating on this for months. LOLZ