The Last of Us is Naughty Dog's longest campaign of all time

The fact that Last Of Us has been delayed is good news for those who can wait a bit: The Last of Us has in fact "the longest campaign, the Naughty Dog has ever created."
Due to the size, Naughty Dog has decided to play on the 14th June 2013 move. Creative Director Neil pressure man explains...

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NewMonday1857d ago

going up against Half-Life 2 for longest non-open world game?

Irishguy951857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

Longest Tps maybe.

Btw Open world generally means Sandbox like Skyrim or GTA or FF old ones...just so you know. But I know what you mean.

Mass effect can last up to 30 hours(unless your incredibly slow) and it isn't open world(a fancy level selector ain't open world folks)

WeAreLegion1857d ago

I'm with him. It gives a quote, but doesn't say where it's from...

jdaboss1857d ago

dont know why youre getting disagrees.. HL2 had a very long campaign.

shikamaroooo1857d ago

Why are you comparing it to Half Life 2, its Naughty Dogs longest campaign length. Not thr longest of all time

Canary1857d ago

You're kidding, right? Half Life 2 was short. Insanely short. The campaign could easily be beaten in 6 or so hours without even trying.

Back in the "good old days," we measured gameplay time in the HUNDREDS of hours.

chukamachine1857d ago

HL2 was the easiest game in existence.

No skill required.

classic2001857d ago

LOL half life 2 is not even as long as doom unless you play episode 1 and 2

perdie1857d ago


he said the longest NON-open world game.

WildArmed1857d ago

I believe the quote was in reference to ND's previous work.

Also, why is there no source in the article?
*shakes head*

GearSkiN1857d ago

hl 2 is not the longest...

1857d ago
omi25p1857d ago

well if its there longest im assuming its at least 6 hours long considering i finished UC3 in 4 and a half.

NukaCola1856d ago

Cool. I think a game like this needs more length than Uncharted to be able to tell it's story.

PS_ If you guys want a long non open world TP game, play Castlevania Lords of Shadow. Took me 18 hours on easy the first run. Its incredibly filling

BitbyDeath1856d ago

Go here for comparison -

Jak II : Renegade = 22 hours, 36mins.

Sounds like this will be a pretty long game.

andibandit1856d ago

ok so it's gonna be around 10 hours long, a step in the right direction.

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showtimefolks1857d ago

Special edition already ordered.

BTW longest game doesn't always mean fun or great game. It's ND so it will be amazing but that's not always the case. I had more fun laying vanquish than many of the long games

Last of us is already pre ordered

GenericNameHere1857d ago

I agree. Some games don't need to take tens of hours to beat.
Some games, like Uncharted, is perfect at around 7-8 hours. It's long enough that the game doesn't abruptly end *cough* Kane ad Lynch 2! *cough*, the story doesn't drag or rush, and the ending leaves you satisfied and wanting for the next.

WeAreLegion1857d ago

Thank you, sir! I don't understand why MTS91 and myself were getting disagrees.

This is fantastic news! I am so excited for The Last of Us!

RememberThe3571857d ago

Wow now N4G members have to do the "journalists" job. Cool.

Nimblest-Assassin1857d ago


"The Last of Us is an ambitious project. In many ways it may be Naughty Dog’s most ambitious project to date – brand new universe and cast of characters, brand new tech, brand new genre, not to mention it’s easily the longest campaign Naughty Dog has ever made."

-Neil Drukman

RememberThe3571857d ago

So a guy calls from some journalistic etiquette and gets flooded with disagrees? So people should just be able to post whatever they want regardless if it's true or not? We have forums for that, the link is at the top of the page next to "blog."

FYI, we ask for sources so people don't blatantly make shit up. It took our own commenters to actually provide a source and that's pretty pathetic.


I'm giving you a bubble for common sense... N4G moderatoros could be more active/rigorous about it, doesn't matter if members approved it or not, no source no front page, specially if submitted as news.

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BanBrother1857d ago

Awesome indeed. They could probably release it now and get rave reviews, but the fact that they want more time to make it even better is typical Naughty Dog. They are perfectionists. If you listened to what they said they had to go through with Uncharted 3 to get as much detail as possible, it amazes you. They won't settle for 'good enough', they want 'perfect'.

Too bad other developers/publishers don't take the extra time for polish (Sega.Gearbox. Aliens. Nuff said).

Bathyj1857d ago

all the time in the world wouldnt haave helped aliens. they enough time as it was

WildArmed1857d ago

Considering it took me 9-12 hours to beat Uncharted games, that's really good news.

I'm looking forward to see how they build complexity as the levels progress.

From what I've seen (the demos), the game can be quite complex with soo many options (guns, melee, flaming Molotov, etc) . I'd like to have some time to play w/ each "option" before I get thrown into a mess where I can use everything at it's full potential.

Conzul1857d ago

Indeed, it's like Uncharted but with crafting and Ai that actually impresses.

Relientk771857d ago

Excitied for this game, Naughty Dog are awesome

ps3vita4life1857d ago

That's great to hear :) Take your time, Naughty Dog, I'll be waiting patiently till June 14.

VonBraunschweigg1857d ago

No problemo, I see it as 5 additional weeks of killing Greek mythology, I can do that:)