Master Chief featured in Harlem Shake

Musical artist Chase Forte dresses up as Halo's Master Chief and takes on Ezio Salvatore (Assassin's Creed) and other characters in this umpteenth version of the virally successful "Harlem Shake" skit.

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NewZealander1981d ago

omg the harlem shake sucks! move on already!

Blacktric1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )


Why am I even surprised...

Edit: Apparently it's a "user blog". Still not surprising that it's made by an IGN user though.

guitarded771980d ago

Freakin' sausage-fest (Wurstfest) in that vid. Someone needs to meet some ladies.

ATi_Elite1980d ago

That was the WORST Harlem Shake video EVER made in the History of the Galaxy!

P.S. Learn to play League of Legends and go meet some Gamer Girls to dance with!

Sonyslave31981d ago

why is this harlem shake so different from the one that came out in 2000

KwietStorm1981d ago

Because its name was stolen, and because people are so easily lead in any direction, this new crap is now a craze across the net. I don't know where this came from or why nobody objects to something having its name just taken away, but this ain't the Harlem Shake.

WeAreLegion1981d ago

It came out in 1983, by the way.

cee7731980d ago

It came back in 2000 and died A quick death as it did in 83.

aliengmr1981d ago

This is the internet seeing how fast it kill a trend.

Zero to Beating-dead-horse in .....

BanBrother1981d ago

Laaaaame. What is with kids these days? These things are always so f***ing stupid. If you want recognition, invent something or do something that benefits more than just your silly pathetic little ego. Whoever thinks this is 'cool' needs to grow up. God facepalm x9000. Now just waiting for some angry little kid to squeal at me.

ApolloTheBoss1980d ago

I'm a little kid, and I applaud you, good sir.

LordHiggens1980d ago could just accept that people like to get dumb sometimes and have fun...maybe you can stop being such a stick in the mud...maybe you could not care and go about your life instead of writing a paragraph on why you hate it. These are all valid options...

TechOne1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )

Harlem shake is getting old.

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The story is too old to be commented.