Rumor: Impressive Colonial Marines Footage Was From The Wii U Version

Aliens: Colonial Marines

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YoungPlex1953d ago

Based on earlier comments from a game tester, the Wii U version is the worst version, but if this is true and the Wii U version was indeed the demo we seen back in e3, then that would be fantastic! I highly doubt it but then again who knows... Here's hoping that this speculation is true.

Nitrowolf21953d ago

no f'n way. This is entirely BS on gearbox/sega part if true.

YoungPlex1953d ago

I honestly wouldn't know how to react if it was true... On one hand I would be totally excited for the simple fact that I own a Wii U along with a PS3, 360 and PC; on the other hand, I would be disgusted with the fact that the game was terrible on the rest of the consoles and PC. I agree that if true it would be BS on both Sega and Gearbox. Then again it wouldn't be the first time Sega pulled a stunt like this. The most recent game that comes to mind is Bayonetta on the PS3, which was almost like a different game compared to the 360 version.

Like I said I doubt it but then again, it would make sense as to where the demo footage came from.

Root1953d ago

Imagine if it was the worst version....we would have a huge s*** storm on our hands

Gearbox, aka Randy, had been hyping the Wii U up way before it launched by a lot...I mean they were the number 1 developer to stick up for the Wii U and praise it contenstantly and the Wii U version of Aliens CM. If it is the worst version then at least we know why they had being doing it would sell more despite being the worst version.

On the other hand if it's the best version then they are going to have to answer to the PS3/360/PC audiences who have been screwed over. I mean they wouldn't look good would they, praising the Wii U and that version then all of a sudden that game getting the best version by a BIG would seem too suspicious in my opinion

PopRocks3591953d ago

I'd have to agree. I understand having slightly inconsistent performance between versions, but for some versions to be broken enough for people to outright hate the game and for one version to be praiseworthy makes no sense.

Razor's Edge was one thing, that was an updated version of the original game that was released later. This game and its versions were all made at the same time. It's ridiculous and should not have been allowed to happen.

That all said, I am at least relieved that there is a chance the Wii U version will be better (certainly has me giving Demiurge a thumbs up). It was the version I intended to try out to begin with. If it's true, I hope they update the PC and PS3/360 versions as well to match the quality.

Blacktric1952d ago

"There are people out there who thinks that there's a possibility of Wii U version looking better than the PC one."

My sides have left the galaxy. Thanks for the laugh.

JaredH1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Even if this was true, I highly doubt it is, better graphics and presentation won't make the game's lackluster gameplay, story and AI better.

SilentNegotiator1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Just wishful thinking.

Demiurge Studios makes even worse games (original titles) than the Sector 8 devs that supposedly did a substantial part of the PS3/PC/Xbox version. They don't make many of their own titles, instead doing mostly grunt work for other studios.

You'd have to be pretty gullible to think it's going to be revolutionary just because they're finishing the port late. They are not making a completely new game.

Sano641952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

gearbox is not working on the wii u version

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Hellsvacancy1953d ago

So will the Wii-U get some sort of directors cut?

Erimgard1952d ago

The Wii U version is being made by different people, and it didn't have to meet the same deadline.

ape0071952d ago


if it was made by different devs, then there's a possibility that the Demo was indeed the WIIU version , i hope it is

meetajhu1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

With Inferior CPU and GPU and calling it best version than PC is like wrapping Turd with Tin Foil paper.

chukamachine1952d ago

turd in tinfoil is always kept warm.

young7yang1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )


Learn your tech!

Case and point Mass Effect struggles on the ps3 yet it plays better on the Wii U and it is a port..

O and did I mention it eats a fraction of the power that the PS3 consumes..

I prefer the ps3 to the wii u but there is no denying the power of the wii u.

ape0071952d ago

Need For Speed Wiiu look and run better than ps3 and 360 versions

BullyMangler1952d ago

from article
"The version of the the game that is currently available is rumored to have been largely outsourced and rushed to meet deadlines, but the Wii U version (which is still in development) has not suffered the same fate, and will be the definitive version of the game.

Randy Pitchford has stated multiple times in the past that the Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines will be the best version of the game, particularly in the graphics department".

PFFT1952d ago

nice and unnamed game tester said it was the worst out of the three.........Yeah.......ill wait till i see this for myself rather than taking this so called Game testers word for it. If Black Ops 2 can look better on the Wii U so can A:CM.

dantesparda1951d ago

What? BLOPS doesnt look better on the Wii U and it runs at a lower framerate than the PS3 version, learn you facts kid! Fanboys are so delusional

Apex131952d ago

You do realise that that story could be fake, planted, out there to shit stair?dont believe all you read unless there is authentication attached.

DivineAssault 1952d ago

stop having fantasy dreams kid.. It doesnt matter cuz the game sux anyway.. Regardless, the wii u isnt going to change things around for this game or vice versa

1952d ago
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1953d ago
PopRocks3591953d ago

That... was the strangest read ever. But it would be awesome if it was true.

DwightOwen1953d ago

That would totally be the most fucking hilarious thing ever if true.

Ashunderfire861953d ago

I believe the Game Tester over these liars that the Wii U Version is the inferior version with bad mini game mechanics, bad framerate, and etc. No way that demo was the Wii U version!!! That look more like a Nvidia and AMD High End PC graphic and gameplay physics. Crysis 3 will shit all over this game next week, like that poop cruiser where people were stranded. Crysis 3 is what Aliens Colonial Marines wish it was. I am so angry at these developers, because the Alien franchise started that space marine concept in every shooting game, yet this game can't be as good as the games inspired by it.

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