PS4 What We Want and What We Dont Want

With Sony PlayStation’s huge upcoming February 20th press conference looking more and more likely to be the official announcement of the PS4, we here at Good Game ANZ have put together a list of what we want and don't want to see in the next generation of PlayStation, along with some questions we would like answered by Sony at the big event.

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ApolloTheBoss2045d ago

You know what I want? I want Sony to play the first 2 min 30 sec of this song along with a gameplay compilation of all the PlayStation games over years. From Spyro to Crash to God of war and so on. Aww a man can dream can he? But no kidding if this actually happened I'd jizz in my pants.

GoldPunch-TR2045d ago

We want:

Backward Compatibility
Backward Compatibility
Backward Compatibility
Backward Compatibility
Backward Compatibility

a_bro2045d ago

no matter how much you scream for it, it aint coming brah. unless you want to pay $600 for it....

ApolloTheBoss2045d ago

As well as deal with the YLOD at some point.

Army_of_Darkness2045d ago

So you want to spend over $400 to play current PS3 games?? LOL! buy a ps3 bro!
So Ummm... No thanks, I don't really care for that feature... I'm buying a PS4 for other reasons;-)

jmc88882044d ago

Um it probably only cost 20 bucks to have it. SO if it was going to be $600 with it, it would be $579 without it. Which of course wouldn't happen because you know they would up it to $600 anyways.

GraphicX2045d ago

i can't see it having any backwards compatibility beyond being able to re-buy PS1/2/3 titles on the PS store which is ridiculous.

DigitalSmoke2045d ago

You Disagreed, and then agreed.

GraphicX2045d ago

i agree we want backwards compatibility, but i can't see it coming the way we want it (ie. use the game discs we own & put them straight in).

-Falaut-2045d ago (Edited 2045d ago )

The issue is not with the media or its format. The issue is a architectural hardware issue.

So unless there are going to be PS3 processors soldered onto the PS4 board, no go.

I'm a big proponent of BC, but it's simply not physically doable, and I'm okay with that. If it was Sony simply deciding not to include it, that be a different story.

Axe992045d ago

Agreed - I'd like it in there, but not at an extra $50/unit. Someone once suggested having a plug-in BC chip that people could pay for - probably too fiddly to work reliably, but that'd be the way to do it.

jp_footy22044d ago

@ -Falaut- Don't listen to the rumours. PS4 will have an updated Cell processor, so the architecture will be there to play all PS3 games.

tweet752045d ago

all ps1-3 games playable on the system. Ability to play all games purchased on ps3 in online store.

akaakaaka2045d ago

I wan't this guys announcing the PS4 on the 20TH it will be epic! lol

I know he charges a lot but it's worthy! it will be epic!!!

DigitalSmoke2045d ago

Every Playstation went to lengths to have BC intergrated.
Why wouldn't Sony make the option available this generation.
There are bound to be different versions in stores, it isn't hard to see a BC version being made available for a certain price, if not with a PS3 trade in? which is a long shot but whatever.

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The story is too old to be commented.