Rumor: Sony takes a shot at Nintendo with new ad

GE: "Sony will be announcing its successor to the PlayStation 3 in just a matter of days. A proper reveal will be taking place this Wednesday."

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Godchild10201975d ago ShowReplies(3)
stage881975d ago

Haha this is hilarious! I feel completely the same.
I'm so sick of Mario, it was alright when I was 8 but now he's just annoying. Absolutely milked to bits with no change. Nintendo would do better just laying the poor, tired character to rest.

Septic1975d ago

What's even more hilarious are the double standards on here.

kneon1975d ago

What double standard? Is there another character that has appeared in over 200 games?

Mario has been milked by an order of magnitude more than anything else in gaming.

1nsaint1975d ago

That its milked out doesnt say all the games are bad

jaymart2k1975d ago

And at the rate of modern FPS it will surpass it soon.

Seriously I'm so over modern FPS games.

truechainz1975d ago

So of course we have seen Mario time and again, but I must say if people are complaining about originality in games then they might need to find a new hobby. I love games and play on all systems, but Sony has no room to talk. For all the new IPs Sony releases, most of them have game play comparable interactive movies take from several media before them. I mean don't get me wrong these games will look great and most likely have good stories, but slapping a beard on Nathan Drake, giving him a sidekick and putting him in a survival thriller must have taken all of 20 min to come up with (The Last of Us). Originality doesn't sell games regardless of how much people claim they want it in new IPs. If it did then Pikmin would probably be one of the top selling games of all time. Just enjoy games because supporting this hypocracy (even though I doubt Sony actually came up with this) just shows how much gamers have become disconnected with having fun altogether.

FriedGoat1974d ago


"slapping a beard on Nathan Drake, giving him a sidekick and putting him in a survival thriller must have taken all of 20 min to come up with"

Thats like saying Sega took sonic the hedgehog gave him throwing stars and made him taller for shinobi.

Just because you build upon a game engine doesn't at all mean the games are similar, other wise halflife would be Quake 1, and COD would be quake 3.

truechainz1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

@Fried Goat

I don't know what game you are trying to compare sonic to (possibly iNinja?) but regardless you're getting right at my point. The Mario games (the 3d ones) do exactly that, build on the game engines. Each one is a new experience based from familiar settings. They are not exactly original just like Sony's Ips that do clearly take concepts from other games and movies as well. Just about all of the most popular games take things from other sources which is why complaining about Mario games is pointless, because most games now are not original. That doesn't mean we shouldn't play games or embrace the differences that are there. Just that you can't just call out Nintendo when they are clearly not the only ones doing it in some form or fashion.

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ArmGunar1975d ago

Love this kind of ads, it shows that the war for next-gen begins :P

whoyouwit041975d ago

Sony is beginning to act like their fan boys childish and immature. they really need to watch the cockiness there is no garuntee the ps4 will be a success.

deep_fried_bum_cake1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

There's almost no doubting that the PS4 will be a success. But as you say this is pretty immature, I kinda doubt its validity.

whoyouwit041975d ago

"There's almost no doubting that the PS4 will be a success", True but the PS4 success is not promise and that's my point. Sony was so cocky this gen they thought they could charge what they wanted and people would buy the PS3 simply cause it was Play Station. And now they are trolling the competitors as if they already have next gens war in the bag, Cockiness is a very dangerous thing.

jaymart2k1975d ago

PS fanboys are just mad they came in last place this past gen. Pretty sad seeing how amazing the PS2 was.

DigitalRaptor1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

@ whoyouwit04

There was definite arrogance, but they had to say something to justify the cost. They charged what they did because of what was inside the box. They had already subsidized the cost of having a great quality (at the time) blu-ray drive and Cell had to cost them more than say what was driving the 360.

The whole cockiness thing didn't lose them marketshare this gen. It was launching last out of both their competitors, not being ready with a high quality online network, and a poor marketing effort. The supposedly 'balanced' media chose sides very quickly, and were possibly responsible for some of its downfall too with all the crappy quality articles full of claims that turned out to be lies. Yet, they still sold 70+ million consoles, the PS3 was the fastest selling console of this gen, and they released some absolute belters in games.

Microsoft came hard and fast this gen. Sony rested somewhat on their laurels, but you can tell they're not going to be making that mistake again. They're gonna come at the market with PS4 with a force I don't think most of us expect from them.

Forbidden_Darkness1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Since when was having a bit of fun and making a statement childish and immature? They're just saying, "Hey look we got something new in store for you that's not the same old thing again and again." They're not saying Mario games are crap or anything. People just need to lighten up a bit, honestly.

Edit: Again, how is poking fun at a competitor and having a bit of fun childish and immature? Are people really so stuck up nowadays where companies can't have a laugh? Everything has to be so damn serious nowadays, jesus.

whoyouwit041975d ago

look I'm not a true Nintendo fan, I make it clear that I roll with the box. But poking fun at your competitors is childish and immature period regardless if it's Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony.

rainslacker1975d ago

I don't think a little lighthearted fun is a bad thing, so long as it's not filled with FUD, misrepresentations, or outright lies. It's also not really necessary, as a product should be able to stand on it's own regardless of the competition.

I know MS, Nintendo, and Sony have all had their pokes at each other over the years, and I don't ever recall them actually being hateful in any way, just mimicking the the things that people say, often in exaggerated form to be funny.

Ayabrea1231975d ago

They think this is bad but haven't seen the. 'scroogle' advertisements by Microsoft about Google?! Ha! This little fake ad is so lightweight, it's not even funny

Servbot411975d ago

If Nintendo or Microsoft did this, Sonyfans everywhere would be berating them for acting childish and how Sony is for grown-ups.

Sony does it? Hilarious, 10/10 best advertising ever would read again.

xursz1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

^^ Same would be true in reverse wouldn't it? But like someone said in the gaf thread Sony doesn't have much to gain from poking a bee hive and putting Nintendo fanboys into attack mode. Even just a rumor has made some fans angry.

I doubt it's real.

neoMAXMLC1974d ago

Seriously... people are getting worked up over this? Get real, people!

I suggest to stay far away from insurance, cell phone or cable/dish commercials if stuff like this bothers you so much.

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Root1975d ago

No offence but they are the least cockiest company out of the big three. They learnt their lesson at the start of this gen because of it and they payed the price for it so they know not to do it again

Microsoft have become the big headed ones and Nintendo after the Wii's success were cocky when they released the Wii U...thinking it was going to do Wii like sales.

They are just trying to get the PS4 out there for the show next week. If they weren't doing anything you'd be moaning they weren't advertising it at all

PopRocks3591975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

"Microsoft have become the big headed ones and Nintendo after the Wii's success were cocky when they released the Wii U...thinking it was going to do Wii like sales."

Yeah, Nintendo is so cocky for supporting and marketing their product. /s

Hasn't Sony historically taken jabs at their competition to specifically make their products look better? I would have assumed jamming SIXAXIS into the PS3 controller a year after the Wii was revealed would have been deemed as even more cocky than this.

Realplaya1975d ago

Sony got cocky during and after ps1. So stop it.

Root1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )


"They learnt their lesson at the start of this gen because of it and they payed the price for it"

I never said they were never cocky did I


When have they ever done that. Really thats being cocky to you. I know you love Nintendo but come on, thats stretching it quite a bit.

Remember when Nintendo first showed off the Wii U....they thought we would love it straight away after the Wii that they didn't even explain it properly....hell most of us thought it was a new controler for the Wii not a new console.

PopRocks3591975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

"When have they ever done that. Really thats being cocky to you. I know you love Nintendo but come on, thats stretching it quite a bit."

What is this in response to? My sarcastic statement or the part about Sony and SIXAXIS?

I don't see how expecting something to catch on is cocky. I thought that was a thing many people selling a product do, whether or not it's successful. With that logic, Sony was cocky when they sold the PS3 at $600 or Microsoft was cocky when they made Xbox Live Gold subscriptions more expensive.

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miyamoto1975d ago

just like this rumor...... lame

GenericNameHere1975d ago

Actually, they've been this way since the PS1.
Ever seen the Crash Bandicoot PS1 commercials? Oh boy, them Nintendo boys be raging! What, you think Sony is the only who has been cocky/made fun of the competition before? Look at how cocky Microsoft. They have the balls to still call the Xbox "the best entertain media" device, despite not having Blu-ray, and having you pay subscriptions on top of another subscription to use that service. They think they can still nickel and dime you, and people are still willing to do so.

Yes, cockiness is a very dangerous thing, but it's not like Sony is downright making fun of Nintendo and Microsoft. A slight trolling, yes, a MAJOR TROLLBAIT it is not.

TongkatAli1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

"Childish" "immature" ? Do you have a stick up your ass ?I'm sure you have a yoga game and you really got offended /s. Thank you for defending my hardcore passion for Yoga games /s.

I have to type /s or else they wont get it, sad.

Samsung pokes fun at Apple all the time and we love them for it. I typed this on my Iphone, those Ads didn't offend me. I found them funny, please remove that stick for your own good.

rainslacker1975d ago be fair Apple also poked a lot of fun at MS as well, to the point where it just wasn't funny anymore. Sure they were actually saying it was PC, but let's face it, many of the things they compared were issues prone to MS, and often blown way out of proportion. Was a whole internet meme thing for a couple years as well, so yeah. Samsung ones are good too, cuz I guess it's cool to hate hipsters. If they carry on too long I doubt it will be "funny" anymore.

nintendoland1974d ago

look at em sony fanboys getting offended by words childish and immature. almost too sad

pr0t0typeknuckles1975d ago

well you have to understand this stuff used to happen way before, microsoft did it, sony did it and of course the king of trash talking sega did it, its just used to build hype and excitement, honestly i like it when the big 3 take shots at each other, its there way of saying hey were coming out strong with a much better console than our competittion and heres why you should buy our product, lets not forget the PS1 crash bandicoot commercials, or segas infamous does what nintendont.

darkziosj1975d ago

a success like the vita eh eh eh? where did everyone go...

TronEOL1975d ago

As posted above:

It worked for them with the PS1, I wouldn't doubt it'd work now.

HarryMasonHerpderp1974d ago


Not sure if yo're going to read this but if there is anyone getting mad at this then they need to pay attention to the's just a rumour.
Some random guy on twitter has been putting these up and there's no proof of these "marketing attacks" on any other website.

DragonKnight1974d ago

Wow, look at all the misinformation and fanboyism here.

whoyouwit04: You must not have been a gamer long if you think that this is childish and immature. It's also not being cocky because they aren't hyping themselves up, they are putting down the other company and saying "hey, check us out, you might like it." No one's success is ever guaranteed in anything ever, that's irrelevant.

jaymart2k: Sorry but, MS is currently in last place and the gen isn't over yet. Look it up for yourself if you want, but I know you'll deny the truth. You just felt like posting a fanboy comment.

digitalraptor: "It was launching last out of both their competitors."

-Actually the Wii launched last. PS3's problem was price.

"not being ready with a high quality online network."

-Irrelevant and, at the time, unnecessary. You can't say that MS changed the standard of gaming making online networks necessary for anything in 2006. Again, the Wii had the worst of 3 and absolutely trounced both the 360 and the PS3. Quality is also subjective. If you're talking about an online network that allowed you to play online games, then both services did the job perfectly fine. If you're talking luxury services, then MS had the edge for awhile. Other than that, I agree with you.

WildArmed1974d ago

it's a rumor thou, you can never tell if these are actual ads put out by Sony

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Beetey1975d ago

Could one infer from this that a new IP will be announced alongside the PS4?

Forbidden_Darkness1975d ago

Sony has always been a strong supporter of new IPs and I have no doubt it'll be the same with the PS4, along with franchises we know and love. So, they may announce a new IP (or a couple) or they may not, but i'm sure we'll see some great new IPs on the PS4 either way.

jaymart2k1975d ago

Sony's also known to run there game series to the ground. Twisted Metal , Crash Bandicoot, Spryo, Socom.

All which haven't been relevant since PS1/PS2.

Heck even Ratchet & Clank.

Horny1974d ago (Edited 1974d ago )

Jaymart you are so damn misinformed just please stop typing. Twisted metal was released this gen and is still a good game. The other series were sold to Activision. Ratchet and clank had two great games this gen and decent spin offs. The one thing I agree with you on is they messed up socom, which used to be one of the greatest online experiences.

Also your above comment about Sony being last. MS is in last, Sony is second now. I'm sure both will keep selling eventually passing the Wii.

Zodiac1975d ago

Sony isn't that immature, so i'm sure it's fake. At least i hope so.

zebramocha1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

I believe this ad is a fake because each company were direct with their trolling,excluding this one,the others were kinda ambiguous.

stage881975d ago

Love that Playstation advert. Stupid plumber boy... Haha

Neo-Axl1974d ago

"..You're hurting my elbow"

I've never seen this commercial before, jeez.. this is pretty crazy compared to what happens these days, instead of hinting at who ever, actually going to the door step & doing that?

Crash my old pal, you'll forever be a legend!