Ni no Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch, DmC January Sales Numbers ( North America )

Level-5 and Studio Ghibli’s exclusive RPG for the PS3 sold 112,000 copies in North America in 9 days according to reports.

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wishingW3L1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

glad to see that DMC's flopping. ;)

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zerocrossing1682d ago

Well we called it, no surprises there.

Im glad to see Ni no kuni is doing well though.

joab7771682d ago

Me too but its wierd how kingdoms of amalur passed 1 million and it was bad. Anyway, i love ni no kuni, so everyone support it if u can. Its strange too. I am willing to actually pay for dlc and there is none. Hopefully soon.

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fermcr1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Stop being a crybaby hater. DMC is a good game. It deserves more sales.

TheTwelve1682d ago

It will get more sales as soon as it's 75% off

Godmars2901682d ago

Its not doing as well as DMC4.

Expect Capcom to ignore this if they talk it up, and that's if they talk it up at all.

And its still not going to mean a DMC5 or the return of old Dante.

SlapHappyJesus1682d ago

Not me.

Seems like a genuinely good game.
Feelings towards it, in comparison to past releases, put to the side.

Plan on picking it up soon.
Just waiting until I can get the pc version.

Awesome_Gamer1682d ago

Why are people disgareeing with you? I know it's an opinion and anyone can like any game they want to but really, the way Ninja Theory and Crapcom have been disrespecting the original DMC fanbase, thier game should'nt really be defended no matter what. I'm glad DmC flopped hard.

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ArmGunar1682d ago

Nice for Ni no Kuni even if I hope more but that's quite well for a kind of games which sell normally not high.

Too bad for DmC 'cause it's a good reboot, the game is pretty good.

xursz1682d ago

Agreed on both points. DmC wasn't as bad as people say. Still looking forward to getting Ni No Kuni but all my hype is on Destination PlayStation.

zeal0us1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

DMC was an okay/average game but definitely not a good reboot.

A good reboot doesn't cause backlash with it's fans.
Example: XCOM or MK9

Sure when the creators of XCOM was trying to go the FPS route it cause backlash, but when they back and chose the genre that XCOM originally was the backlash went away.

A good example of a bad reboot

A good reboot doesn't cause backlash from its fans, its creators/developers doesn't talk down on its fanbase and the sales of the final product isn't mediocre. Not to mention character design, personality and back-story usually remind in tact, unless its a prequel to the whole series. Then obviously the character wouldn't look the same and personality and back-story could also be different(ex: Tomb Raider, a young version of Lara Coft).

r211682d ago

Why didnt Ni No Kuni sell well in Japan? Thats an odd thing to happen.

knifefight1682d ago (Edited 1682d ago )

Actually, JP sales were 67,000 in its first weekend.
Since this is listed as selling 112,000 in 9 days in NA, and North America having triple Japan's population, it actually sold better -- proportionally -- in Japan than North America >_>

RealityCheck1682d ago

Because in Japan it came out first in 2010 as a DS game so naturally a much later version on the PS3 sold less.

RememberThe3571682d ago

I don't know why your getting disagrees, all the info in freely available on Wikipedia. lol

Ni No Kuni released on the DS December 9, 2010.

Knushwood Butt1682d ago

@ Reality


Also, I think the PS3 game is a totally different game than the one that came out on the DS, but I guess many people didn't realize that.

Could be wrong - I've yet to play either version, but would like the PS3 version if I didn't have a huge backlog of great stuff to play.

TheDivine1682d ago

This would've been far better sales wise if released on the Vita. It would've sold a ton of vitas and I'd personally love to have it on the go. Hell I'd still love for them to localize the ds version. Game is really good though, I'm very happy to play any version but iI don't see it selling too much. It was hyped to death and only sold a hundred thousand? Prob has legs so that's good. I'd really like to see it succeed so we can get a sequel.

Rockefellow1682d ago

I would've been one of those Ni no Kuni purchasers, had Namco Bandai not screwed me twice on the Wizard's Edition to no fault of my own.

They didn't even offer me the hardcover spellbook, and my original pre-order from last August was cancelled on top of the one placed in January.

I'm buying every game from them I have any interest in used.

sypher1682d ago

Shame DmC isn't doing better, its actually a really good game (as game critics have shown).

And I'm a proud owner of Ni No Kuni wizard edition in the UK deserves all the sales it get's.

sypher1682d ago

lol the DmC hate is strong in this one :D