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Ni no Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch, DmC January Sales Numbers ( North America )

Level-5 and Studio Ghibli’s exclusive RPG for the PS3 sold 112,000 copies in North America in 9 days according to reports. (DmC: Devil May Cry, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, PS3, Xbox 360)

wishingW3L  +   772d ago
glad to see that DMC's flopping. ;)
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cavado   772d ago | Immature | show | Replies(6)
zerocrossing  +   772d ago
Well we called it, no surprises there.

Im glad to see Ni no kuni is doing well though.
joab777  +   772d ago
Me too but its wierd how kingdoms of amalur passed 1 million and it was bad. Anyway, i love ni no kuni, so everyone support it if u can. Its strange too. I am willing to actually pay for dlc and there is none. Hopefully soon.
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fermcr  +   772d ago
Stop being a crybaby hater. DMC is a good game. It deserves more sales.
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abzdine  +   772d ago | Funny
then go buy more
TheTwelve  +   771d ago
It will get more sales as soon as it's 75% off
Godmars290  +   772d ago
Its not doing as well as DMC4.

Expect Capcom to ignore this if they talk it up, and that's if they talk it up at all.

And its still not going to mean a DMC5 or the return of old Dante.
Mookie  +   772d ago
DMC was cool af
SlapHappyJesus  +   772d ago
Not me.

Seems like a genuinely good game.
Feelings towards it, in comparison to past releases, put to the side.

Plan on picking it up soon.
Just waiting until I can get the pc version.
Awesome_Gamer  +   771d ago
Why are people disgareeing with you? I know it's an opinion and anyone can like any game they want to but really, the way Ninja Theory and Crapcom have been disrespecting the original DMC fanbase, thier game should'nt really be defended no matter what. I'm glad DmC flopped hard.
ArmGunar  +   772d ago
Nice for Ni no Kuni even if I hope more but that's quite well for a kind of games which sell normally not high.

Too bad for DmC 'cause it's a good reboot, the game is pretty good.
xursz  +   772d ago
Agreed on both points. DmC wasn't as bad as people say. Still looking forward to getting Ni No Kuni but all my hype is on Destination PlayStation.
zeal0us  +   771d ago
DMC was an okay/average game but definitely not a good reboot.

A good reboot doesn't cause backlash with it's fans.
Example: XCOM or MK9

Sure when the creators of XCOM was trying to go the FPS route it cause backlash, but when they back and chose the genre that XCOM originally was the backlash went away.

A good example of a bad reboot

A good reboot doesn't cause backlash from its fans, its creators/developers doesn't talk down on its fanbase and the sales of the final product isn't mediocre. Not to mention character design, personality and back-story usually remind in tact, unless its a prequel to the whole series. Then obviously the character wouldn't look the same and personality and back-story could also be different(ex: Tomb Raider, a young version of Lara Coft).
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r21  +   772d ago
Why didnt Ni No Kuni sell well in Japan? Thats an odd thing to happen.
knifefight  +   772d ago
Actually, JP sales were 67,000 in its first weekend.
Since this is listed as selling 112,000 in 9 days in NA, and North America having triple Japan's population, it actually sold better -- proportionally -- in Japan than North America >_>
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RealityCheck  +   772d ago
Because in Japan it came out first in 2010 as a DS game so naturally a much later version on the PS3 sold less.
RememberThe357  +   772d ago
I don't know why your getting disagrees, all the info in freely available on Wikipedia. lol

Ni No Kuni released on the DS December 9, 2010.
Servbot41  +   772d ago
People hate logic.
Knushwood Butt  +   771d ago
@ Reality


Also, I think the PS3 game is a totally different game than the one that came out on the DS, but I guess many people didn't realize that.

Could be wrong - I've yet to play either version, but would like the PS3 version if I didn't have a huge backlog of great stuff to play.
TheDivine  +   772d ago
This would've been far better sales wise if released on the Vita. It would've sold a ton of vitas and I'd personally love to have it on the go. Hell I'd still love for them to localize the ds version. Game is really good though, I'm very happy to play any version but iI don't see it selling too much. It was hyped to death and only sold a hundred thousand? Prob has legs so that's good. I'd really like to see it succeed so we can get a sequel.
Rockefellow  +   772d ago
I would've been one of those Ni no Kuni purchasers, had Namco Bandai not screwed me twice on the Wizard's Edition to no fault of my own.

They didn't even offer me the hardcover spellbook, and my original pre-order from last August was cancelled on top of the one placed in January.

I'm buying every game from them I have any interest in used.
sypher  +   772d ago
Shame DmC isn't doing better, its actually a really good game (as game critics have shown).

And I'm a proud owner of Ni No Kuni wizard edition in the UK deserves all the sales it get's.
sypher  +   771d ago
lol the DmC hate is strong in this one :D
DigitalSmoke  +   772d ago
Ni No Kuni i think is great, so nice, yet so deep.
Fun Boss battles and stories.

Goty chance no doubt, and an amazing new exclusive IP for the Playstation.
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knifefight  +   772d ago
Re: "Goty chance no dount"
Why do you withhold donuts from GotY contenders? >:(
DigitalSmoke  +   772d ago
Beer manifested typo m8 :)
Tontus  +   772d ago
Wow, DmC was very well received by critics but still failed miserably at retail. I know old DMC fans must be ecstatic about this but it's very bad news for the relatively niche genre. Now that Ninja Gaiden is practically dead thanks to NG3 and DmC failed commercially only God of War is keeping the genre relevant.

Hopefully Castlevnia: Lords of Shadow 2 will be amazing. I hope the genre stays strong next generation, only God of War will always be safe due to the series being consistently critically acclaimed, bestselling and having millions of adoring fans but I have a horrible feeling that the genre outside of GoW will be almost non-existent next generation.
zerocrossing  +   772d ago
The genre still has mass appeal IMO.

A lot of people refused to purchase DmC because they didn't want the reboot replacing the original franchise, not because they aren't interested in hack n slash titles anymore, or at least that's my understanding of it.

Not that it's likely to happen anytime soon but I expect a DMC that makes a return to the original cannon would sell much better, the fan base is apparently still there after all.
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VileAndVicious  +   772d ago
If DMC were to go back to the original cannon what exactly would the game be about? Nero? I honestly hope DmC gets a sequel.I just hope some of the issues get addressed, even still its a good game regardless of sales. It would be a shame to kill off the reboot so soon.
zerocrossing  +   772d ago

They could reboot the franchise in the original cannon by having the game star Dante's son. It was already hinted at in DMC1 and had the original developer been at the helm of the sequel I expect that would have already happened.

Im not 100% against a DmC2, but it needs to make some drastic improvements, most notably a lock on function.


I couldn't agree more with that, getting to play as the Sparda would have been awesome, experiencing his legend and events that we have only heard about and finding out first hand just how amazingly powerful he was...sadly I don't see that happening now though.
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VileAndVicious  +   772d ago
Rebooting the original cannon wouldn't be bad. But a fresh take on it perhaps rebooting it back to Dantes father Sparda would be better IMO. We always hear about how awesome he supposedly was it would be nice to actually see him in action.

In fact I wish capcom had decided to do that with DmC instead personally.


DMC was never about story because no one ever took the time to write a good one. That doesn't mean it shouldnt/couldn't have a good one.
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wishingW3L  +   772d ago
@VileAndVicious DMC is not about story so they can do it about anything really. The series has never followed plot.
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Baka-akaB  +   772d ago
For the first time i'm guessing , i'll agree with VileAndVicious on the subject . We can still get both gameplay and a better plot , i just never believed it would be from NT obviously :p .

Besides they actually tried to improve that aspect strongly with DMC3 and 4 ... with various degrees of success (or failure)

And yeah i always wanted a game following Sparda , or at least making him a main playable char in a few sequences , not just a reskin reward .
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Baka-akaB  +   772d ago
It would have been the kiss of death to the genre if mass simplification and lowered standards were the solution to it becoming more popular .

It being niche is fine . It's not like there was a shortage of games for the genre , with actually a few different styles existing and/or successful between the DMC/bayonetta offshots , the GoW ones , Ninja gaiden styled games and NT's own brand of storytelling .

I certainly dont see the benefits of fusing both DMC's and NT's , as it mostly kills 2 styles and any of the qualities of both .
It gave birth to the least interesting DMC gameplay wise , challenge wise , and the least interesting NT game plot and storytelling wise

ANd tecmo seemed actually pleased enough with the sales of NG3 . I dont see why , but at least they werent rewarded with a massive success for their worst NG game
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Whitefox789  +   772d ago
Comparing the old Devil May Cry titles to the likes of God of War is your first problem.

Games like God of War and Castlevania Lords of Shadows (another reboot I'm not fond of), you can get away with mashing buttons and lacking finesse with your attacks. Very much like the new DmC title.

There's a reason a lot of people haven't beaten DMC3.
Knushwood Butt  +   771d ago
I see what you're saying but for me, I haven't played a Castlevania game since some forgettable rubbish on the DS a few years ago.

I'm really just taking it for what it is, and enjoying it. I don't care about it not being canon or whatever. It's just a guy with a chain whip and lots of gothic atmosphere.

It started my first play through on Hard difficulty, and at first I was really getting destroyed. I was finding the pacing really poor too. However, I stuck with it and now am really enjoying it. I think I'm up to chapter 8 now. I'm surprised just how long the game is.

I'm still seeing the Game Over screen a fair bit, but I'm enjoying the game. Not perfect though. Some weird design decisions too, like making major continue points before cut scenes. Also, restarting after continuing to find yourself 0.5 seconds away from an unblockable attack is pretty brutal too, but you get used to it...

Just FYI, but I have the Japanese version and Japanese PSN account, and the DLC was never released over here.
Knushwood Butt  +   771d ago
I'm playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow at the moment for the fist time.

That game is EPIC!!!
Whitefox789  +   771d ago
The game itself is fine as it is, I won't dispute it is a good game.

However it should not be a Castlevania game, it should be a new IP on its own.

Here's a little bit more info on my views of the game as a Castlevania title:


In which I know David Cage has defended the gameplay saying that there was more to Castlevania then Symphony of the Night, though I have to say as someone who played all the old Casltevania games prior to Symphony of the Night (even the Gameboy games The Adventure, Belmonts Revenge, and Legends) the rebooted titles don't give me the feeling I had with those titles.

There's a reason a lot of the old Castlevania fans (including myself) are pissed about the story from the reboot which you'll see at the ending (and to see how that ending came to be you'll have to shell out $30 for DLC) plus the other LoS entries story seems too predictable (from all the trailers shown from Mirror of Fate I know exactly how the story is going to play out for that game).
Blacktric  +   771d ago
" but it's very bad news for the relatively niche genre."

confirmed for not having played DmC...

or confirmed for having played DmC but not previous games.
NateCole  +   771d ago
Byonetta is another great game. Wish the story is better though
lovegames718  +   772d ago
Ummm isnt dmc multiplat and sells, on more than one, console? I wouldnt be surorised if ni no sells better thn dmc on the ps3
dafegamer  +   772d ago
kinda sad about dmc sales.Guys put your nostalgia goggles of
and give this game a chance, its great
WildArmed  +   772d ago
nostalgia goggles aside, the game is pretty immature in it's execution.

I didn't play Bayonetta for the same reason. And I don't think I would have given the game a second look if it wasn't a dmc title and it had solid gameplay judging from the demo.

But still, I'm not a fan of excessive use of profanity in a game. I'm not sure who NT were catering to, but the old DMC games did not do such a thing.
Knushwood Butt  +   771d ago
**** you! **** you! **** you!!!

Yeah, I agree. Let's not bother writing interesting dialogue when we can just throw in some mindless insults.
NorthernOracle  +   765d ago
I don't think that's fair. How do you know that the profanity is excessive if you haven't played the game (not the demo)?

I'm starting to believe the people who accuse the script of excessive profanity have only played the demo. That boss fight had more F-bombs than the rest of the game combined.
WildArmed  +   765d ago

I don't. I've talked to people, read reviews, watched videos of the game. Hell, even the demo was more than enough to be able to tell me that.

The demo boss fight was full of excessive profanity.
ElementX  +   772d ago
I was going to buy Ni No Kuni until I read about the random encounters. That's one game element that should've gone out with the 90s.
Danteuiuiuiui  +   772d ago
Ni no kuni doesn't have random encounters, though?
You could in theory avoid every battle in the game. Although it's pretty hard to dodge monsters in dungeons.
belac09  +   772d ago
there no random encounters. What a stupid reason, you sir are not an rpg fan.
nolifeking  +   772d ago
And what made up website did you imaginary visit to pull that out of your ass.
Relientk77  +   772d ago
Yeah, all that proves is that you didnt even play the game, nice job. There are no 'random encounters' you can see all the monsters, and can avoid battles if you wish, actually you even get a spell that helps you avoid battles too even more so than just running away. Its very easy to avoid battles.
#10.4 (Edited 772d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
ElementX  +   772d ago
then i was misinformed. I thought i read that somewhere. my apologies
WildArmed  +   772d ago
It happens!

Do try the demo thou! You'll have a better understanding of what to expect from the game
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   772d ago
DmC was pretty kool. probably wont be seeing Dante for another 5 years tho.
turgore  +   772d ago
Sad that Ni No Kuni sold less than DMC.
WildArmed  +   772d ago
Ni No Kuni is a very niche game, I'm glad it's doing as good as it is.
ShaunCameron  +   772d ago
In overall worldwide sales, NNK as a PS3 exclusive is selling about as much as DmC as a multiplatform game. 540 000 to 610 000.
saint_seya  +   772d ago
u forget to count downloads, for example i bought the game from psn store, and i can tell u, a lot of other players did too.. i wonder what where the real numbers counting digital copies.. then u can compare with dmc..
Relientk77  +   772d ago
Glad to see Ni no Kuni doing well. Put in over 60 hours into it so far, such an amazing game and experience.
WildArmed  +   772d ago
I'm interested to see how much of the sales went digital.
From what I understand, both DmC and Ni No Kuni were released digitally side by side.
Whitefox789  +   772d ago
A little off topic but, your the first person I've seen with that many bubbles. That's crazy.
Reverent  +   772d ago
He's a moderator.
Snookies12  +   771d ago
@Reverent - What happens if we bubble him up? Lol, do negative or positive even do anything for moderators? XD

Back on topic however... I just got Ni No Kuni in today, and am quite enjoying it. I didn't care too much for the demo, but the game certainly has a TON of charm. Cannot wait to put in a lengthy amount of time into this one. Hopefully it continues to sell very well!
abzdine  +   772d ago
Ni no Kuni is amazing! glad to see that Level 5 is pleased with the performance. now i hope they'll gonna release more RPGs for PlayStation.
PS4isKing_82  +   772d ago
DmC is garbage!!!! If you've never played a devil may cry game before, do yourself a favor and buy the HD collection and devil may cry 4.

Your welcome :)
NorthernOracle  +   765d ago
I refuse to believe that anyone who says Devil May Cry 2 or 4 is better than DmC has even tried the reboot.
black911  +   772d ago
Rumors Reported that DMC went to a different direction to appeal to the Xbox western audience.
j-blaze  +   771d ago
source? very sure there is non, i follow DmC news, i didn't read that anywhere your comment should be flagged for trolling

on topic: good thing DmC is doing bad in sales, DMC will return to Japan now :)
SOULJER  +   772d ago
DAMN. DMC had the media helping it out, and that's the best they could do. WOW.
Whitefox789  +   771d ago
I think we've learned from this that the fans actions speak louder then word of mouth marketing.
MiyagiSPG  +   771d ago
While Ni No Kuni's sales are not Final Fantasy standard, I think its time SE start watching NNK more closely before it takes the RPG crown from FF.

Could be a RPG war next gen if NNK gets a sequel on the PS4 :)

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