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The Latest Celebrity Golfer in Tiger Woods PGA Tour is Satan, Apparently

Owen Good: ''This image went out earlier in the week from the official Twitter feed for EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour series. "Night golf" is among a slew of features arriving in this year's edition (along with an LPGA Tour mode, throwback equipment, and historic course layouts). Who better to advertise that than the Prince of Darkness?

"Any ideas who the new 'scratch' golfer is?" said the accompanying message. Well, when you're looking at two hooves, and put "scratch" in quotes, my guess is it's the Devil hisself. "Easter egg of sorts," was the reply when I asked an EA Sports rep what was going on here.'' (PS3, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, Xbox 360)

Credit url: kotaku.com
Skate-AK  +   575d ago
Hahaha I see the resemblance. Pre Order DLC for sure.
Fil101  +   575d ago
I love myself abit of golf and have been an avid fan of the tiger woods game for a while now but can't help but feel that this franchise is getting abit stale now. the online side has pretty much died off since 09, dont get me wrong there's still people playing but maybe only 10% of it used to be.
RIP_Weazel  +   575d ago
Nice...surprise appearance by Tigers' chief lifestyle advisor!
stuna1  +   575d ago
Exactly! Went from buddhism to satanism.
InMyOpinion  +   575d ago
I wonder which team he joins in Ryder Cup?
modesign  +   575d ago
its sarah jessica parker, i can tell by the horse hoofs
Wagz22  +   575d ago
I miss when sports games had fun hidden things like secret characters and cheat codes to change the look or feel of the game. Now its either paid DLC or just taken out completely because there can't be any silly things in Madden because its a serious sports game...I mean I guess there was the recent NFL Blitz but without late hits, thanks to the NFL saying they don't want to give the game over the top violence, the game felt like Madden with alittle more leeway with the arcade feel. I really wish NFL Gameday would come back.
Erdrick  +   575d ago
Golden Tee is the only way to play golf

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