Evolution of PlayStation: PlayStation 2

Discover how PlayStation took the world by storm with the launch of the massively popular PlayStation 2, making it the best-selling home gaming console ever.

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Qrphe1980d ago

Oh man, the PS2 really looked slick as hell back then

It still is

hakis861980d ago

These videos are such good teasers. Sony: You are doing it right!!

I am amazed at how many PS2's were sold.

JoGam1980d ago

Sony has a new marketing company which seems like its working. I'll bet it was the marketing and PR team who said to go about it this way. Building up hype then destroying on Feb 20th.

TheGamerDood1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

Only 3 days, 18hrs, 34min to go! :P

awwww yeah! xD

Knight_Crawler1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

For some reason I still do not see Sony announcing the PS4 until E3.

I think this will all lead to a Gaikai announcement on the 20th.

Edit: B4 you disagree think about it...Sony paid alot of money for Gaikai and they have not said a word about it, if they announce the PS4 it will over shadow any Gaikai news that Sony announces after they announce the PS4.

Also if MS announces the 720 at E3 it would draw alot of noise and over shadow the the games that Sony will be demoing because it already revelaed the PS4.

Edit @four - Yes they can but a PS4 announcement will over shadow any Gaikai news and the focus will be on the PS4 instead of Gaikai.

Like I said a PS4 reveal will better at E3 - once Sony introduces what to expect from Gaikai they can announce the PS4 at E3 and show us how it will be integrated with Gaikai.

fourOeightshark1980d ago

Sony could announce the PS4 and Gaikai on the 20th.

classic2001980d ago

I dont think announcing gaikai and the PS4 now will allow xbox to over shadow the PS4. I think both will get people equally looking at them, The one who wins though will be the one who show the most appealing games on the floor. That will be the deciding factor in my eyes.

smashcrashbash1980d ago

Why would they do all this just to announce Gaikai.They could have just announced it online.Why spend all this money when they could have easily just announced what Gaikai was and how it benefits us.And any games they wanted to show us they could have had on their website. What could be bigger the a PS4 that they would go through all this trouble for? And with this many rumors how could it be just completely untrue? Why should they wait for E3 when they can wow us with the PS4 now and then show us games and other stuff at E3? How better to wow people at E3 with everyone wanting more?

BLAKHOODe1980d ago

I expect Sony to announce more than one thing on the 20th. If this was JUST about the PS4, they could have waited till E3 and not go through all this trouble putting together such a huge presentation.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

For some reason I like the PSEye part. Some xbox fanboy will call it a kinect rip off. Back then.. In 2000.

Seeing the network adapter makes be think console games would be online without MS.

PC did it way before.

Sonys marketing team seems to be at work already and it seems great..

They used to make halo and gears ads no lie.
"At BBH New York, now led by Chief Creative Officer John Patroulis, it will be interesting to see the new developments in PS creative. Patroulis,of course, made a mark on the videogame category while at agencytwofifteen, T.A.G./McCann San Francisco, where he helped create high-profile campaigns for X-Box, including the much-celebrated Halo "Believe."

DigitalRaptor1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

The more ignorant among us seem to think that Sony copied Microsoft by bringing out online gaming to PS2. The truth is that Sega were first with the Dreamcast in 1998, Sony launched second and had their online network setup first in Japan in 2001, and the US in July 2002, before Microsoft did for Xbox in November 2002.

The difference is, Xbox Live was the outstanding service and had games like Halo to support it. Microsoft did well in that regard.

iXenon1980d ago

Yesterday: PSOne
Today: PS2
Tomorrow: PSP
Monday: PS3
Tuesday: PS Vita
Wednesday: PS4

LOL_WUT1980d ago

On Thursday: PANCAKES ;)


I am guessing a video a day being posted at 6PMEST /11PMGMT

ApolloTheBoss1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

This is just incredibly clever on Sony's part. Whoever came up with this should get a raise. I hope the ads will be this elaborate.

Prcko1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

This hype is 2 big,but feed me more!!!
cannot imagine internet explosion after PS4 reveal

-Falaut-1980d ago

My god, what is Kaz dropping? From all the GIFs, that one along with the Kaz train hitting the school bus...mmmm delicious.

a_bro1980d ago (Edited 1980d ago )

i love the MI2 gif LMAOOOO gave me the chuckles

plaZeHD1980d ago

Best Gif EVERRRRR!!!!
Anyway I am very excited

Kane221980d ago

that was freaking awesome lol

Plagasx1980d ago

There should be a gif thread dedicated to the PS meeting lol

danthebios1980d ago

Friends would sleep over because of my ps2 hahaha,those were good times:)

GamersRulz1980d ago

Best Console of all time.

parkerpeters1980d ago

Some SNES fans might disagree, but I will say one thing... It was and is a juggernaut. Definitely had the most active lifespan, and it's library tends to agree with you.

platformmaster9181980d ago

And the most popular by far. 1.6 billion software sold. No other console has sold even 1 billion