Nintendo Land Has Failed In its Mission to Become the Next Wii Sports

GenGAME writes: "Now that the Wii U launch has come and gone, and the extent of the system’s loss of momentum in 2013 is finally visible, I think it’s safe to say that Nintendo Land was no Wii Sports successor. The game failed to drive sales in any way that even remotely resembled the Wii Sports phenomenon."

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Erimgard2009d ago

Nintendo Land is a great game, but from a business perspective, yeah, it's not doing it's job.

Wii Sports launched with the Wii as a sort of "Look at this! This is the kind of stuff the Wii has to offer" game, and people just GOT it. It clicked.

Nintendo Land does the same thing, showing off lots of fun ways to use the fancy new GamePad, but it's not drawing as much attention. It's arguably a better game, but it's not making the purpose of the system sink in with most people.

OccludedGamer2008d ago

I would say it fell short on more than just a business standpoint too.

I agree it is a great game, I managed to sink a considerable amount of time into the Donkey Kong game, but I haven't found much me and my friends would sink much time into together.

Wii Sports had Golf and Bowling, both of which got played many times with groups on my system and I haven't seen anything on NL that would fit that goal either, despite having tried all the MP games too.

jaymart2k2008d ago

The only reason Wii Sports was popular was because Bowling.

Everything els sucked or was meh.

StrawberryDiesel4202008d ago

You suck, Tennis and Golf were fun as hell.

atthemags2009d ago

Nintendoland will never be as viral as Wii Sports--it's not included with EVERY system sold. That said, it's not a killer app by any stretch of the imagination, and many of the "attractions" have little appeal.

DA_SHREDDER2008d ago

yeup, they screwed up by not adding it for every system. Which is a shame cause alot of kids wont ever enjoy it. My kids love it!

stragomccloud2008d ago

It's true. It's really true. They do lack appeal. The games are incredibly fun, some of the funnest games I've played in years. However, they lack all kinds of appeal, even watching people play doesn't look all that fun. It isn't until your hanging out with your friends playing the game that one realizes how awesome it is. Unfortunately, that's not good enough from a business perspective.

PopRocks3592009d ago

Wii Sports was a far simpler endeavor. Smaller in scope, smaller in ambition and because people don't talk about the gamepad in the same context as the Wiimote, there wasn't much of a chance of people being as largely wowed by the console.

That all said I think Nintendo Land is a vastly superior game, and it's a shame that many of the people who played and enjoyed Wii Sports may not even experience it.

Would have been nice if at least ONE of the two games had online play though.

VikTheStampede2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

I agree, not adding a bit of online was a mistake.

That being said, it is sad that in terms of sales nintendo land isnt close to wii sports since it is in my opinion so much more.

DwightOwen2008d ago (Edited 2008d ago )

Nintendo needs to release Wii U Sports.

jaymart2k2008d ago

That golf tech demo where they put the controller on the ground & you swing the wiimote & the ball jumps from the ground to tv was awesome.

Shame it was only a tech demo cause they should really make it.

Mario Golf Wii U anyone?

Venox20082008d ago

I would love eshop release of tennis and other great games improved, a collection maybe

N4g_null2008d ago

Nintendo land should have a wii sport like update with online. Yet it's a huge game already.

Thepcz2008d ago

wii sport did.

i dont think i will buy nintendo land if i get a wiiu.

Ultr2008d ago

You should if you plan on playing with friends, Its an absolut blast playing together :)

jaymart2k2008d ago

I got it with the system. Shame I have no friends or family around to play with.

I'm missing out on 3-4 mini games :(

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