Crysis gets new mod

Crysis is still one of the most graphically impressive games of the decade. Due to this, mods and content are still being created for the game more than 6 years after its initial release. The latest mod for Crysis is about to take you deep into the Vietnam jungles to fight off them dirty Viet-Kong.

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FragPants1826d ago

Haven't dove into a Vietnam game since the release of Viet Cong. Its been Quit some time since then(years). would like see some feed back on this before I give it a try.

Sam Fisher1826d ago

Wow, i want a pc. Saving my money to get started this gen and next, ive had it with consoles. Most of the time they promise alot and sometimes they deliver, i want a true 60$ purchase of things, lets be honest, there only a few handful of games that really is worth 60$, all others are really no choice. Look crysis 1 is still getting mods, the community is still strong. Now that is 60$ ( or 50$ since pc ) well spent

Kevlar0091825d ago

You've listed the perks of having a PC

I'm a console gamer, through and through (though I dabble on my laptop through Steam and emulators)

TheSurg1825d ago

Fight of them dirty viet-kong? It's their country. How about dirty american invader?

chukamachine1825d ago

wtf is that animation with the shotgun,lol.

Bounkass1825d ago

wtf is that assault rifle recoil. It's practically 0, lol.