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‘Colonial Marines’ tester claims bad minigames all that’s new in Wii U version

The rabbit hole goes deeper. In the latest bit of Aliens: Colonial Marines drama, an anonymous tester on the game has taken to Reddit to answer any and all questions pertaining to the game. And boy, is it a doozy. The tester’s account has since been deleted, along with all the answers to the great questions being asked. But that hasn’t stopped the internet machine to get some great quotes from the AMA. (Aliens: Colonial Marines, Wii U)

AsimLeonheart  +   1011d ago
Man, this game is one of the biggest gaming debacles in recent memory. So many conspiracy theories and controversies. I wonder what kind of effect it will have on Gearbox and Sega.
GenericNameHere  +   1011d ago
One things for sure after this: DON'T BUY LICENSED GAMES FROM GEARBOX!

They fooled you once with Duke Nukem Forever, and they foole you AGAIN with Aliens Colonial Marines!
Duke Nukem Forever was announced in the late 90s, switched consoles and developers over the next few years, and finally released by Gearbox in 2011. However, THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE RELEASED THE GAME! They should have just scrapped all the past resources, and created a new DN game from scratch.

As for Aliens, Randy Pitchford lied. He is not an Aliens fan like he claims to be in interviews. If he really was, he would have not outsourced most of the game to Timegate. Then, there was Sega saying Gearbox did not outsource. Well, if that's so, they should not have worked on two games at once. They should have focused everything on Borderlands 2 first, and then focus everything on Aliens. I mean, really, if YOU were a fan of Aliens, and had the honor of making an Aliens game, and having your script OKd as "canon" to the original Aliens movie, WOULD YOU LET SOMEONE WORK ON IT INSTEAD OF YOU??

From the interview videos, I though Randy was cool. But, he fooled gamers twice
admiralvic  +   1010d ago
I don't see why people constantly mention Duke Nukem Forever. I mean what about the game made you think it was going to be an amazing experience? Everything about it was said to be a train wreck and color me surprised when the game was far less than amazing. Also I am happy Gearbox released it, since now we know what Duke Nukem Forever was like. Hopefully they make another title, but based off how they're treating Borderlands 2... it might be for the best to let it stay dead.
zerocrossing  +   1011d ago
I can't see Gearbox coming away from this unscathed, even if only half of these rumours about their wrong doings were true they don't deserve to get away with the huge lie they've been telling, IMO.

Sega will probably be OK in the end, though they were the publishers they weren't directly involved in the development of ACM since Gearbox were in fact the developers. Still it' not like Sega shouldn't take some of the blame, they must have bee aware of the mess to some extent.
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Reborn  +   1011d ago
I dont see this 'saga' ending any time soon.
juandren  +   1011d ago
Thirty3Three  +   1011d ago
Aww. They added more horrid things just for the WiiU :)
Flyingdog670  +   1011d ago
I REALLY wanted this game to be good!!! :(
ironfist92  +   1011d ago
Everyone did
Myst  +   1011d ago
Same here :( Same here.
ceballos77mx  +   1011d ago
At least a MP horde mode would have been perfect for this game.
JaredH  +   1011d ago
The funny thing is they announced a horde like mode, Bug Hunt. But it's DLC and one of the four packs of the season pass...
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PopRocks359  +   1011d ago
Well. Goddamn it. I mean I hope that isn't true, but damn it. Bad mini-games? Really? No extra effort in the AI, not closer to the demo, I mean what the hell? I mean, I still want to try the game, but why would the Wii U version's only difference be something like THAT?
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Summons75  +   1011d ago
Because that's what happens when you get a new generation system and everyone demands a current/last gen game to be ported to it when devs should just be working on brand new titles for next gen.
madjedi  +   1010d ago
"Well. Goddamn it. I mean I hope that isn't true, but damn it. Bad mini-games? Really? No extra effort in the AI, not closer to the demo, I mean what the hell?"

What the hell were you expecting, a totally revamped game talk about delusional.

If it's a pos on pc, why would the wiiu version be magically better, oh right because randy is bff's with the wiiu lol.

Yeah gearbox gives the ps3,360, pc and the butchered version and the wii u, get the real version.

"I mean, I still want to try the game, but why would the Wii U version's only difference be something like THAT?"

Because it's a 3rd party multiplatform game trying to make money not a 1st party exclusive, showing off a unique feature or gameplay opportunity of the wii u.

I love the nintendo guy assuming everyone else but them got screwed.

This a surprise to you, wow.
PopRocks359  +   1010d ago
"What the hell were you expecting, a totally revamped game talk about delusional."

Wow. A strawman argument. Nice goin' stranger.

Actually no, I expected the primary difference to be better graphics like randy Pitchford said, duh. It doesn't take rocket science to figure that out.

Also, if the rumors are anything to go by, Timegate and Gearbox managed to botch the 360/PS3 and PC versions while Demiurge managed to handle the Wii U version more smoothly. Also the Wii U version of Ninja Gaiden 3 was best, was it not? And now that version is also getting ported.

Seriously, there's no reason to be so condescending about this. Your base is all about this being impossible when it's anything but.

EDIT: " I love the nintendo guy assuming everyone else but them got screwed."

When the hell in my original comment did I say anything even remotely close to that? All of the versions were screwed over, you goober. If the Wii U version was botched as well, it's not exactly the largest of shockers. My point was there should be more to it than some minigames if there is going to be some boasting about this version being the definitive one.
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wiiulee  +   1011d ago
lol...ok he sounds like a hater....some crybaby fanboy thats upset because wiiu has extra contents
MasterCornholio  +   1010d ago
While it is true that the Wii U version is the superior one due to its improved visuals and extra content.

Its still a terrible game on any platform and a huge disappointment to alien fans.

So why brag about it? Is that how desperate Wii U fans have become for games? Because if true then i really feel sorry for them.


"i read another rumor that the Wii U version may even be the version being shown for demo."

LOL what they shown in the demo wasnt even in the final product. I honestly dont believe that Gearbox developed an exclusive AAA alien game for the Wii U. The game on the Wii U will be just like the PC version except it will have some additional content and thats about it. No improvement to the AI, Physics or Animations in the Wii U version.


But like a true fan of the series i ask the developers this question.

What the hell happened to the game since the amazing demo?

Seriously when i first saw the demo i thought that this game would be a great tribute to Aliens but in the end it ended being a piece of crap. Just watch the video and you will know what i mean.

EDIT: Hey people look at this.


AVP2 was the last great aliens game.
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chukamachine  +   1011d ago
Want to play something worse, try the black mesa mod. awful
zerocrossing  +   1011d ago
Even if Colonial marines has extra content on the Wii U it's hardly going to be its saving grace. Lets face it the game is abysmal, just cancel the Wii U version or rebuild a better version from the ground up.
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SuperShyGuy  +   1011d ago
So now instead of being cow pie the game is cow pie with bird poo gravy on top?
ironfist92  +   1011d ago
brb throwing up...
dennett316  +   1011d ago
There was no way that this was going to be a different game to the dredge that's already been inflicted on the other platforms.
And it's a shame too, I wanted 3rd party titles to start selling well on the system, but crap like this shouldn't even be sold at all. I hope it fails, even if it gives publishers a bad impression regarding their chances of selling on Wii U. I can only hope they're honest with themselves and realise that their game being utter garbage is what resulted in low sales, not the potential of the platform.
RFornillos4  +   1011d ago
although there is a great possibility that this is true, given what A:CM looks like now, a recent update to that rumor is that the user has completely removed his reddit account and all statements made, thus although moderators say they've verified it, they're also saying to take this with a grain of salt.

frankly it wouldn't matter, A:CM hasn't been dated for Wii U anyway; and if Sega does decide to cancel it fully, Wii U users won't be missing much. yes it's 1 less 3rd party game again, but then you still have Lego City Undercover, NFS Most Wanted U, Injustice Gods Among Us, Wonderful 101 and a lot of eShop titles confirmed in the next few months including Pokemon Rumble U, not to mention other games that have been announced and some more unannounced games.
LOL_WUT  +   1011d ago
I heard Randy saying that the Wii U version of Aliens would be the definitive version to get but, how can one really be assured of what he said is true?

Since its release this game has gotten nothing but bad reviews not to mention all the rumors surrounding the game. So, at this point is it really worth the effort porting this game over to the Wii U?
PopRocks359  +   1011d ago
For starters, the Wii U version is almost done. It's always been slated for a launch window release. So at that point they may as well release it and see what money they can make from it if any.

For another it was developed by Demiurge who already did an adequate PC port of Mass Effect 3. If anyone's capable of making a game work on a different platform, it's those guys.
RFornillos4  +   1011d ago
let's just hope that the Wii U version is indeed at least same level as that of the PC.

i read another rumor that the Wii U version may even be the version being shown for demo. but again, for now it's wishful thinking; until Sega shows something and/or decide to continue the release to Wii U. for now, they've denied cancelling the Wii U version, so until then we'll not know how "definitive" really is the Wii U version.
girevik  +   1011d ago
It's game over man! Game over! =p
ironfist92  +   1011d ago
Game was over before it even begun
RFornillos4  +   1011d ago
nice hudson reference!
jmc8888  +   1011d ago
Well on the internet someone always copies things like this. So where is the info now? Someone has it that looked at it.
stragomccloud  +   1010d ago
I don't think I'll be getting anymore Gearbox games, the fact that they didn't really care at all about their work, outsourced the project to another dev, then used the money they got from Sega to fund making Borderlands 2 for a different publisher is pretty messed up. They really got fans hopes up, and used their rep to mislead the consumer.

I can't in good conscious support them.

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