Blu-ray backed PS3 sales spike on restock

Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 increased Thurs. at upon restock of the $499 80GB SKU.
By Fri. morning, orders for the high-end model increased 3,750 percent to rank as the No. 6 best-selling item in the Video Games division.

The 80GB model, which includes an 80GB hard drive and built-in Wi-Fi, was previously out-of-stock at

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HarryEtTubMan3917d ago

In 2-3 years.... the PS3 is serious ly going to be the monster the PS2 was.... watch and its already beginning. The demand for PS3 is gonna be sooo big even in a year from now. And now its already selling good for a console that 150$ more expensive than the competition... but people also know they are getting something that has/does much more.

PS3 is gonna pwn both the FLOPbox and the Wii.... but I dont think it will catch the Wii until its cheaper... but it is getting closer...

Maddens Raiders3917d ago

catch the Wii, but if they get the price down even further, for all that it offers, I believe it will be hard to keep them on the shelf. So I agree with you.

MailMan3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

We have some CATCHING UP to do.What has it been,2-3 MONTHS since the Xbox3Fixme experienced any sort of 'GOOD' news?

The Ps3 has been OUTSELLING the White BRICK since the year STARTED?

Fanboy 'journalists',the very SAME ones that looked deep into their CRYSTAL BALLS and predicted the doom of Ps3 in 2007,are now PRAISING Ken Kutaragi's MASTERPIECE and calling it a SUCCESS?

Micro$oft were FINED over a BILLION dollars by the European Union?

Micro$oft are in a CLASS ACTION SUIT for LYING about Vista compatibility?

Micro$oft FAILED to buyout Yahoo!?

Micro$oft have LOST Mass Effect,Gears Of War,Lost Planet,Viva Pinata,Saints Row,Condemned,Eternal Sonata,Fear,and about FIFTEEN other EXCLUSIVES to other platforms?


Whats THAT,even EA have predicted the Xbox3fixme will LAG SEVERELY behind the Playstation 3 in SALES in 2008?

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

mighty_douche3917d ago

"The 80GB model, which includes an 80GB hard drive and built-in Wi-Fi"


Maddens Raiders3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Top Sellers at Amazon:

300 [Blu-ray] Blade Runner (Five-Disc Complete Collector's)…
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare PS3…
Casino Royale [Blu-ray]…
Pirates of the Carib… [Blu-ray]..
PlayStation 3 (60GB)
PlayStation 3 80GB Motorstorm Edition…
PlayStation 3 Wireless Sixasis Controller…
Ratatouille [Blu-ray]…
Samsung BD-P1400 1080P BDP…
Sony PlayStation 3 Blu ray disc remote…
The Fifth Element (Remastered Blu-ray)…

mighty_douche3917d ago

It's fair to say Sony are now laughing in the face of all the doubters. Give it 4 months and it'll be MGS at the top of that list!

heyheyhey3917d ago

lol it's all Sony stuff until #8 then a brief interruption by a Samsung TV and then it's all back to Sony

Sony is definitely laughing all the way to the bank, stopping to b!tchslap some media fools along the way

ScentlessApprentice73917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )


"Chicken....Goooood" ;

sonarus3917d ago

wow. sony has completely turned their sh!t around. I bet MGS4 release date probably chipped in some sales. I still remember the last game trailers tv where that guy criticized sony and said there was no way they could outsell 360 ever. lol. Now the real competition is the wii.

Silellak3917d ago

Got a source on that?

Cuz when I check the top selling in the Video Games category I get:

Top Sellers in Video Games
›See more (Updated hourly)

1. Super Smash Bros. Brawl by Nintendo
2. Wii Nunchuk Controller by Nintendo
3. Wii Remote Controller by Nintendo of America
4. The Sims 2: FreeTime by Electronic Arts
5. PlayStation 3 80GB Motorstorm Pack by Sony Computer Entertainment
6. Sony PlayStation 3 Blu-ray Disc Remote by Sony Computer Entertainment
7. Wii by Nintendo
8. Wii Play with Wii Remote by Nintendo
9. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (XBox 360) by Activision
10. PlayStation 3 Wireless Sixaxis Controller by Sony Computer Entertainment

ruibing3917d ago

It's funny seeing how 360 Arcade has been in stock all this time, but its ranked #157 while the 40GB has been around #10 for the past few weeks. At least people know a better deal when they see it.

Maddens Raiders3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

there ya go. (For some reason N4G won't upload my screen capture), but it's there on the site, just like I laid out.

Silellak3917d ago

Still not seeing it anywhere. Can you explain to us where exactly on the site it is?

I'm also pretty sure that CoD4 for the PS3 can't be #3 on any Top Sellers list if the 360 version is #9 for JUST Video Games and the PS3 version isn't on the Top Selling Video Games category at all.

cokzilla233917d ago

either list you wanna look at, it still shows how more and more ps3 stuff is starting to make the list. not too long they only had 1 item. times sure have changed since 07!

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travelguy2k3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

"...orders for the high-end model increased 3,750 percent..."

"...The 80GB model...was previously out-of-stock at"

Since it was sold out before, what kind of increase does this really mean?

Example: last week number sold 0, this week number sold 7 well thats a 3,750 increase i think.

Its impossible to quantify an increase percentage when what you are comparing to was 0.

Although this is great news regardless. I am also surprised about 6axis controlers being so high on the list as they have a release date for the dual shock 3 now.

SmokeyMcBear3917d ago

its not sales.. its sales rank.. an edumacation is a good thing

ScentlessApprentice73917d ago

I just hope Jack Thompson or Nut Cracker Clinton don't use instances like this one as evidence of videogames dumbing down America's populous.

ruibing3917d ago

It's already OOS. I hope Sony get some more 80GB SKUs (no matter the form) to the states soon, they are missing on some major potential sales for this month for North America.

gtgcoolkid3917d ago

Can you just imagine when the Metal Gear Pack is released in June. Awesomeness.

mighty_douche3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

Amazon goes KABLAMOOO!?!!?

I predict nudity...

XxZxX3917d ago (Edited 3917d ago )

80GB at #5 and 40GB at #12 now. XBOX 360 at #39. LOL PWED

XBOX 360 what a piece of rip off, $349 20gb no Blu-Ray, PS3 $399 40GB with Blu-Ray. Sure it's all about Gaming, but PS3 it's BOTH... You want to limit yourself to one? You're an idiot.

eagle213917d ago


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