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Submitted by gulevski 1091d ago | opinion piece

Nintendo Should Become A Pure Software Developer

"Nintendo have put themselves in a precarious position in terms of hardware releases. With the Wii and now the Wii U looking to be well weaker than their generational counterparts, Nintendo are forcing gamers to buy more than one console to appreciate a good variety of gaming. " | (3DS, Industry, Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Wii, Wii U)

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animegamingnerd  +   1092d ago
did people forget why sega had to become software developer?
Septic  +   1091d ago | Well said
Completely disagree with the article. The Wii U hasn't even gotten off the ground yet and people are making knee jerk reactions of gloom and doom. By this logic and the PS3's rocky start, Sony should have thrown the towel too.

Like it or not, it is Nintendo that pushes the boundaries as far as innovation is concerned. The industry needs the likes of Nintendo to add something fresh and to innovate in terms of hardware. Nintendo's departure from the hardware game would be a COLOSSAL loss for the industry.
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nukeitall  +   1091d ago
Nintendo often has a strategy that ensures survival even if their platform tanks.

That said, it is just too soon to judge the Wii U out. Similar to how Nintendo turned the 3DS fortune around and look at them now.
FriedGoat  +   1091d ago
That "innovation" is what has totally put me off Nintendo, I loved the N64, I loved the Cube and everything before it, The Wii on the other-hand just wasn't for me, every game I played seemed like a dumbed down version of its predecessor. I liked galaxy and G2 don't get me wrong, but I preferred Mario 64, I'm still waiting on a sequel.

Its things like warioware, have you played the wii version? It has like NO content at all, after playing twisted on the GBA Warioware wii is like less than a quarter of the game. The control schemes actually tended to ruin the games for me, skyward sword is one of the only Zeldas I have stopped playing, mainly because there was no exploration and it just generally was nowhere near the quality of past Zeldas.

The 3DS is the same, had one since launch, the games are like 30+ quid and not even 5 hours long (kid icarus being the exception.) I feel really screwed over by Nintendo for my 3DS purchase, £250 for something that just attracts dust.

I do know one thing, If the WiiU does do badly it will be good for us, because Nintendo will start focusing on games again instead of attracting casuals and moms wanting to get fit.
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2pacalypsenow  +   1091d ago
used to be the same for Ps3 , with time it will pass
OccludedGamer  +   1091d ago
Careful Septic that's a lot of sense your making there, it's borderline dangerous round here.

Seriously though, I don't blame the gamers for the reception the Wii-U is receiving. I blame the journalists. Gaming media is the cause.

Unless the standard for gaming journalism is raised then we're gonna be stuck with these sorts of crappy baseless opinions springing up all over the place.

I'm not even on about the writing skills, that's not even the issue. I would happily read an article with bad spelling etc. provided the author took the time to make a well thought out article with a genuine point.
squarecircle  +   1091d ago
How do you expect it to get off it's feet when there are 2 more technically powerful consoles on the horizon which everyone is waiting out for?

PS3 could afford a price cut and was one of the last to launch, which meant it had time to recover without other consoles looming over it.

The Wii U is in neither of those positions the PS3 was in. It can't afford a price cut or that would mean they need to sell 3 or 4 games with each console to make a profit and they have 2 highly anticipated machines on the horizon; which everyone is waiting for.
Septic  +   1091d ago
Nintendo doesn't need the power. So what if the other two consoles are technically superior; it doesn't undermine Nintendo's ability to deliver great games.
AAACE5  +   1091d ago
I used to think it would be good for them to drop consoles, but seeing the direction the games industry is going... we need them more than ever!

Because of ms and sony. Lots of developers are gone. Cost are up on consoles and games. Pc's require a lot more power just to say they have the superior game. We have less choice in variety of games and releases per year. And that will only get worse in time as developers wont be able to afford development and investors will only want to put their money on AAA games and very few new IP.

Nintendo keeps things in reality. By trying to show us that you dont need a super powerful console to have fun!
ahronith  +   1091d ago
This whole talk about Nintendo consoles dont have enough power...By that logic the PS2 should have tanked. And Septic, i agree with you 100%
herbs  +   1090d ago
Anyone who disagreed with what Septic stated in his first post doesn't have a good grasp of the gaming industry strait up.
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DomceM  +   1090d ago
lol. Old hardware is innovation? nah. Nintendo is one gimmick ahead of everyone else. wish they just made a normal console with good hardware and their ips.

Wii mote was a gimmick and still is.
FlyingFoxy  +   1091d ago
You can't use the Sega argument here with the Wii U, Dreamcast was ahead of it's time for at least a year and then some. games were much better looking than N64 and it had plenty of perfect and better arcade ports as well as a handful of very good exclusives.

Wii U is only a bit better than last gen which started a long time ago, so it's a completely different kettle of fish here. Sega had to go into developing software because the hype of PS2 killed off the DC, not because it was a bad system.
Zodiac  +   1091d ago
Want to play PlayStation games? Buy a PlayStation.

Want to play Xbox games? Buy and Xbox.

Want to play Nintendo games? Buy a Nintendo console.

If people want to play a certain companies game, but won't buy the hardware, then you probably don't want to play it that badly.

Nintendo is not going to stop production of hardware because the consumer would rather play Zelda on the 360.

Sure, they would get more money by going third party/publisher, but the companies put a lot of pride into these consoles. Sure, the industry is all about money, but then people forget why they went into the industry to begin with. They love to play and make video games.

The only way for Nintendo to leave hardware is if they go bankrupt, which is probably not going to happen with over 15 billion dollars in cash reserves.
PopRocks359  +   1091d ago
"If people want to play a certain companies game, but won't buy the hardware, then you probably don't want to play it that badly."

I think this part of it sums it up best for me. I mean hey, I already get labeled as a fanboy all too consistently on this site, so I may as well be honest.

I don't mind buying Nintendo hardware for Nintendo games, mostly because I know what I'm getting out of it is a fun experience for myself. Other people have typed back to me how it's a waste of money for one reason or another, but as long as I'm enjoying myself and I'm satisfied with the end result how is it a waste?

It's not like Microsoft and Sony are forever cutting edge with their hardware either; the PS1 and PS2 were the weakest consoles of their generation and PCs almost always outdo new consoles within a few years, sometimes months.

You would not ask for Sony and Microsoft to make their games on PC for this reason (though Microsoft has occasionally tried to take a bite out of the PC crowd before, but nothing too ambitious).
FriedGoat  +   1091d ago
lol Microsoft has tried to take a bite out of the PC crowd before? Microsoft was a PC only company all but 12 years ago.

And Sony still publish games on the PC, Planetside for instance.
Oh_Yeah  +   1090d ago
Gears of war, halo, fable, Alan Wake, crackdown, they're all on pc..The only exclusive AAA franchise that Microsoft didn't put on pc is Forza And pc's are always more powerful than consoles...chu smoking on?
ahronith  +   1091d ago
Zelds on 360...that just sounds wrong.
*throws up in mouth a little*
jacksheen0000  +   1091d ago
The problem is Nintendo lack the resources to make quality games.

All Nintendo really have under their belt is Retro; which I m afraid to say isn't enough manpower to crank out games in a timely manner.

Now we all know that the Wii U is a underpowered gaming console, but to say its was the fault of the weak CPU/GPU is not realistic thinking.

Realistically, what seem to be the case here,is They're stubbornness to take on the gaming with very little game development resources was suicide.

All this could have been prevented a long long time ago. They're strict low cost policy seems to get them in trouble every single time.

Sadly, They can't seem to let go to the fact that going beyond the outter limitation to spend more money is key to stay on top of business market.

Next time, Nintendo stay away from making any bold statements in the future.

Nuff said!
animegamingnerd  +   1091d ago
what you mean they lack resources to make quality games have you seen the scores both mario galaxy's got and what about monolith many people consider xneoblade to be one of the bets RPG'S this gen
jacksheen0000  +   1091d ago
xneoblade and Mario galaxy are both excellent game.

But what I meant is Nintendo don't have the manpower/enough R&D divisions to support all of our gaming demands, both causal and core.

Recently, Just about every game released by Nintendo so far is either Mario, rehashed(games/DLC), causal games, mini games, etc.

And the only way I think Nintendo is going to dreamcast their way out of this sh_t hole is buy more game studios or hire more experienced DEv. Hiring THQ employee was a good start.
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AdvanceWarsSgt  +   1091d ago
Intelligent Systems is chop liver now??? They just released arguably the best Fire Emblem in the franchise, created and developed the awesome Advance Wars series, and have made good-great games on all of Nintendo's handhelds.
Adnan_rules  +   1091d ago
nintendo dont make quality games? sony and microsoft dont compare to sonys first party franchises
RFornillos4  +   1091d ago
"The problem is Nintendo lack the resources to make quality games."

yes, that's the problem of Nintendo. they don't make quality games. they only have 3 or more games in the top 10 video games of all time in most listings and reviews, with the 2 or 3 in the top 5, one of which is the no. 1.

shame nintendo, shame. next time, aim for 10 out 10...
Kos-Mos  +   1091d ago
Why do you still comment after your nuff`said ????????????????????????
jacksheen0000  +   1091d ago

If someone ask me to explain my commit further to get a better idea on what I m trying to say, than I do it.
Anything out side of that I will simple just ignore it.

does that answer your question?
VikTheStampede  +   1091d ago
LOL, what? XDD

If anything where nintenod falls behind in its hardware, they more than make up for it with its fantastic software.
Realplaya  +   1091d ago
Yu have a point but I don't think they have a lack of resourses. The mario games are ok to me Nintendo is the king of 2d and 3d platformers but what hurts them is they jumped on the HD bandwagon so late that there basically playing catch up hell they even admitted it. With that said they now are gaining experience I will go on record and put this out there what ever mario game they create next will look sexy amd play like a beast.
deafdani  +   1090d ago
You really have no idea of the ridiculous amount of game studios that Nintendo owns, do you? They're easily one of the biggest game publishers out there, if not the biggest.

Your argument isn't grounded in reality at all.
WeAreLegion  +   1091d ago
I understand the "If you want to play Nintendo games, buy a Nintendo system." mentality, but there are so few games on the Nintendo platforms that I want to play. I can't justify paying so much for a system when there are only a few games I will play. My Wii U was a gift, so I will never sell it. I just wish there were more quality games coming out for it. :/
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TechnicianTed  +   1091d ago
I can understand that. I didn't buy a ps3 until 3 years after it launched, because there was nothing on it I wanted to play until then. And the price was way too high.

At the end of the day though it's all down to preference. The Nintendo systems have always had games on them I loved that the other systems didn't offer.

Not everyone is going to have the same tastes, it doesn't mean a system is bad because you don't like the games on it, it just means you don't like the games.

I'm sure things will pick up for the Wii U, it's just got off to a very slow start. Nintendo won't give up on it though, it will just take time for the libary to build up.
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TruthbeTold  +   1091d ago
Well, since you never buy Nintendo consoles, and your Wii U was a gift, then hopefully between the Wii games you've missed, and the games for Wii U that you like, you'll have plenty of good gaming to supplement whatever your other favorite(s) are.

Look on the bright side. :D
schlanz  +   1090d ago
Its called time.

Give it some time.

The ps3 didn't start rocking until mid to late 2009.

Better example perhaps is the 3ds, it started off awfully weak but is now shaping up to be more than a worthy successor to the sublimely awesome DS. Systems dont become must-own overnight.
WeAreLegion  +   1090d ago
Good responses, guys! I did actually own a Wii and have played most of the great Wii games. In fact, I just bought Metroid Prime 3 yesterday. It's one that I loved, but never finished. :) The Weird thing is...for me, the PS3 was a hit from day one. I played RFOM online for months! Motorstorm and the great PANEL games helped, as well. I'm easily pleased by Sony, it seems.
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millzy102  +   1091d ago
i don't see it as forcing me, ive been playing nintendo longer than playstation and xbox, does that mean there forcing me to buy there consoles for there games, no. i like nintendo games so i buy nintendo hardware, i like sony games so i buy playstation and i used to like xbox games so i had an xbox, its about what i want as a gamer/ consumer and like the dude said above if people want to play nintendo games but not on nintendo hardware then they don't to play them that much. i never own just 1 console i like to have them all anyway.

besides nintendo would go purely hand held before 3rd party.
nintendoland  +   1091d ago
Keep dreaming
LOL_WUT   1091d ago | Trolling | show
Adnan_rules  +   1091d ago
you chat so much shit
Thepcz  +   1091d ago
wont happen
nintendos hardware goes hand in hand with its games.

ie, they create hardware specifically to compliment its games- the n64 controller for mario 64, wii sport and the wii mote, wii fit and the board, wiiu controller and nintendoland etc.

sony and microsoft just keep their games pinned to the 'old' controllers. that would kill nintendos creativity and uniqueness.
Just_The_Truth  +   1091d ago
All they would need to do is release a controller with the game if it needed a special controller or something. THQ had the drawing board thing and games like time crisis come with guns. Everything that that wii and wiiu can do, can be done on both the Xbox and ps3. It's not he the console hardware that makes the wii and wiiu so different, it's the controller.
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abzdine  +   1091d ago
stupid article! long live Nintendo with their great hardware.
Gamer-40  +   1091d ago
Man, this very boring. Another stupid "hate" article. Unbelievable..
WiiU only 3 months old console!!
Very cool games coming!
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Just_The_Truth  +   1091d ago
I like their style and I like options but they need to either change their game plan or drop out. The wii was a lucky strike and they aced it but I think they got cocky and the wiiU is a mistake. Why? Because 3rd party games that release for the next Xbox/ps4 won't be on there. They hold down their 1st party game all the way but it can't offer the library to keep up with the competition. Plus Sony has the vita that can offer more in terms of a controller and MS can use a tablet or phone if they really want too and do the same. I'm not bashing but it the truth and its so obvious.
sdozzo  +   1091d ago
Nintendo would excel at pure software. They have strong exclusives. Imagine Zelda on the other two platforms... Bigtime sales.
truechainz  +   1091d ago
The problem is assuming those games would be the same. Nintendo has a very particular company culture which is why they need their own hardware for their games. If they had to make games for any other company it would go against that culture and we would definitely see a drop in game quality.
sdozzo  +   1091d ago
Perhaps. I'd like to think they would make quality games even with MS/Sony hardware. Honestly, I think we would all still play Mario or Zelda if there was no move controller/LCD screen.

But, I see you working.
wiium64  +   1091d ago
why not sony or microsoft become a third party? never hear that do you? just nintendo haters wishful thinking.
stage88  +   1091d ago
You never hear that because it would be stupid. Nintendo becoming a software maker would be very plausible.
wiium64  +   1091d ago
why? because you want nintendo out of the hardware business, plain and simple, sony and microsoft fanboys say all nintendo games suck, so if nintendo went to a third party, no one would buy their games right? so no, not good for nintendo. i prefer them as a hard ware company, that's how theyvwill succeed sorry nintendo haters.
Studio-YaMi  +   1091d ago
Simple short answer :
coolasj  +   1091d ago
Nintendo doesn't have to worry about anything, sadly. Because a majority of us gamers are going to flock to buy a Wii U when the next Super Smash Bros is released. Or the next Zelda. Nintendo will crash when we get tired of their core franchises.
EbeneezerGoode  +   1091d ago
I think they should become JUST a software developer too. They would sell loads of games on systems better able to do their great gameplay justice than the sub-par hardware they keep putting out!

I already thought of this last year that times are changing and unless Nintendo can catch up (which they haven't and won't with Wii-U) they may just as well focus on sofware because one thing they DO do very well and consistently is software. Some great gameplay, beloved franchises, they would open up their market/audience and make far more money.

Having hoped the follow up to the Wii would be something more like they used to do (remember when the SNES kicked the Megadrive/Genesis' ass on power?) and then finding they don't have a clue anymore I think going software will eventually happen and is for the best for all gamers.

So long as they don't stop making games, for that would be to the detriment of every gamer regardless of system preference.
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truechainz  +   1091d ago
Once again Nintendo has a very set standard for how they do things. That is why they need their own hardware. It keeps the games at the par that they are. If they started making for Sony and MS the quality of their games would go down because they would not be running by those standards.
EbeneezerGoode  +   1091d ago
how do you work that out? Nintendo can still exert their own quality control over their own software output. Sony/MS wouldn't stand in their way.

And btw Nintendo CAN make good/great games but other developers on other systems have no problems making them just as well and often better (Naughty Dog for example). For the kind of fairly simple (tech wise) games than Ninty push out I can't see any problem leveraging the power of 'better systems' just as other devlopers have to now. In fact it MAY actually make them raise their game, having new competition so to speak, some things Nintendo still do in their software is incredibly backwards and archaic, they could do with a shot in the arm of forced competition rather than megalomaniacal control of everything just because it's their own system - winner = all gamers getting better games from Nintendo because they had to stop messing people around with slow release dates (my GF bought 3DS over a year ago and is still waiting on animal crossing!! the main reason she bought it and has been pushed back over and over), and to stop them being so isolated and stuck in 'rehash hell'. It's games, not hardware, that really count at the end of the day so if there is a powerful system out there than can do it justice (PS4 for example) then would make sense as non biased gamers to want BETTER Nintendo games on BETTER systems!

There is nothing in Nintendo hardware vs Sony etc that only allows Nintendo to make games for their own hardware. They could easily do a 3D Super Mario or Zelda on PS3 and it would be the best of the lot IF the gameplay and design was top notch, that is entirely up to Nintendo themselves.

Too many fanboys nothing thinking outside the box here. Am so glad I am not format loyal only good game loyal.

Wanting Nintendo games on other consoles isn't a bad thing, if they are going to keep limiting their target console audience towards casual, would mean at least the core players could gain access to the best stuff without having to buy another console. How is that a loss for un-biased, non fanboy gamers again?

And the reason nobody is suggesting this for Sony is because Sony are not falling behind nor failing to deliver STUNNING future looking hardware! That is the only reason for this debate. If Nintendo release a console of proper comparative technical quality.. ie 'with the legs to last' then am sure it wouldn't be so much an issue, though I still think it would be a valid way forward for them, for the good of their own games and the good of all gamers.
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truechainz  +   1090d ago
Easy, easy buddy. You are putting a lot of words in my mouth. I don't know if you are directing those fanboy statements at me because I would be willing to bet that I have owned more games on Sony and MS systems than you. I love all systems, and my statement on Nintendo is one purely of sociocultural status. I was in Japan the last 3 months studying businesses and Nintendo came up time and time again. They could of course switch to hardware without changes, but it would not happen because of their company culture. There is a real dedication to the hardware released by Nintendo on all levels of their employment and I can assure you any switch to making games for another platform would be considered a strong failure in the eyes of the employees. You would not see the same drive in the making of their games (at least not for a generation or two) because the company culture saw such a drastic change. Also it is a basic economic principle that less competition is bad for consumers. Even if other console makers come forth after Nintendo left, they would still not fill the same area that Nintendo did as a hardware maker. Not to mention without their low cost competitor who knows how MS and Sony would adjust prices. Personally this I think this is exactly what happened to Sega also. They are making great games now, but nothing that seems to match the caliber of what they used to contribute to the industry. For that matter even though Nintendo definitely has its faults, Nintendo games have never stopped being fun for me so I don't see the hurry. Honestly unbiased gamers like you should have a desire to own all systems regardless and definitely shouldn't be using terms like core and casual because it is a very inaccurate and generalizing way to view people in the industry.
AWBrawler  +   1090d ago
Lol he thinks SNES was more powerful than Genesis
stage88  +   1091d ago
I wouldn't really care. I wouldn't buy the games because I'm just not in their demographic.
PopRocks359  +   1091d ago
That's a pretty silly reason not to experience something. How do you know you won't enjoy something just because the demographic is different?

I love Disney/Pixar movies (generally) and those are made for families and children, not necessarily for men of my age. Doesn't mean I don't still love the animation and stories though.

I mean, it's all up to you in the end, but don't deny yourself an awesome experience just because it's not your demographic. Life's too short to just pass on fun experiences for trivial reasons.
InTheLab  +   1091d ago
I think some people tend to forget how much trouble Big N was in prior to last gen. 2 failed consoles in the Gamecube and N64. Were it not for the strength of their handhelds, Nintendo would be a software company, despite getting lucky with the Wii.

For some reason, the "not another WiiU doom article" people pretend to not know why the Wii was a success. Having an ancient tablet duct taped to a controller is not a big enough hook for the legions of casuals that ran out to buy the hot new toy called Wii.

Nintendo should just focus on the handhelds they're known for and let some other company like Apple or Valve slide into that 3rd spot...
TruthbeTold  +   1091d ago
Thing is though, while we can consider 'loss of domination' as failure, both the N64 and GC gained Nintendo profit on every console sold, so they don't see it that way.

Also, there were several reasons that they failed, not least of which was the long delay of the 64, which also deemed that the GC had to be released later. But fact of the matter is, that Sony, with the PS1 and 2, went with the lower powered machines then. PS3 is their first attempt at crossing the generational finish line with the most powerful console. Nintendo 'failed' twice in a row with that strategy and moved to a different one.

So where were all of these 'Nintendo is cheap/makes weak consoles' people then?

Most of them were probably in diapers, watching Barney and eating their boogers.

It's about the only explanation that makes sense, considering that the above facts are constantly ignored in places like this.

P.S. I like playing 1st party Nintendo games on console, as much as I do on their hand helds. I don't even enjoy hand held Zelda games very much.
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dennett316  +   1091d ago
Why do so many people seemingly want the only purely games focused gaming company to stop creating hardware? I'll never understand this weird attitude towards Nintendo of some people seemingly desperate to see them fail. You really want an industry with only Sony and Microsoft making the hardware?

Nintendo are unique, we need that uniqueness to remain in the industry at the hardware level, because the likes of Sony and MS are more interested in stagnation and safety than taking risks.
EbeneezerGoode  +   1091d ago
How would them focussing on making the best games they have ever made be a desire to 'see them fail'? I'm actually a lover of MANY of Nintendo's games, had SNES, GameCube, DS, Gameboy SP etc.. had some of my best gaming moments with Nintendo's games.

However it is not our fault if Nintendo have started to lose the plot when it comes to mainstream/core hardware is it? Hardware that is simply too costly for what it is and not desirable to 'core gamers' en-masse.

To abhor the idea so much shows knee jerk fanboism and limited thinking.

I don't actually want to see Nintendo disappear, I only think they SHOULD stick to software only IF they are going to keep releasing consoles so behind the curve of their generation. They have only just caught up with PS3/Xbox right at the end of this gen's life. And now must spend another 7 years in the shade tech wise hoping their gimmick tablet will save them?

They don't put out THAT many great 1st party games fast enough to supply the console with only great games. Lots of shovel ware will soon appear from other companies just like wii/last gen, and core gamers will stick with PS4 (and possibly next-box if it doesn't get nerfed to casual too)
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tiffac008  +   1091d ago
As a long time gamer, its just hard for me to see the console industry without a Ninty hardware.
mamotte  +   1091d ago
...and we will be stucked with the same controller and interface from the next 1000 years.
yunatiduslove467   1091d ago | Spam
lovegames718  +   1091d ago
Lol meh ill pass. I love how ppl link the term innovative with what Nintendo does yet they are far from innovative with Software. Nintendos lack of software innovation and focus. on mario, mario kart, luigi, luigi mansion, yoshi, and all the same bs is why Nintendo gets no money from me. Far from innovative so stop it. Their few top tier games are not, enough for me to buy into it. I rather keep getting a steady stream of new ips and innovation like

Mod nation Racers

and others.

Ppl hang, onto the likes of mario galaxy which buy the way is one point higher than uncharted 2 only because it has about 50 less reviews aggregated into it then uncharted 2 over 140 reviews and we all know meta. picks and chooses what revIews they add. Had uc2 Had only 90 reviews factored in uc2 would have outscored both mario galaxies. More reviews generally lower scores so nah galaxies arent highest rated exclusives. When the number of reviews are equal and comparisons are done fairly, then it can get that honor. But yeah hanging onto mario galaxy is like, hanging, onto to uc series it isnt enough. Sony ovetall all has the most quality ips and diverse repetiore no focusing just on one or two ips.
TruthbeTold  +   1091d ago
lovegames718, it sounds to me like you hate games.

Gamers can love and respect the existence of games and consoles that they personally wouldn't choose to play.

Your post just sounds like a collection of excuses for why Nintendo beat your favorite.

If people like you can change a little bit, then next gen, we all can have a bit more peace, and perhaps the world won't look down on gaming and gamers so much...
TruthbeTold  +   1091d ago
ANOTHER one of these?

Good grief...
Jason143  +   1090d ago
this site is biggest troll fest. I come here for the lol's
lassenwolf  +   1091d ago
What the big N should do if they ever did go software only is deal only with Microsoft. That would kill Sony.After all sony stole everything from Nintendo when they were parnters with nes.
TruthbeTold  +   1091d ago
That won't happen though. Sony is a HUGE electronics corporation. Even if they withdrew from gaming for a generation due to some calculated attack like that, they could easily re-enter once the threat has passed. If anything like that ever happens, it would probably happen to MS, since their shareholders are rather hostile toward the gaming division, which with the exception of the past year or two, has dragged down profits since its inception.
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lassenwolf  +   1091d ago
I was talking only gamimg but sony has more problems than Ms. Their tvs are not moving. I have a sony hd tv and love them but all tvs are cut( glass and such) from one main company and sony costs arew high
sdozzo  +   1091d ago
I think Nintendo is stronger than SEGA was...
stragomccloud  +   1091d ago
That would be awful for gamers and for the industry.
Ck1x  +   1090d ago
So if Nintendo became a 3rd party developer, Sony fanboys could rave then about what great games Nintendo makes on their platform. Newsflash people, what makes Nintendo games stand out is the challenge they take with creating unique hardware. How would the PS3 make a Mario game unique besides using HD visuals? What made the N64 & GC lack in comparison sales wise was no big differentiating factors between them and their competition. The N64 had better graphics but poor storage medium and the Xbox took the GC's shine away as the most capable system that gen. The WiiU offers something different and once developers figure out how to make compelling software that utilize the hardware, then the views of this system will change. Asymmetric game play has lots of potential and as of right now WiiU is the only system capable of this in real-time.
AWBrawler  +   1090d ago
Just ad sonic has never been the same after Dreamcast, nintendo games wouldnt be the same. Nintendo likes to build their games around their hardware and their hardware to benefit their games. Imagine how different Mario 64 would have been on ps1 with no analog stick, or pokemon built on a console instead of gameboy and trading was done via memory cards.
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