The Next Generation Will Thrive or Die on Exclusives

"Exclusive titles have been a big deal for videogame consoles since the major game console developers began competing with each other. " |

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StrongMan2011d ago

Exclusives are important. Most multi plats don't sell and they are on multiple consoles. Exclusives are what set a console apart from others.

Muerte24942011d ago

this gen, I'm sure Sony's a little more safer than Microsoft. I would say Nintendo but they have Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter, Legend of Zelda, and other franchise icons. Now that Microsoft is guaranteed at least some market share next gen, they should focus more on developing new IPs. I'm going with Sony because they have a proven track record.

dvewlsh2010d ago

Microsoft's catalog of exclusives have dwindled down to stuff like Halo and Gears of War only. I'm not sure if Fable should go on without the creator...

user39158002010d ago

No, multy plat sales on one system more than the rest, its always been that way. This gen most third party titles were sold on 360 more than any other console for a good reason. As much I hate to talk about MS, they actually have 44% of the gaming market, the rest was share by wii and ps3, fact. Third party this gen was more popular n the 360 cause it was superior to the competition. I hate MS tactics, but I have to be honest, they placed their bid on third party and it worked for them. Next gen, well I should say, the 720 and ps4 gen will be a strugle between 2 gianst trying to attain the most market. WII-U its out of the competition, they are last gen. With that in mind, both system will be no much diference than ps3 and 360. They will be more a like than any other console in history, since they both use same cpu, GPU FROM THE SAME COMPANY, the main diferent will be on ram and edram chips. Well, I wont be surprised if you can port 720 directly to pc cause they are both using directxi, windows 8 os, its gping to be a war were both will benefit from each others weaknes and WII-U will mst likely have a very short life term. I wont be surprise if Nintendo just go handheld only and kill the wiiu.

delboy2010d ago

Sony lost al the 3rd party exclusive games from ps2 era, FF, MGS, TEKKEN, DMC...
So the deciding factor for next generation won't be games, not for me.
For the next gen I will go with cheaper and more reliable console, maybe some extra feature or gimmick will help me decide.

GribbleGrunger2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

I'm sorry but that doesn't make sense. You say you will go with the cheapest system because Sony has lost exclusives, but ignore their own exclusives.

I'd personally pay more for a console that had GT, Drake, GOW, LBP, Infamous, Wipeout, Motorstorm, Cage's games, Puppeteer, Killzone, TLOU or any other new 1st party games that Sony make. I trust Sony's commitment to the gamer more than I do any other company.

Figure in free online, experimental PSN games, Blu-ray films, Gaikai (BC with PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/Vita/PSMobile) , MOVE, Vita integration, 10 year lifecycle, PSEye2, HOME, 3D, and PS+ and I can't see any reason at all to change my view.

If that doesn't at least make you reconsider your stance then I don't think you fully understand the phrase 'value for money'.

andibandit2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

Sony better start coughing up some serious coop games, cause my wife tires of watching me play rather than be part of it....LBP was amazing in coop, but how long can you live on lbp 1 & 2.
btw we both hate wave survival coop or side campaign coop.
She gets headaches from FPS and none of us give a cr4p about experimental PSN games, Blu-ray films, Gaikai (BC with PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/Vita/PSMobile) , MOVE, Vita integration, 10 year lifecycle, PSEye2, HOME, 3D, and PS+.
We do care about having to pay for online, but at the moment we are willing to pay it.
Currently playing Sniper Elite V2 with her, and plan to play GR Future Soldier next, and then Gears Judgement.

'Value for money' is a wide term and dosn't necessarily to the amount of features, but more accurately the the value of the features to you.

delboy2010d ago

I buy consoles for games! For movies I use Netflix. Don't care about handhelds or dead vita integration.
And personally I don't care about all those games you listed above, except for wipeout.
But Sony managed to kill livepool studio.
Was tired with Uncharted after the second one, same goes for GoW.
Infamous was just mediocre, couldn't bring myself to finish the game.
GT is good, but I like fun arcade racers more.
Killzone is a flop in every way possible, sold poorly, nobody plays in online, no wonder it's free on psn. And don't forget this game features the worst controls I've ever experienced in my life.
Best games this gen came from 3rd party studios, and almost all of them run like crap on ps3, plus many of these 3rd party games will never come to ps3,like Witcher 2.
If I had to choose between ps3 and xbox360 today, I would definitely pick xbox360.

Yes I am a ps3 gamer, and I am disappointed in Sony, and ps+ can't make it up.

Software_Lover2010d ago

The next gen will not thrive or die off of exclusives. If that were the case, people would still be buying the Wii as it has by far the most exclusives. They suck, but it has alot.

BigStef712010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

They should change the title to Quality Exclusives. This will be the big indicator if the companies thrive or not

DigitalSmoke2010d ago

When will you ppl understand that the Wii isn't playing by the same rules as the PS3 and Xbox.
Its an way lesser version of anything this generation, it had no place in the big boy war.

Its a kids toy for crying our load.

PS4isKing_822010d ago

Here's a question that's been bothering me for awhile now.
I always here devs and publishers sayin the reason for going multi plat is to reach more customers and ultimately sell more copies of their games.

But how does that work when really, when the console market hasn't changed much since the ps2?
Example: ps2 sales are around 155 mil worldwide right? Now u take the 360 and ps3 lifetime sales which is close to that of ps2, just divided between the two. So how is multi plat games reaching more customers when the console base between 360 and ps3 is roughly the same size as the ps2?

I think devs need to reconsider and go back to an exclusive model of business like the old days when their product was fully compete. No bugs. And ppl got the best bang for their buck and the devs got their money too.

theWB272010d ago

You're pretty naive to think that older exclusives didnt have bugs. It also wasn't as big a business risk as it is now to make AAA titles. One mishap can level a studio as we've seen with all the closings.

The reason for multi plat games is why take one chance to reach your sales goals when you can take 2 chances to reach that same goal?

Bathyj2010d ago

Man I hope thats true.

danthebios2010d ago

exclusives feels great because the developer is focus on one console and hopefully try to max out the engine power of that console giving us the most quality game the developer can offer.

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