"Skyrim Was Generic" Says Witcher 3 Game Director

In the recently uploaded video by Game Informer, Comparing The Open World Of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the game director behind the 3rd installment of the Witcher criticizes the every famous Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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ApolloTheBoss1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

CD Projekt RED and Valve: The last two gaming companies that actually care about their customers. I'm with these guys all the way next-gen. They've gained my loyalty. Also he nailed it when it comes to remembering characters in Skyrim. My mind is so fuzzing when trying to name a few and I can't. Not even from Oblivion. But Witcher 2 was my first Witcher game I remember Roche, Trish, Lorveth, Saskia, and Ves from the top of my head. And no, I didn't look them up on the internet.

Riderz13371923d ago

Naughty Dog???? Where you been bro?!

animegamingnerd1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

not everyone is a fan of naughty dog's games

@BattleAxe that is a opinion based i enjoyed xneoblade and last story way more then uncharted 2

BattleAxe1923d ago Show
ApolloTheBoss1923d ago

I haven't played any Naughty Dog games yet. At least not a full playthrough. I recently wised up and realized Microsoft was ripping me off so I just switched to PS3 a few months ago. Their games are definitely in my backlog. I didn't leave them out on purpose. I know they're an awesome studio.

sobekflakmonkey1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Naughty Dog is definitely up there, they have given me experiences I never even thought possible in a video game.

Quite frankly though, I don't think CD Projekt Red should be talking, the witcher 2 was pretty generic...about as generic as those games go, there was nothing spectacular about the game, or it's story line, or it's animation for that matter, and I have it on PC and can max it out and play it with 60fps in 1080p, and it's not the best looking game either, I know there are a lot of fanboys out there who will disagree, and it makes sense, because you're fanboys, but still, they should not be saying anything, I don't feel they have even earned the right.

thorstein1923d ago

Indeed they are incredible. And what of Media Molecule or Quantum Dream or Level 5?

OT: "Skyrim Was Generic" Says Witcher 3 Game Director....ummm sorry, but, but I just got the latest game informer and while I hope the Witcher 3 is an amazing success, it looks like a Skyrim clone. I literally didn't see anything "new" or exciting. It actually seemed pretty generic. In fact, I bet you couldn't tell the difference between the two in a screen shot comparison.

DomceM1923d ago

why do u assume that everyone likes ND.

Uncharted is ok in my book. Thats right. just OK.

God of war on the other hand... Now you are talking.

Its all about personal preference man. People like different things. Thankfully PS3 has exclusives in every genre.

DOMination-1923d ago

It annoys me that around here these devs are suddenly treated like gods. The first Witcher was entirely average. The second was much better; a very good game in fact. That doesn't make put them on the same level as Valve and even though its cool to hate them atm, even Bioware who have consistently put out great rpgs, DA2 aside.

Also a bit rich to label another game generic when they themselves have... A cliched fantasy game with a fairly forgettable main character.

I do think TW3 will be great though Im sure so don't misunderstand my point.

ILive1923d ago

Agreed, skyrim is pretty generic. The Witcher 2 is one of the best rpgs this generation of consoles.

Irishguy951923d ago

Ok Domination, you're right, Witcher 1 wasn't that great. But witcher 2 was awesome - one of fav games this gen. Even at that it's just one amazing game. But what they win points in is how they treat their customers. Which seems to be currently the best in the industry. Enhanced Editions ~

rainslacker1923d ago

You don't have to like a studio or their games to see that they care about their games and their customers. If that is your only prerequisite on the character of a company, then it's pretty shallow.

Gamer19821922d ago

Skyrim is generic but you know what? People seem to like it. I for one don't and its why I cannot get into the game. I like to immerse myself in characters and story. However you cannot do that with Skyrim.

Skyrim does however offer more than most RPG's with mod support and it being very open world. You can literately do what you want. It's what made GTA III so popular back when released.

I am past that need for open world now as a lot of games are open world but I see the pull for gamers. I do own skyrim myself and tried my damned best to play it but have not played for more than 1 hour.

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supraking9511923d ago

Not everyone is a fan of CD Projekt RED and Valve

FlyingFoxy1923d ago

Except that Valve make the very best and most fun FPS games.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Not everyone is a micheal jordan fan but yet he was still great.

I would bet money that the witcher 3 will be one of the top 5 rpgs next gen. lol But also their is cyberpunk.

I am always a fan of those who push boundaries and try new interesting things. That is something that needs support in today's industry especially on consoles. EA & Activision is killing you guys with rehashes.

Best of all CDPR has better programmers and they don't port. They make each version for each hardware.

The witcher 2 had 16 endings I wonder how many the witcher 3 will have.

Everyone wants to make you a shooter. Support these guys who dear to challenge Bioware and bethesda.

Also who else but valve could make a goty nominee puzzle game?

A game that uses brain cells? O_o

The witcher 3 will most likely have free dlc on pc/ps4 like valve games. Not sure about 720.

BanBrother1923d ago

"And no, I didn't look them up on the internet."

Well clearly. How else could you misspell Iorveth ;)

Haha but yes, that shows you remember, as do I. Wonderful, mature and interesting characters.

Skyrim is undoubtedly an amazing game (haven't played it yet lol), but I can agree it is generic. Generic doesn't always mean bad, so I hope no-one takes this guys words the wrong way. Oblivion was generic as hell, but I still loved it.

The Witcher 3 day 1. Excited that it gets to be seen by a new audience as well :) (ps4)

DaThreats1923d ago

Valve has slipped from their weird firings

Mr-SellJack1923d ago

Valve sucks!l4d and counter strike are the only games i like from them

sobekflakmonkey1923d ago

Half-life, Portal, Left 4 Dead, Counter-strike, 4 of the best game series ever made.

-Gespenst-1923d ago

Biscuitlover's obviously a big Cod player...

Mr-SellJack1923d ago Show
Gamer19821922d ago

Valve didn't make Counter Strike.. Just pointing that out, it was made by a modding team as a mod for half life originally. They hired the developers in the end and thus the IP but don't think for 1 second it was there idea.

The most successful online only shooter of all time was fan made. That sends out a great message for me to developers who think they cannot make it in the ever increasing world of gaming.

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LAWSON721923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Betheseda clearly cares about their fans they worked like half a year trying to get a dlc on a console, when they shouldnt have because the amount of resources they used probably made them no profit or even lost money just to satisfy their fans, unlike some such as ea who would have just said it wasnt possible.

Lighter91923d ago

And I will never get to play alot of the Oblivion dlc on my ps3... because even after they released that special 5 yr anniversary edition of it, it was still missing lots of dlc and trophy support. Oh, and it still freezes on me. :(

mynameisEvil1923d ago

Yeah, Bethesda cares so much that they'd release a game (one that could've definitely been held back) in an unplayable state on PS3 after a while and have some terrible PC port shoved out with mod tools so that modders can do they work THEY should've done.

Bethesda cares so much that they threw Zombie STudios off of Rogue Warrior and gave Rebellion any time at all to create an entirely new game from scratch.

They care so much that they'd put a two-year release date on Fallout New Vegas, a game that Bethesda wanted to be as big and better than Fallout 3 (which took Bethesda five years to create) rather than waiting for a while. And after Bethesda made sure Obsidian couldn't create a better, more polished game? They held back their bonuses because of a missing friggin' METACRITIC POINT... Metacritic. Let that sink in. Meta-damn-critic.

Yeah, no, Bethesda doesn't care about their customers. The only reason they sunk that amount of resources that you say, "made them no profit," was because they REALLY needed some damage control to go on or people playing on Sony's consoles would vow to never buy a Bethesda game on a Sony console again (and considering a number of people don't have anything BUT a PS3 at the moment, there's certainly the potential for lost sales there).

Don't forget that Bethesda is a business. They don't care about you, they care about what makes money and what keeps them from losing it.

OcelotRigz1923d ago

You forgot Rockstar, them and Valve are the best devs out there.

LAWSON721923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Thats why their pc fans got a gtav announcement and red dead redemption... all wait they didnt.

OcelotRigz1923d ago

Fair point Lawson72.
Red Dead is one of my all time favorites and its a shame that the PC missed out. Thats why i bought a PC though, so i have two platforms (PS3) and miss out on very little, only Xbox exclusives really.
That aside, they take their time with their games, put an insane amount of effort into them, never release them unfinished, make great dlc, never jump on the band wagon of whats hot at the time etc... They make quality goods and treat their consumers with respect. Like Valve.

DOMination-1923d ago

I see. So does that mean Polyphony Digital are crap devs because GT6 won't come to 720 or PC? Rockstar have always favoured consoles at least since ps1 days. Its not like they ever had a rich pc history. Even when they were dma design they preferred Amiga development to pc!

TekoIie1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

It really is a shame PC only users cant play R* games :(

I have a lot of respect for the higher ups at R*. They respect their properties so much that whenever you see their logo on a game case you know your money will be well spent.

Gamer19821922d ago

Rockstar? Seriously? By using the same game engine and releasing a sequel on it 5 years later? Don't get me wrong what they did with red dead was amazing but GTA V coming out so late on an old engine is a joke unless its for nex gen which makes sense in a way.

If they release a nex gen game then I will retract my comment on them but taking 5 years to make a game on an old engine (its using the GTA IV engine) is just insane.. People are quick to say S-E are no longer one of the greats as they do the same with there games but ignore the fact rockstar do it.

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caperjim1923d ago

Valve caring about customers? Aside from their great deals on Steam the customer service is terrible. Seven days between replies to problems by email is not good customer service.

On topic....I enjoyed Skyrim more then The witcher 2 on PC. I look forward to the next Witcher though.

1923d ago
Blacktric1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

"he last two gaming companies that actually care about their customers."

Valve caring about customers...

Yeah no. That's not been happening since 2007. CDPR and Bohemia and a couple other independent companies are the only ones left. At least they take and value fan input (Bohemia with DayZ standalone for instance) while keeping them in the loop. Meanwhile, people have been waiting for a scrap of news for Half Life 3 but only thing we're given is more and more shovelware crap that hipster kiddies end up loving. When EA or Activision pulls the same crap that Valve did with Left 4 Dead 2 (sequel getting announced less than a year) or Portal 2 (paying 60 dollars for a 5-6 hour long game that ships with 2+3 hours long co-op levels) or Team Fortress 2 even, they'd be condemned to hell and the things they did would be never forgotten. But when it's Valve, they get a free pass eventhough they've become cocky and been treating their fans like crap.

Nyromith1923d ago

Valve? That DRM beast that reserve itself the right to block access to everything you bought from them? The one who force you to sign a new agreement or you lose all your games? The only purpose of those sales is to flood your library with hundreds of cheap games so you'll never leave them when competition gets tougher on the PC digital market.

And I don't remember them releasing any good single player game for years.

Valve is completely the opposite to CD Projekt RED, it's complex role-playing games which are still actively developed, and it's DRM-free GOG shop.

Awesome_Gamer1922d ago

I actually to agree with them, Skyrim was way more generic then Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and The Witcher 2.

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INehalemEXI1923d ago

When I was a kid people called me generic cause I had xj900s from payless, I looked smart moms payed less. Came back with Jordans and they stfu.

WildArmed1923d ago

lol what is this, I don't even comprehend.
*goes to google*

OT: Skyrim was quite generic, I don't remember anything. Compared to Witcher 2, where I remember ... relatively much more lol

INehalemEXI1923d ago

witcher 2 and 3 on my list, never got to finish the first but it was good.

Prodigy-X1923d ago

This guy tells the truth. Skyrim was generic.

Cam9771923d ago

Of course it was! It was practically a first person BF3.

Eyeco1923d ago

What..I don't even...what did I just read, what is this

mynameisEvil1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

For those of you who didn't quite get it, he was making a joke similar to the whole "Far Cry 3 is 'Skyrim with guns'" thing.

I can't believe so many people didn't get the joke.

Anon19741923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Yep. Generic. It doesn't do anything to differentiate itself from all the other fantasy open world, first person RPG's out there this gen with 100 plus hours of gameplay on the consoles.

Oh, wait a minute? What is there, like one or two others besides Witcher? Just because something outsold your product by a factor of 10 doesn't mean you've got to go waving your bitterness around. Gamers have spoken and while they made a great game, there's absolutely no reason to take shots at your competition like this after the fact.

Show a little class.

Kalowest1923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

What does CD Projekt have to be bitter of?
TW2 is better than Skyrim.

aliengmr1923d ago

Did you read the article? He criticized the story as being generic, not the entire game. I love Skyrim, but I agree the story and characters were pretty generic.

He praises Skyrim for its open-world and level of freedom, which is rightly deserved. I hope they have Skyrim-level freedom in Witcher 3.

Anon19741923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

Here's where I'm coming from. I make mobile games for a living. People around here don't exactly show a lot of respect for mobile developers, but so far I'm proud of the work my team has put out. Developers have to start somewhere. I look around at mobile space and I see stand out products and I see a lot of absolute garbage. Nothing redeeming about a lot of the titles out there. They're just shoddy rip offs of other games. I see them all the time and it inspires me that we can succeed if we put the time and effort into a quality product, because surely to god if people can make money off some of the crap I see, there's got to be a place for quality. More power to those developers for working in a great industry and getting paid, but there's a lot of negative things that can be said.

But I don't say it, because to me, that would just be petty. I might point out examples of things we're not going to do to my time, or other developers that I know, but I wouldn't single out a competitors for criticism in a public space. Let the reviewers and fans pick apart each other's work. Seeing developers take shots at other developers like this just bugs me. There's a lot of sniping and back biting that goes on in the industry but I just have no patience for it. It was just like that nonsense with Turn 10 taking shots at Gran Turismo at every opportunity. It just made me never want to support them. You want to take shots at the competition? Do it by making a better product and let your work do the talking.

I don't care if he thinks his criticisms are valid or not. I have no issue with him explaining how they plan on differentiating themselves with their new title, but the way he came off by taking shots at the competition, it's just classless. Who knows how the Witcher 3 will even turn out. Again, I'm a strong supporter of letting your work do your talking for you.

Kalowest1923d ago

That's why I love CD Projekt, they don't talk shit, but give great creative criticism. He respects the game, but feels alot more could've been job.

Kalowest1923d ago

but feels alot more could've been done.

StrawberryDiesel4201923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

They wouldn't dare say a word about Demon's Souls or Dark Souls, they know better.

Blackdeath_6631923d ago

agreed, one thing that really pissed me off about skyrim is how bethesda kept banging on about dynamic story telling and how the game remembered actions you have taken and characters in the game react to it and in the end it was nothing but bullshit. when you become arch mage in skyrim none of the characters in the mages guild seemed to give a shit they still spoke to you in disrespect. also some of the phrases said by the characters were repeated so often that they became internet memes.

PS: (sorry for the bad language but i think it's justified)

animegamingnerd1923d ago

i agree with skyrim you made no impact at all on the world and especially nothing to the extent of fallout 3 like blowing up a town

HaMM4R1923d ago

I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took and arrow in the knee

animegamingnerd1923d ago

oh that old internet meme how nostalgic

Knight_Crawler1923d ago

Dont you think you are being a little too hard on the developers? Bethesda tried his best to give us a Skyrim experience on 7 year old technology which is dinosaur age in the tech world.

If anything blame Sony and MS for the lack of RAM in the 360 and PS3.

Bethesda could have giving us console gamers the middle finger and focus only on the PC but he wanted more people to enjoy Skyrim so he did his best with the tools that were giving to him on consoles.

Blackdeath_6631923d ago (Edited 1923d ago )

well you blame the technology (which i think is a lazy excuse for lazy developers) but here is and interview with todd howard where he says otherwise later the same interview he talks about this non-existent "radiant story telling" and how the world dynamically responds to your actions here infact if you look at almost all his interviews before skyrim was released they are filled with this talk about the dynamic story telling and hand written quests and what not and having played the game there is absolutely no trace of it whatsoever keeping in mind that this is definitely not the first time they make the same promises and fail to deliver personally i have no sympathy for bethesda. don't get me wrong i enjoyed skyrim...but for all the wrong reasons. i had fun laughing at floating mammoths and riding my horse up a 90 degree mountain as if it as flat ground. i enjoyed getting launched into the air by giants and casting spells that will make the dragon's skeleton fly across the map and watching NPC's walk into walls.covering a merchant's head with a basket and robbing his shop in broad daylight. the story line however left alot to be desired and was very forgettable.