PS4 release date - 7 reasons it'll be out in 2013

Are you ready?

Next week Sony is having a super secret press conference about the “future of Playstation.” That, in addition to the number of rumors popping up left and right, make it pretty clear that Sony is preparing to unveil the long-awaited PlayStation 4. But even if the PS4’s reveal is practically guaranteed, it’s tougher nailing down when consumers will actually be able to buy it. But we’ve got it all figured out.

Why are we so sure we’ll be lining up to buy it this Black Friday? Here are the seven clearest indicators the PlayStation 4 will be yours in 10 months...

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Neixus1924d ago

too bad it probably won't reach EU 2013 release,though :/

BitbyDeath1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Hoping it'll be a worldwide launch and the date i'm still predicting is September as two games have been pushed back to that month.

Soldierone1924d ago

Personally don't mind a early 2013 release just like the Vita. The only hard thing is that they need to hold strong throughout the year to the holidays.

Releasing during the holidays kind of sucks for me. I still need to spend a couple hundred dollars on presents and can barely afford that, let alone a 400 dollar console.

abzdine1924d ago

not sure about Europe! Japan and US for sure in December like they did with Vita.

1924d ago
Whitey2k1924d ago

why cant japan release it in europe first considering sony does poorly in america

Nate-Dog1924d ago

Possibly to do with localisation issues.

tigertron1924d ago

To be fair, if they're going to release it in America first, then they should release it in the UK and Ireland at the same time as we speak English. ¬_¬

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