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Why The Xbox 720 And PS4 Don’t Excite Me

MasonicGamer.com: I’m going to take a change of pace here and attempt to tell you why the Xbox 720 and PS4 don’t excite me. Trust me I know what you’re thinking and nobody likes a smart ass complaining about something we’ve yet to see, I don’t like those type of writers either. I’m not here to convince you that any of what I say is a fact, it’s just a harmless opinion.

I understand that whenever you write about something that hasn’t been officially revealed you’re basically playing with fire. There’s a good chance I’ll anger people and not everyone will agree with my opinion but that’s fine, just as I express myself here I would like you the reader to also have a voice. (Next-Gen, PS4, Wii U, Xbox One)

Arai  +   830d ago
So the writer isn't excited about "something he doesn't gawd awfully know much about" yet writes about an article about it.

Someone is bored and needs attention or what?
I've yet to find any opinion piece interesting, hell I don't even know why N4G even allows them.
N311V  +   830d ago
Yes you are bored and you do need attention.

Your critism was unduly harsh. The author clearly states that not much is known about nextgen and that his article is strictly his opinion. If you dislike articles about people's opinion perhaps you should refrain from giving yours.
Shadow Flare  +   830d ago
I read the ps4 section of the article and frankly, it's an opinion about nothing.

You say, "At the time of writing we don’t know an awful lot about the PlayStation 4". Well don't write an article on why you're not impressed then. You say you feel you're entitled to give your opinion despite this, but the fact that OFFICIALLY the ps4 doesn't even exist yet, no specs, no games, no services, NOTHING announced yet, is a pretty frickin big ass point actually. So don't write an article like this

You do not know what they will announce. You can imagine, but you do not know. End of.

You seem to state everything the ps4 could possibly announce and say its nothing amazing, but lets take for instance the possibility of Cloud gaming. If it were to exist, cloud gaming may actually be one of the most amazing and historic moments in gaming history. Because with a simple Internet connection, you could be streaming games of the absolute highest possible graphics conceived, and would do away with the need for new consoles. All processing would be done on their end and we would be streamed the images. So imagine Gran Turismo 6 with the highest possible graphics. It would make consoles continuously on par with the highest spec pc's, forever.

But that's just conjecture. Instead your article just says, "meh graphics upgrades aren't enough these days, wah wah wah, and we know nothing official about ps4".

This article is an opinion about absolutely nothing, and worthless because we know nothing officially.

I'm basically trying to say I agree with Ambrosia
Hicken  +   830d ago
It's not very wise to give your opinion on something when you know so little ABOUT it. That makes you look foolish.

And yet that's the whole premise of this article.

I think that rather speaks for itself.
bullymangLer  +   830d ago
"Why The Xbox 720 And PS4 Don’t Excite Me"

If anything, the title of this article does not excite me . so not gonna read it .

Plus, how can team Ico and what they could possibly be working on NOT excite you? . .get out
Psn800  +   830d ago
He likes the Wii u but say's it was rushed lol who let these idiots write this crap ?
akaakaaka  +   830d ago
Don't worry.. it's a idiot "mason" who will give his life to the illuminati..
So tell us what does exite to? Killing million and making this world a worse place to live? Controlling the food and making us eat GMO food .. you are a disgrace for the world $*#& mason, go hide in a cave.
Mounce  +   829d ago
What Ambrosia said.

I hate Unwarranted-Self-Importance articles or better yet, people who are blog-makers or 'Journalists' or whatever this person calls himself, he likes has Special Snowflake Syndrome where he thinks his opinion should always be met with open arms even if he doesn't know anything about the very thing he feels opinionated about.

This is one of my pet peeves with this generation of society, I've run into more god damn people who try to force their opinion as unique or merited, warranted, something that has to be accepted because THEY said it. TOO MANY TIMES! Opinions are individualized....but they certainly still need grounded, reasonable logic as to why. Like a theory needs to be made, and a hypothesis, research and testing before you come to a conclusion, an Opinion....is a Conclusion in a manner. The problem? Too many come to a Conclusion, with zero evidence, zero logic, and they expect it to be accepted because they're a Human Being.

Anyone else fucking sick and tired of that broken, low-self-esteem 'logic'?

ApolloTheBoss  +   830d ago
Are you Molyneux's distant cousin or something?
N311V  +   830d ago
I disagree. To a lot of gamers graphics do matter. My problem with the argument that if graphics matter get a PC, is that the PC is still often limited by current consoles, games are developed to the lowest common denominator. There is also the premise of better AI and more immersive worlds which on top of improved graphics gets me excited. I believe gamers will jump aboard the nextgen train in droves.
cervantes99  +   830d ago
I hate that response "Get a PC". I have a PC but to this day I still cannot play the games I like to play. You know Uncharted, Gears, Halo, Heavy Rain and so on.
dafegamer  +   830d ago
Yet i cant play Ratchet and Clank, LittleBigPlanet,Zelda, God of War, Uncharted,Infamous on my pc, so whats the point in buying one then?
EbeneezerGoode  +   830d ago
I *HAVE* a PC and a fast one at that and will even buy a geforce titan when they are out AND oculus rift! am as graphic hungry as they come.

YET what Cevantes99 says is true, it's not just about owning a fkin PC!!!! Those PS3 exclusives are amazing games, I've had more fun on the PS3 the past 2 years than anything on my PC cos of lack of really good games on it! This will change soon thankfully but you NEED to have a good pc AND a top console to enjoy everything and PS3 + PC make the best combo on the planet right now for variety, ability and fun.

Bring on PS4! CAN NOT WAIT! Uncharted 4 alone is worth the price of the entire console! (so long as it's more like uncharted 2 and less like the 'too flash' Uncharted 3 - which was still good by most standards)
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hazardman  +   830d ago
I look at it like this, having great graphics with shitty gameplay is like having a fineass chick who is stupid as hell!!
BattleAxe  +   830d ago
"Why The Xbox 720 And PS4 Don’t Excite Me"

Because you can't play Super Mario Bros. on them?
sonic989  +   830d ago
the writer is a joke haaahaaa did he forget that microsoft is the one company that offers the graphics accelerator which is known as the direct x so microsoft wont shoot themselves in the foot allowing pc to out do their xbox by a mile cause they want to brag about it
the guy is a nintendo fan and in a silly way
i was hoping for sonic to join the ps all stars rather than smash ( with mario ) but sega are stupid morons sometimes
strickers  +   830d ago
Idiot. If new consoles don't excite and the possibility of new games, you have the wrong hobby.
When has any hardware Gen not delivered exciting new types of game and more polish versions of what has gone before? Go and take up fishing.
bettylisa61   830d ago | Spam
Cam977  +   830d ago
I can't wait! My Ps3 has years of life left in it but I do love the PS1-like devkit controller.
Grimhammer00  +   830d ago
I think many younger gamers and well off gamers, older perhaps established/retired gamers forget that our world economy is still tanking hard. And the days of $600+ consoles is over. But even so...I don't think many are excited about $400 either.
And lets face it...it's not $400....it's likely $400+extra controller, 1-3 games....Xbox has live...

Just saying we all need to curb our antisipation on of sales a bit.
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linkenski  +   830d ago
I would be very excited for next gen consoles if it weren't for the fear that games will be double as commercial and mainstream as they became in this gen. Seriously, i'm sick of big corps milking the shit out of franchises, and i'm sick of hearing either mainstream pop or dubstep instead of original scores in games. And i'm so tired of seeing every second game trying to either mimick Gears of War or CoD.
I'm also sick of all the spin going on with developers and advertising/teasing of upcoming games. I'm kinda hoping that the real next gen is the generation where Indie developers truly innovate and blow some of the superficial commercial pop-games out of the water.
Kingthrash360  +   830d ago
weird opinion article. Must not be a gamer or somethin....even people who work for nintendo are excited about both the ps4 and 720. Yeah its their competition but they will be glued to their laptops on the 20th. If your not excited then this hobbys not for you.
Milesprowers  +   830d ago
PS1 was Awesome, but when i first got my PS2 it was the best day ever, but when i got my PSP was pretty awesome, but when i got my PS3 all the Buzz Disappeared and the VITA, I have lost all my respect for Playstation and Sony.
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fourOeightshark  +   830d ago
That's so sad for you... tell me more.
KMCROC54  +   830d ago
Good for you,but guess what am excited for both platforms .
mshope10  +   830d ago
people on this site hated wii u way before it came out.

but watch how many people get mad over this article. hypocrites run deep on this site.
theDECAY  +   830d ago
Before it came out is different than before its officially announced. I'm sure some people will find things that they don't like about the PS4 after its reveal. Just watch.
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cleverusername  +   830d ago
You're a PC/Nintendo*delete as applicable* fanboy?
PS4isKing_82  +   830d ago
Author is dead inside.
dafegamer  +   830d ago
"I don’t think gamers are going to rush out and buy Sony’s or Microsoft’s new system"
wrong. period.
Nintendo is the one to blame, for not waking the f*ck up.
They earned so much money with the Wii and didnt even care to launch with AAA games on the WiiU. Hell they didnt even care to expand their internal studios, to work on new IPs like Sony did. According to SCE employee's on neogaf, Sony is indeed prepared for the launch of ps4, with a steady stream of AAA games from their internal studuos over the years. I know its like your opinion for not liking the ps4 or nextbox, but stop badmouthing Sony/MS next console and trying to convince people to get a WiiU instead of a ps4/Nextbox
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   830d ago
Lol the guys not excited because as far as we know NOTHING form Sony and MS have been announced yet. Come next Wednesday, he'll write an article that's complete opposite of this one.
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momthemeatloaf  +   830d ago
This idiot wants hits and I'm not clicking the link :)
danthebios  +   830d ago
EbeneezerGoode  +   830d ago
Not excited by PS4? well this guy is obviously a twat and can stick his article in his last gen a-hole :P
tweet75  +   830d ago
maybe its just me but the ps3 still is awesome and way back when it came out I said how can you top this? It doesnt seem tired and outdated at all. I would just like more great games for it. Not a new console
EbeneezerGoode  +   830d ago
Cool story bro.

I love the PS3 but don't be selfish, don't hold back the entire industry including PC by a selfish desire to stick with the (outdated, yes good but outdated) status quo.
madjedi  +   829d ago
The title alone begs the question, then why the hell are you on a gaming site to begin with.
From the article.

"The age when graphics made an important difference is over, I think once we got to the HD era games we got to a point where one could say “that’s good enough”.

And with that i stopped reading and everything the guys has to say sounds like a nintendo fanboy would say.

We are barely scratching the surface of "good enough" especially on consoles. Good enough is a phrase spoken when your tired of screwing around with something, you don't want to do or it's not worth the effort of getting it perfect.

Picture a open world game, with battlefields destruction capabilities only better, objects that break, splinter or shatter like they would in real life.

2 engines people should look up euphoria and digital molecular matter, the first more natural ai(within reason) the second a physics engine for materials breaking, grant you both are proprietary. Next gen i want to see these engines or similar ones become alot more common place.

If we settled at good enough we wouldn't have left the snes 2d era, or even have any of the modern technology we currently enjoy today.

I want better faster stronger, if it doesn't do one or more of them it isn't worth upgrading to.

I am interested in both of them, even if one is waiting 4 or 5 yrs.
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Indo  +   829d ago
This is a funny article.

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