The best possible implementation of online DRM for the next X-Box

Discusses the always online DRM system rumored to be in the next X-Box and how it can be implemented in a way that is actually good for consumers and how it can make the used game market work for all parties involved.

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N311V1977d ago

I think the drugs have destroyed this guys ability to think logically.

To start with he's hallucinating, I have never heard that the advantage of Steam is this "So you won’t have to get off your ass to change games. The bane of lazy gamers everywhere, and one great advantage Steam has over the consoles.".

Then he argues "Buy the game used, and yeah you can play the campaign with the disc in the tray.". OMG putting a disc in is so last gen, no way I'll ever buy a used game again.

LuigiLogik1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

LOL may be, but you kind of missed the point he was making about it creating an alternative distribution system. The real incentive for used game buyers is to buy, install, then sell while the game still has a high value. Or share the game with friends, who could then activate the game by paying the publishers directly, then return it or pass it on without losing the ability to play it. Playing without the disc is what opens up this possibility and not just a perk for lazy people. Though the writer could have made that clearer.

konnerbllb1977d ago

"Some people would say that it would encourage people to buy a game, install it then sell it straight away, without losing access to it. To that I say, so what? The publisher and Microsoft already have that dude’s money, it wouldn’t really matter if they can still play the game or not. In fact It would actually be better if they sell or give the game to friends, and still be able to play it themselves, as it’ll increase the chance of DLC sales down the road."

lmfao! I didn't know this was a satire article.