[Play Vault Asks:] Who Remembers Hogs Of War?

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"Are you getting older? Can you not really remember what happened yesterday or even five minutes ago? Where did I put my glasses? What was I doing again? Oh, yeah. I was writing this new feature. Who Remembers…? will be a series of articles where I will be taking a look back at some of the best and worst games from days of old. There will be some reminiscing, a few treasured memories and maybe, at times, too much use of the rose tinted glasses.

HOW was narrated by Bottom and The Young One’s star Rik Myall. Rik’s comedic quips about the other hogs often had me chuckling along as I filled a little piggy full of lead. The hogs each had their own names and the two that spring to my mind are Gunther and Brian. I shall name my unborn children Gunther and Brian in homage to these two hogs*. Brian and Gunther’s name shall go down in the history books as being characters from one of the most fun games of all time! *Note – Jonmau5 may or may not actually call his children Brian and Gunther."

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Venox20082010d ago

very good game, I've enjoyed it more than worms

Jonmau52010d ago

I totally agree, I thought Hogs improved on Worms and really modernised the turn based combat concept. Plus who can't love a game that has pig characters called Leder Hose, Herr Strike, Gunther, Brian and Dave?

Blastoise2010d ago

Like worms 3D before "worms 3D". Fun game lol

Jonmau52009d ago

Your right Blastoise, It did Worms better in 3D than Worms 3d even did!

SecretPsycho2010d ago

Great game :3
Also super shotgun.....yus please...

Venox20082009d ago

dont forget suicide bomb, when pig farted and exploded!!! :)

2010d ago
darx2010d ago

Me and it was fantastic! A couple of doob's and HOW = Good Times

Jonmau52009d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.