Best Buy updating price match policy to include online retailers/become the worst in the business

As the lengthy title notes, rumors have begun to swirl that Best Buy will be making some rather big changes to their official price matching policy starting on March 3rd that will greatly affect those who make Best Buy their shopping destination for video games and other electronics.

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LOGICWINS2011d ago

This is why competition benefits consumers :)

I was planning on getting the Galaxy S4 at Amazon Wireless. Now I can just walk five blocks to my local BB, get the phone at the cheapest price AND get a $50 gift card on top of that!

Godchild10202011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

This will help with Video game purchases. And I agree with your comment on the phone.

LOGICWINS2011d ago

Yeah. I wonder if Bestbuy would honor Amazon Gold Box/Lightning Deals.

guitarded772011d ago (Edited 2011d ago )

Exactly. That's why digital distribution ONLY would hurt gamers. I like having digital distribution as an option, but I still prefer having retail for the lower prices, and less constraints on memory. I may go back to BestBuy more again if they will match Amazon, since Amazon charges tax now in my state, and I have to wait (2 days Prime) for shipping.

FriedGoat2011d ago

If your buying keys online, it usually works out cheaper than retail, For the PC that is.

WiiUsauce2011d ago

if anyone owns a 3DS, Best Buy is having AMAZING deals on some games for president's day weekend. I picked up Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask for 14.99, Paper Mario Sticker Star for 19.99, Pokemon White 2 for only 14.99, and Kid Icarus Uprising for only 14.99 all BRAND NEW.

they also have some deals on some Xbox and PS3 games:
Darksiders II is only 14.99
Borderlands 2 is 29.99
LBP Karting is 19.99
and there were a handful of other games on sale. I think RE6 was 20 bucks too.

they're also having a buy one get one Wii U game 50% off deal.

hellvaguy2011d ago

And likewise, this is why all the jobs will continue to go overseas. Good and bad with a global market I suppose.

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NavydAd2011d ago


Most places dont price match things that have limited quanities

LOGICWINS2011d ago

Well I don't plan on buying it right away. AT&T(bastards) have me locked into a contract that ends in September.

aquamala2011d ago

sad they will no longer price match within 30 days after purchase.

example, I pre ordered Dead Space 3 for $60, Best Buy gives you a $20 certificate for pre ordering. This Sunday I see Kmart has the game for $45, I can call Best Buy to price match and get $15 back. So Dead Space 3 costs me $25 plus tax, I can trade it in (right now Best Buy will give $36) when I'm done and basically gets paid to play a brand new game.

What other retailer would even price match post purchase? oh well.

Kalowest2011d ago

I've been price matching amazon for years, so that part is old news to me. The new polices aren't that bad(maybe to some they are), It doesn't take me 15 days to know if I want to return something or not.

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The story is too old to be commented.