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Best Buy updating price match policy to include online retailers/become the worst in the business

As the lengthy title notes, rumors have begun to swirl that Best Buy will be making some rather big changes to their official price matching policy starting on March 3rd that will greatly affect those who make Best Buy their shopping destination for video games and other electronics. (3DS, Best Buy, Industry, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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LOGICWINS  +   827d ago
This is why competition benefits consumers :)

I was planning on getting the Galaxy S4 at Amazon Wireless. Now I can just walk five blocks to my local BB, get the phone at the cheapest price AND get a $50 gift card on top of that!
Godchild1020  +   827d ago
This will help with Video game purchases. And I agree with your comment on the phone.
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LOGICWINS  +   827d ago
Yeah. I wonder if Bestbuy would honor Amazon Gold Box/Lightning Deals.
guitarded77  +   827d ago
Exactly. That's why digital distribution ONLY would hurt gamers. I like having digital distribution as an option, but I still prefer having retail for the lower prices, and less constraints on memory. I may go back to BestBuy more again if they will match Amazon, since Amazon charges tax now in my state, and I have to wait (2 days Prime) for shipping.
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FriedGoat  +   826d ago
If your buying keys online, it usually works out cheaper than retail, For the PC that is.
WiiUsauce  +   826d ago
if anyone owns a 3DS, Best Buy is having AMAZING deals on some games for president's day weekend. I picked up Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask for 14.99, Paper Mario Sticker Star for 19.99, Pokemon White 2 for only 14.99, and Kid Icarus Uprising for only 14.99 all BRAND NEW.

they also have some deals on some Xbox and PS3 games:
Darksiders II is only 14.99
Borderlands 2 is 29.99
LBP Karting is 19.99
and there were a handful of other games on sale. I think RE6 was 20 bucks too.

they're also having a buy one get one Wii U game 50% off deal.
hellvaguy  +   826d ago
And likewise, this is why all the jobs will continue to go overseas. Good and bad with a global market I suppose.
NavydAd  +   827d ago

Most places dont price match things that have limited quanities
LOGICWINS  +   827d ago
Well I don't plan on buying it right away. AT&T(bastards) have me locked into a contract that ends in September.
aquamala  +   827d ago
sad they will no longer price match within 30 days after purchase.

example, I pre ordered Dead Space 3 for $60, Best Buy gives you a $20 certificate for pre ordering. This Sunday I see Kmart has the game for $45, I can call Best Buy to price match and get $15 back. So Dead Space 3 costs me $25 plus tax, I can trade it in (right now Best Buy will give $36) when I'm done and basically gets paid to play a brand new game.

What other retailer would even price match post purchase? oh well.
Kalowest  +   827d ago
I've been price matching amazon for years, so that part is old news to me. The new polices aren't that bad(maybe to some they are), It doesn't take me 15 days to know if I want to return something or not.
MadMen  +   827d ago
Abouuuuuuuuut time
black911  +   827d ago
Don't care until I see Ebay or Craigslist.
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Magaman  +   827d ago
Um they have been doing this since before Christmas. And I just bought a new surround system yesterday and they price matched the Amazon price. And they even matched the 3rd party seller price, not the straight-up amazon sold price, though that might just be because the sales girl was being friendly and I've purchased multiple tvs and other equipment through her.
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optimus  +   827d ago
I agree, they've been price matching online retailers for quite a while now. As far as return policies go, i guess it sucks to have 15 days but then again i would know within a day or 2 if i want to keep it...
For the record the best return policy died with Electronic Boutique (later becoming EBgames) where they would accept any return even opened item and give you your money back even if you simply DIDN'T LIKE THE GAME.
dmonee  +   827d ago
Ouch! I utilized their generous returns and price match policies last year when I purchased a 3dtv from them. Because of this policy, I was able to not only have $450.00refunded to my account, but Also got a free 3d blu ray player and glasses to go with it. This tightens things up a little. I like BB a lot, but to me, this is a sign of the inevitable. they have been telling us since 2009 , that it's only a matter of time before we go the way of tweeter and circuit city.
Montrealien  +   826d ago
Sorry but if you see this as a sign that they are on there way out, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. no offence.
dmonee  +   822d ago
No offense to you, but you have obviously not been informed. Best Buy plans on closing a fifth of it's big box stores this year alone.The CEO says time and time again that they are doing everything in their power to stay solvent. The company has admitted that it is only a matter of time before they all close. I'm not making this stuff up. Go google "are best buy stores closing?" Watch what you find. Believe me, I don't want this to happen, I love best buy. I hope they find some way to adapt. They have mentioned having smaller stores that operate sort of like apple stores. That's fine by me.. Just as long as they exist.
Psychotica  +   827d ago
They are already doing that. I was there this morning and shopping for a new Panasonic plasma tv, they guy told me they will match any online store price as long as the store is an authorized pioneer dealer.
StreetsofRage  +   826d ago
Panasonic plasma tv. Best choice possible. Just remember to break it in the first 100 hours or so. You can read about that on google.
Psychotica  +   826d ago
Yes, I agree. I am planning on buying the Panasonic TC-P65VT50 to be exact, it seems to get such good reviews.
BitbyDeath  +   826d ago
That's the one i have, brilliant TV.

Panasonic are my fav. TV manufacturers.
ClearanceBinReview  +   826d ago
As the article states, the policy of matching online retailers was being tested. It is only just now official policy.
kingPoS  +   826d ago
I wonder if BestBuy does price matching for anime?
Montrealien  +   826d ago
It has been like this in Canada for a while. And since new legislations in the US have changed. Amazon used to be able to always ship from lower taxed states. This will become more and more common. Amazon will not hold the retailers hostage anymore, good news for all customers.
startalancenter  +   826d ago
This is good, as a game center owner whenever I had a system go down due to a video-card or Power Supply, I would have to wait 2-3 days for it to get in from somewhere like newegg.com or tigerdirect.com. But, now that bestbuy officially matches online retailers I can just go to the bestbuy like 4 miles away and buy a replacement part. (Best Buy usually has insane mark up on their computer parts)

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