Playstation Plus is the feature to look out for

Why the Playstation Plus is the feature to look out for,

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craigbic1953d ago

At least Sony isn't writing off backwards compatibility altogether.

Thatguy-3101953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Ps+ is slowly getting more recognized by its user base. A lot of my friends that didn't have it when it had rolled out are all over it because of the free games. Honestly if they market the hell out of the service for next gen it will take off in a big way. Wouldn't be surprised if Gaikai is part of a feature which I'm pretty sure it will convert a lot of users into adopting it.

Irishguy951953d ago

It will have the best Ps4 release Exclusives on it. Which will convince me to Day 1 the Ps4.

profgerbik1953d ago

PS+ for my PS3, my PS Vita and my upcoming PS4 all on one subscription.. How can I refuse.

yoshiroaka1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

Do you think it will tho? That seems like a lot of content to give away for $50. I would almost feel bad or like a thief if they did that lol.

If they wanted to charge $50 for ps3/vita and another $50 for ps4 with a $80 combo/deal option for all 3 i would be ok with that.

Either way. Exciting times!

profgerbik1953d ago (Edited 1953d ago )

It's already been confirmed it will.

People asked on the Playstation Blog and they actually responded back saying PS+ will be the same for all consoles and will carry over to anything new as well.

Unless that person working for Playstation lied or it just completely changes before the PS4 release that I can't promise but it was an actual person who works with Playstation who confirmed it will indeed carry over.

Trust worthy enough source in my opinion. It is somewhere in that blog in the PS Vita section, read it a while ago so sorry I don't remember the exact link or what blog post I read it in.

I just remember it was in the PS Vita section of the official Playstation Blog.

yoshiroaka1953d ago

nice! good to know man.
thanks for the info.

dcbronco1953d ago

That is interesting. Using Gaikai as PSN Plus would allow Sony to remove some of the burden of providing online for free. If they offered some free games and the ones you own that would limit the number of servers needed and still have some income coming in to cover the cost. It's could be the start of digging themselves out of the infrastructure is free mentality of their customers.

DigitalRaptor1953d ago

Yes! As much as people think Sony NEEDS to charge for online, they never will. PS+ is their business model that is gaining recognition and fast. The more features they add to PS+ the faster people will catch on that it's a high value service that should be essential to accompany your PlayStation 4 experience.

Cross game chat could be one such feature, but I feel that since the Vita has that for free, it will remain free. We will see soon enough though.

dcbronco1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

But that IS paying for on-line? Whether you give them additional value or not is not relevant. It helps cover the cost of providing the service. It's no different than a console bundle. Sony understands they can't keep doing on-line for free. That's why they did PSN+ in the first place. Why not just give the games away too if that was the case.

The one month outage cost Sony over 300 million to correct. Do you really think that helps Sony. If including free games makes people more comfortable with paying then it's a good thing. Even if a smaller group has to pay the cost of the many with PSN+, someone will have to pay. They could do it by using Gaikai as a service for streaming games, movie and music to non-gamers, but it has to be paid for.

I really don't understand the disconnect. People have no problem asking a struggling company to foot the bill for a service that cost the company hundreds of millions a year. With fans like those, who needs Microsoft.

DigitalRaptor1952d ago

I'm not attacking you here, but you have your whole consumer rights messed up. What Microsoft does with Xbox Live, is charges their consumers for basic P2P online functionality. There's not get-around to that. The extra features are there, and always have been there to hide this fact. And that is outrageous when that functionality has been free for years across other platforms and especially PC.

You just overlooked that PS+ is Sony's alternative to "they're losing money by not forcing their consumers to pay to access games they've already bought". Do you realise how ridiculous that is to suggest Sony will force their consumers to pay to play online? How anti-consumer that is?

"Why not just give the games away too if that was the case."

Because games cost money to make. Peer To Peer functionality doesn't cost to uphold. A network does, but that should come under the banner of support from a company. Valve does that with Steam, Nintendo does that with Nintendo Entertainment Network, and Sony does that with SEN. Just because it's a uniquely Microsoft standard doesn't mean other companies should treat their consumers like sh*t.

PS+ is more than just about accessing games on-demand, and it's easy to see that the value of the service and its popularity is growing and growing, at a rate which will probably match XBL Gold numbers next gen.

Gaikai might cost extra to PS+, but I doubt it. I still see it being added to Plus as another optional extra feature for next gen. I prefer not be mocked as a paying customer, by having the choice not to pay for Peer to Peer technology on games I've already purchased for full dollar.

unjust751953d ago

The reason its great, well you get free games not just demos. Xboxlive only offers a online connection, which is the price of a game.

betrayed gamer1953d ago

xbl also does demos and discounts as well. the only real difference is how good the sales are. psn seems to have the better deals outside the free game area,

MasterCornholio1953d ago

If you think about it XBOXlive gold is an online pass to online multiplayer and services. While there are people who claim that XboxLive is a great value and they enforced that belief by increasing their subscriptions when Microsoft increased the price, I personally don't see much value in Xboxlive . Playstation plus on the other band provides a level of value that 360 owners can only dream of.

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