Pictures of MGS1 Liquid Snake and MGS2 Raiden figures

Some photos from the newly announced Play Arts MGS2 Raiden and MGS1 Liquid Snake figures, taken at the New York Toy Fair 2013.

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krontaar1979d ago

Oh god not play arts kai. They are so horrible compared to other japanese figures.

parkerpeters1979d ago

Not a fan of the ab crunch on Liquid, but other than that, it looks great. Would pay $50 for it.

Soldierone1979d ago

I'd like to see a full McFarlane one. I have their series of action figures, but would like to see a full statue or something from them for MGS

parkerpeters1979d ago

I would like to see Max Factory and GSC do a Figma line of MGS figures. The quality is unmatched, though they mostly do female figures.

SAE1979d ago

Will be there a digital version of the game ?. If anyone know tell me please..

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