Digital Copy vs Physical Copy: Where do you stand?

Shawn Long of takes a look at the battle waging between digital downloads and physical copies of games.

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fluffydelusions2012d ago

All digital on PC (obviously). PS3/360 - retail unless they are PSN/XBL games that are DD only.

Fyflin2012d ago

I'm probably in the minority here but I'm very happy going digital. If we can download the games prior to launch so they're sat on the hard drive and then unlock at 00:01 on day of release that would suit me down to the ground. My only gripe is the price - a lot of new games seem to have the insane price tag of £59.99 on the UK PSN store.

Skizelli2012d ago (Edited 2012d ago )

I think the two co-exist quite well. There's games I'd rather own a physical copy of and games I don't mind downloading. It's really no different from renting and buying if you think about it.

How can anyone want digital-only? You're only giving more power and control to the video game industry. Sooner or later, we won't own anything.

Chrono2012d ago

I get digital if it costs me less (at least $10 less).

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