Could That PS4 Controller Offer Fully Positional 3D Sound?

"Think about it: turn your head to the left and the sound moves around to the right. Look out of your window at a passing Nissan GTR and hear it roar in full 3D. Look around in Killzone 4 and hear the bullets react to where you are in the room."

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unchartedxplorer2006d ago (Edited 2006d ago )

Sounds like a good idea, although I hope it's optional and that it isn't forced. It could be very cool in multiplayer games and especially in horror games.

Hingle_Mcringleberry2005d ago (Edited 2005d ago )

Sounds alright. . .if they actually pull it off

kneon2005d ago

It sounds worthless to me. The position of the audio relative to the player is supposed to be relative to where your character is in the game, not where you are in the room. And we already have that if you have a properly calibrated surround sound system.

I don't get the point of this, I don't move around the room while playing and I'm always looking at the screen.

Burackus2005d ago

That's what I was thinking, has this guy ever hear of 7.1 sound sound thats all the 3d sound we need

Tapioca Cold2005d ago

Owned. Thanks.

I completely agree.

bangshi2005d ago

Looks like the Pringles man without the moustache.

hano2005d ago

it's amazing the hype level thresholds for this announcement

in my opinion it's all going to be show and no substance
that controller looks like poor redundant design

I'm betting on nintendo for next gen

ame222005d ago

I hardly believe that's a final design. Looking back at Sony's track-record it's hard not to believe that their product designs are nothing short of breathtaking.

SnakeShady2005d ago

You are betting on Nintendo? Are you serious?

stage882005d ago

You're betting on the company with old ass tech, the same old games and a dying console.
Derp, ok.

nevin12005d ago

I think he basing it on the Wii which also had old tech and games.

Smashbro292005d ago

Is Nintendo even in the race? I always figured they weren't competing anymore.

It's the Wii all over again, match last gen's stuff add a gimmick and get all the quirky stuff 2-3 years down the road.

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solidboss072005d ago

How do you know Nintendo will ever even release a Next Gen console?? They have only just launched the Wii-U, and haven't mentioned or hinted at a Next Gen successor............ oh.......... wait.

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