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42 Level One - Metal Gear Rising Full Game Review

Ali from 42 level one nabbed a promo copy of Metal Gear Rising!! Is it up to scratch?? Find out here!!! (Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, PS3, Xbox 360) 81/100

DEEBO  +   830d ago
no reviews are going to stop me from owning this game.
Kanzes  +   830d ago
80+ is a good score, at least it's not 5 or 6 :)
Famitsu gave it 39/40
Reverent  +   830d ago
Great score, but that is a seriously weird scale.
Chucky2003  +   830d ago
of course they did,its a Japanese magazine,i played the game reached the final boss and i quited cause i got frustrated,what i like about the game is the gameplay,but i hated the story and its retarded dialogs ,the visuals aren't that great,and the levels always look too empty,but if you don't care about these,the game can be fun
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WolfLeBlack  +   830d ago
God, that was a painful read. And if the author reads this, yes it's explained why Raiden has a canine companion.

I've also got to wonder, by nabbed a promo copy do they mean a promo review copy from Konami, because if so embargo on the review ain't lifted yet.... ;)

If they just managed to get an early copy, congrats.

I'm enjoying my time with the game, but sadly NDA form means I can't get away with saying too much :(
42LevelOne  +   830d ago
Thanks for the opinion ! And I said little to no explanation meaning I felt it wasn't explained enough, sorry for the confusion (and no my copy isn't a promo review copy so I was free to write this) also completed the game in 4 hours 13 minutes (gameplay time) 3 hours of cutscenes on top of it don't make it a 7 hours long game! Ali
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WolfLeBlack  +   830d ago
I felt it was pretty clear, but I suppose it was possible to miss it.

To expand, your review comes off as rather vague about many things. Combat is the focus off the game with a fairly deep system, but you don't really delve into it as much as you perhaps should.

Also, how did you feel about the writing, acting etc?

You tend to describe aspects of the game, but don't really comment on whether you though they worked well or not. For example, you describe the combat, but don't mention if you felt the mechanics worked well, if it was fluid, deep, fun. etc

Don't take this the wrong way, I'm far from having a go at you. Hats off on the review :)
sdozzo  +   830d ago
Let's leave the reviewing to the pros buddy.
crimsonfox  +   830d ago
idk WolfLeBlack. this review was pretty bad. I was contemplating throwing my phone, especially when "Alister" (the author) writes crap like " I avoided" yousuck at reviews. If you did get paid for writing it, hopefully you don't get paid much.
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42LevelOne  +   830d ago
To describe major highlights of the acting/writing/plot would of meant potential spoilers I felt...perhaps you are correct in the lack of my explanations on mechanics etc...comment taken on board. Ali
WolfLeBlack  +   830d ago
Not really. You don't have to describe specific moments during the games plot to provide insight into what you thought of the quality of writing etc.
delboy  +   830d ago
I'm playing it right now, overall is a OK game,but nothing special.
Not worth day one buy, unless you're a fan of mg series.
If you're not in to metal gear and paid full price you could be disappointed.
Vanquish is a much better game with overall better game mechanics.
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carreirabr  +   830d ago
Well, Vanquish is a Shinji Mikami´s game. MGR-R is not. That's the point.
RyuX19  +   830d ago
93% for that trash of a game DmC and an 81% for MGR? Are you kidding me? Yeah I'm sorry, your site lacks any credibility after seeing that.
isa_scout  +   830d ago
Wuh??? I thought DmC was actually pretty awesome for a series reboot. Enjoyed it alot more than I thought I would, and I wasn't expecting much. I'd give DmC an 8.5 to a 9/10. Wasn't perfect but a good step in the right direction.
RyuX19  +   830d ago
From what I've played it definitely wasn't a step in the right direction. Boring, rip off version of They Live's story, with boring characters, in a world that makes no sense when you actually think about it. The dialogue presented in the game made me cringed every time they spoke, especially when New Dante did a horrible one liner.

The combat was way too simple and slow for my taste and resembled too much like other HnS games like God of War or Dante's Inferno, and the game is extremely easy no matter what difficulty you put it on. It's so easy that they are putting out a patch next week to make it more difficult which is ridiculous. The bosses are terrible as well.

The game pads it's length with unskippable cutscenes and boring platforming that should have been omitted from the series in the first place and the game is riddled with glitches.

DmC was not a good step to me. Nothing about it was fun or entertaining. Just stupid characters who have an immature sense of what freedom is and in the end they do more damage than good. It's laughable how bad the story is and how it's riddled with plot holes that Ninja Theory doesn't even try to explain.

http://www.youtube.com/watc... just a fraction of DmC glitches.

http://www.youtube.com/watc... proof how easy the game is on DMD.

DmC is a mediocre game at best. Not a 9/10 nor even an 8/10. At the highest it's a 7/10, but personally it's more like a 6/10.
Frostlyte  +   830d ago
Ryux19 wow! just wow!
are you on drug ?
Clearly you are If you can't see how awesome DMC was for a reboot of the franchise Metal gear solid is a game that seriously lacks replay ability and is a disgrace to the metal gear solid name for you i suggest rehab and then possibly looking at your self in the mirror before shaving your head and sinking in to depression when you realise your wrong. Maybe try playing the game properly and stop being a hater.
RyuX19  +   830d ago
1. Use punctuation. It would really help the readability of your post.

2. It's not Metal Gear Solid, it's Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. The game has plenty of replayability, 5 difficulties including 3 Hard Mode variants (Hard, Very Hard, Revengeance) each difficulty increasingly becoming more and more challenging in each level.

It's going to take awhile for people to master the gameplay unlike DmC where it's very easy for people to pick up and do combos.

3. Metal Gear Rising does not disgrace the Metal Gear Solid name because it does not have the Metal Gear Solid name. Judging by your grammar you might have a slight reading problem so let me explain, MGR and MGS are two different games with two different styles. It does not disrespect the old franchise because it is for the most part it's own thing. It's just a fun but brutal side story filled with serious and comedic elements. It's a spin-off and the new MGS game is still coming out which is something you can't say for DMC.

4. I played DmC just like any normal person did, and I just did not enjoy it. Sorry for having higher standards when it comes to quality and not caring about gameplay that just gives me immediate satisfaction by barely doing a thing.

Oh in my slight review I forgot one more thing, Limbo sucks. It's just a lame scripted event that get's old very quickly. It's another lame way to pad out the game and not once during the sequences did I ever feel a sense of tension or danger. Games like Silent Hill have done that concept way better.
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isa_scout  +   830d ago
I'm curious just what are your higher standards RyuX19? Was it that horrible beast of a game DmC4? I'll take the reboot any day over that turd of a game. Also, limbo wasn't scripted, it was an enviroment that you played in. How the hell do you script a enviroment? By the way in your early post you said, and I qoute, "The dialogue presented in the game made me cringed every time they spoke." It's CRINGE not CRINGED. Next time check your spelling before you poke fun at someone elses grammar, it kind of makes you look ignorant. I'd ask you to comment on the matter but you have no more bubbles so just feel free to disagree, and I'll know you got the message.
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goemonate  +   829d ago
DmC may be a game too easy, but it is a really well balanced game in all aspects. MGR wants to do so much but it fails big time in my opinions.

to list a few things MGR is not great enough:
- the camera system
- the weapon switching
- graphics
- unbalanced enemies
- frustrated boss fight
- loading time after a kill scene
- tutorial list
- did I mention the camera system?

I will finish this game just because I am an all-time MG fans.
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Welcome2Die  +   830d ago
I gotta say, going around slicing trees and metal like butter is just pure fun! I cant wait to get my hands on this!
goemonate  +   829d ago
it will disappoint you. You won't get to slice a lot of things in the game...
BuffMordecai  +   829d ago
This beats the absolute shit out of DmC.
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wheresmymonkey  +   828d ago
I've got a review copy. The embargo lifts tomorrow.

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