7 Video Game Urban Legends I Wish Were True

Smosh: I remember hearing whispers on the playground of secret things you could do in video games that would unlock untold secrets. Those rumors gave the games a sense of mystery. Of revelation. And I do so wish these urban legends were true, if only so I won't have wasted so many hours of my life.

Although, that said, I was playing video games that entire time anyway, so I guess it wouldn't be unfair to say that that life was already wasted. In any event, here are the video game urban legends I wish were true!

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claud31953d ago

bigfoot in san andreas, was an excellent myth

Root1953d ago

If the Squall thing was true....I don't know I would feel like it was a slap to the face. I mean you put so much time and effort into it and's all a dream.....what could of happened.

I would of liked the FF8 theory of Rinoa becoming Ultimecia being true since there was many, many things to point to it in the game. The story someone made up of how it happens seemed realistic enough aswell. Could of had a sequel using this idea.

Linsolv1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Nah. I prefer Squall is Dead to the other alternative, which is that Rinoa is a complete mental case.

Think about that transition from Disk 1 to Disk 2.

End of Disk 1, she's scared that Seifer has thrown his lot in with a bad crowd, and she's conflicted because she's been in love with him the entire game up to this point, though she never uses the 'l' word. And now he's been brainwashed into standing between her and her dream, a dream that he helped her bring to fruition by introducing her to Headmaster Cid.

Squall gets an ice spike through the heart.

Disk 2, he wakes up totally fine and from that point on Rinoa has completely forgotten about Seifer, and is now all aboard the Squall train.

I understand if it became a love triangle, and she had to try to understand her feelings for the two men--if you think about it, it would have made sense, given that Squall and Seifer are two sides of the same coin, set up as rivals from the beginning and then they have to fight for the love of the heroine. It's a good story.

But that's not what happened. She changes so abruptly that it's mind-boggling. Either we accept that her love means nothing, ruining the plot, or we accept that Squall is experiencing something that isn't altogether real--Rinoa's love for him is something he wants, and his brain gives it to him, which makes the entire story more romantic. Even though Rinoa isn't perfect, Squall's love for her molds her in his mind into something much better than she really is.

Root1952d ago

Do you not think after Squall got wounded and she thought he died she realised that he was the one for her which made her care for him and forget about Seifer

Anyway Rinoa isn't mental, the Ultimecia theory makes a lot of sense if you think about it

She lives longer because she's a sorcerers, she has to watch her friends die around her of old age then her knight and lover Squall dies which breaks her, she then takes Griever Squalls necklace and with her powers turns that into a powerfull GF, because of how powerfull it is she forgets who she is and calls her self something differnt.

Because after the whole Sorceress thing they are hated on in the future. She feels alone and is now hated on by the world. With no memory of who she is, all she can think about is that she was once happy in the past and decides to try and compress time. After being despised and hated by the world she becomes bitter and twisted and stops at nothing to get what she wants thus becoming Ultimecia.

Theres a much better theory bu you get the point

Pozzle1952d ago

When did Rinoa say or even imply she was in love with Seifer? o.O She mentions a brief Summer fling with him and is disappointed he never became a SeeD because she wanted to see him again, but she never said anything about love or even wanting to rekindle their relationship.

If anything, she makes it pretty clear she's no longer romantically interested in Seifer, but also doesn't want to jump-the-gun and assume he's a bad guy just because he made a stupid mistake a joined the sorceress. (obviously that changed when Seifer attacked them, which ended with them in prison. Kinda puts your priorities into perspective.)

It made perfect sense to me. Of course she's going to change her mind when she sees a guy she previously dated turn bad and attack people. Why WOULD she still pine for Seifer when she's seen first-hand that he's a dangerous asshole?

DragonKnight1952d ago (Edited 1952d ago )

Neither theory is possible and both are ridiculous.

"Squall is dreaming theory." There are many reasons that it's not possible. Let's go with the obvious ones of A)He was stabbed through the shoulder, not the heart, and that's an injury anyone can recover from if treated in a timely manner. B)They live in a world where there are magic spells to heal the body and even restore "life." And C)Squall experienced the Laguna dreams before Edea attacked him, how could he dream up a convoluted framing device worthy of Inception inside his own dream, attributing the power to Ellone as well as inventing who his parents are (Laguna and Raine) with absolutely no prior knowledge? The people who dreamed up that theory didn't pay any real attention to the game.

The Rinoa is Ultimecia theory is even more preposterous. A)Ultimecia, through Edea, describes a lifelong struggle against persecution, something Rinoa never had to face.

B)Assuming that Rinoa became Ultimecia due to her losing her Knight (Squall), no timeframe is given or implied as to when Squall died and when Rinoa's grief changed her, nor does address the fact that Ultimecia hadn't been trying to achieve Time Compression until the recent events of the game. Time Compression was Ultimecia's driving force, her singular goal, one would think that if she were Rinoa and could travel backwards in time, she'd instead try to bring Squall back.

C)There's no mention of Sorceresses having extended lifespans or in anyway being different than they were as normal humans beyond having the ability to cast magic without the need to Draw. The game suggests that Ultimecia lives FAR in the future, beyond the lifespan of normal humans, so reasonably speaking (since there is no evidence to refute it) it's impossible for Rinoa to be Ultimecia.

D)The idea that Rinoa is Ultimecia due to her being able to summon Griever, a GF that exists only in Squall's mind, is erroneous as it flies in the face of actual in game text that states that Ultimecia took the image of Griever from Squall's mind if you scan Griever. It is NOT hard to accept that Sorceresses can be telepathic even in battle, so it wouldn't be hard to say that she simply read Squall's mind and used her magic to bring Griever to life.

There's so many other reasons it's a preposterous theory that I don't have the time to lay out.

@Linsolv: It's stated pretty early on that Rinoa and Seifer broke up and that she THOUGHT she loved him. Given her age, it's not a stretch to see that her love was that of the puppy variety so she's not so much a mental case as she is a typical teenager.

**EDIT** What Skv007 said as well. LOL.

kalkano1952d ago

"as well as inventing who his parents are (Laguna and Raine)"

What...? Where'd that come from? What leads you to believe that they're Squall's parents?

I've played it 3 times, and I never came to that conclusion...

Pozzle1952d ago

@kalkano: It's very strongly hitned at in the game that Squall is Laguna and Raine's son.

The hints I can think of off the top of my head are:
Ellone tells Squall that when Laguna was away, Raine had their child but died soon after, so Ellone and the child were sent to Edea's orphanage. Considering Squall's attachment to Ellone, it's likely that child was him.

And on the Ragnarok just before Lunatic Pandora,
Laguna will tell Squall that when this is all over, he has something important to tell him...but he'll understand if Squall doesn't want to hear it. Kiros then mentions how much Squall looks like his mother, and that it's good he doesn't look like his father.

It's also mentioned in the game that Moombas can identify people by the taste of their blood, which explains why they get excited and call Squall "Laguna" when they're near him.

Also, Laguna has Squall's card.

WildArmed1952d ago

Yeah, I was surprised to hear of the Squall death theory.

This was dis-proven by the director thou. Thank God, I would have felt cheated if this was true.

Mounce1952d ago

The Squall Is Dead theory was certainly a mind-blowing read for me, felt Epic just to read it and imagine the possibilities and 'What if'. Rinoa being Ultimecia makes a decent amount of sense especially by her lines used in Final Fantasy Dissidia, Ultimecia says like "Shall we have this dance?" to Squall, which could be determined as either a cliched line of pure coincidence or a reference to when him and Rinoa were at the ball and she came to take him dancing...

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Black-Rock-Shooter1952d ago

That picture of Squall always creaped me out ;.;

the mew under the truck was super fake but there is a way to get him and its kinda really sepcifc.

found the video

tweet751952d ago

in grade school in the 80s the legend was you could unlock bombs and missles in super mario brothers