Religion in Games

Religion has been implemented into games far more often than people realize. But what is their point?

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Chaostar1197d ago

Religion makes an excellent antagonist. The mindless followers, the ominous invisible leader, magical powers (miracles and prayers), cooky rituals, an utter inability to accept any truth that doesn't fit into their dogma. Add to that a xenophobic fear and hatred toward anyone who doesn't think as they do and you've got a scary set of bad guys indeed.

Blacklash931197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Pretty much. It's a common way to make an faction in the story, be it good or evil, interesting and/or threatening.

nugnugs1197d ago

Where's the nutter? He/she will be here soon to spout some balderdash to prove you godless types wrong.

Picnic1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

'Religion has been implemented into games far more often than people realize'.

Which people would they be? I've never been asked to consider whether I think that religion has been implemented in to games. Why do you guess what I realise in my brain? Sometimes it will be done overtly, sometimes subtly/abstractly, sometimes not at all.