Will the PlayStation 4 Give Sony the Boost It Needs?

Sony, on Feb. 20, is expected to unveil the PlayStation 4, its entry in the next generation battle. The system is more than the start of a new cycle, though; it's an essential step in rebuilding Sony as a corporation.

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Arai1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Retarded article at best and those analysis are completely out of touch.

"Console manufacturers use it to justify the sometimes-high prices of their systems, arguing that they're much more than game machines."

They are more than just gaming machines...

BullyMangler1977d ago

ha haa . .the boost it needs . .if sony needs anything regarding it's gaming systems, it would have to be that sony needs COMFORT. sony needs TRUE comfort, like Nintendo brings to the table . .oh and sony may want to throw a little uniqueness in there and stop copying nintendo . ha haa .what i just said were FACTS . damn i sound like a fanboy, but neh them just FACTS . now watch the fanboys and girls attack or thumb me down (: