How The PlayStation 4 Controller Leak Is Great For Sony

"The naysayers might assume that this week’s PS4 controller leak, in which images surfaced of a late prototype of the revised DualShock 4 alongside a development kit, might be bad news for Sony. The platform holder is set to reveal the console properly next week, so surely these early shots have spoiled that party? Right? Sony are running around with their hands in the air screaming?


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Walker1977d ago

Every Leak Is Great For Sony .

Gamer19821977d ago

Its creating more news. The main thing is though company's actually allow leaks and in most cases let them out themselves purely to see what people think. This way they can still hold there heads up high and say there's no console in development or whatever when we know there is while getting input from there fans.

Remember the boomerang controller? People hated it that much it never made production. That's exactly what I think this controller leak is. People seem to generally like the design with this controller though and as long as MOVE ain't forced among people they will be happy with it.