Heads Up: Aliens: Colonial Marines Screenshot Comparison And Analysis

Lens of Truth Writes "Come join us as we “flamethrower” our way through Aliens: Colonial Marines on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 to give you the “Heads Up” on which version out performs the other. Just remember, a Heads Up doesn’t have a winner or a loser – they’re designed to give our members a “Heads Up” on which version performs better on games that might have slipped through the cracks."

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RudeSole Devil1975d ago

Wow Xbox 360 version screen tears like a banshee. Hands down a PS3 win.

fluffydelusions1975d ago

And yet everyone still loses lol

LostDjinn1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Yep. It's just degrees of crap at this point.

Like everyone being forced to drink out of the toilet. Then afterwards laughing at the guy who got chunks caught in their teeth.

EbeneezerGoode1975d ago

Have you actually played the game yourself or just taking other's word for it?

I am enjoying this game on PS3 (single player) it's solid, it does the job, it's not 'amazing' but it is fun, it occasionally has not just decent but VERY nice graphics/effects and is atmospheric.

These negative reviews are because of expectations and possibly developer pre-release BS but anyone who hasn't at least tried it themselves is losing out. I reckong 50% of those going along with the bashing would actually like it if they played it.

And I'm usually very hard to please with games these days. Though I am a massive aliens fan which helps me enjoy the atmosphere in the game regardless of it's (minor) shortcomings.

Klonopin1975d ago

it's like comparing a turd

MysticStrummer1975d ago

I agree with EbeneezerGoode. I've had much worse times with higher rated games. I still haven't found the interest to finish Bulletstorm, for example, yet I've finished A:CM twice. It's short, there's that, but still I enjoy playing it more than I did Bulletstorm. Anything lower than a 6 seems unreasonable to me. Play Blacklight: Area 51 to see a game that deserves the scores A:CM is getting.

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zerocrossing1975d ago

Aliens: Colonial Marines, 50 shades of crap...

theEx1Le1975d ago

Why even bother comparing? You can compare turds side by side but it doesn't make the prettiest one the best because at the end of the day its still a turd. No one wins in this comparison.

MasterCornholio1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )

Oh yeah Mr. Smarty pants didnt you know that the Wii U version of this game will be the best one? Which is why the PS3, XBOX360 and PC version lose.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha take that you ignorant fool.

LOL im just kidding. Your absolutely right no matter which console gets the best version of this game its still a terrible game any way you slice it.

No matter who wins the fans lose.

:( jeez i miss the good old AVP games that were a ton of fun back in the day. AVP2 was my favorite BTW.

MacDonagh1975d ago

Y'know. I can deal with bad, even terrible graphics if the game has something about it. However, when you mess with the canon of an established franchise, it's far more insulting and horrible.

I won't tell you all the ending but it's really terrible and doesn't make any sense.

000000000000000000011975d ago

MacDonagh, Really, it made a lot of sense to me and I usually could care less about the story. Watch Alien and Aliens and it should become very clear!

EbeneezerGoode1975d ago

Agreed. I think people are just jumping on the 'let's bash this game' bandwagon now without playing it. They are just recycling other's opinions on it OR they had massive expectations going in.

Game looks great in places actually and I've not noticed it looking 'terrible' at all. Great lighting work, good level design, nice atmosphere.. but then I am playing it in 3D (2D to 3D mode on my plasma - PS3) which helps a lot to soften the aliasing and it works really well with this 'fake' 3D. Very good scale and depth to the environments.

People who avoid this based on reviews without at least trying it are missing out imo

MacDonagh1975d ago

Explain Hicks. Aliens 3's opening credits show him dead, impaled by a loose support beam. Who was the impaled guy? Why would Weyland capture him on the Sulaco and torture Hicks? Actually, the Sulaco was reported to be in orbit of Fury 161 in Alien 3; so why was it orbiting LV-256? What information were they hoping to gather from Hicks? What information could he possibly have that would be of use to the Weyland corporation? If he was a witness, why not just kill him? Also, why did Cruz believe that Hicks would know the FTL schedule?

Oh wait. "That's another story."

MysticStrummer1975d ago (Edited 1975d ago )


@MacDonagh - I agree that the story wasn't great, but I still liked it better than Alien Resurrection's and it's about even with Aliens 3's story in my book. The company wants to make money somehow from the aliens. They fake Hick's death and take him so the military won't interfere with what they're doing and so they can find out whatever he knows about the creatures. They have no idea what he knows, they just know he has more info than they do. They brought the ship back to LV-426 to use as an orbital base for their experiments. Hicks said he was a prisoner for several months and he overheard a lot. Why wouldn't Cruz believe him about the FTL schedule? The "other story" element is the guy who took Hick's place as the corpse in the cryotube, which really should have been explained, I admit. Again, I'm not saying the story was great by any means, but it's not that bad.

That's my review of the game in general. Could and should have been better, but it's not nearly as bad as the reviews it's getting.

BanBrother1975d ago

Lens Of Truth seems to swing towards the PS3, while Digital Foundry goes towards the Xbox......I'm confused lol.
I couldn't really care at this point, as I watched the demo vs released game, and my jaw dropped. How could you go so many steps backwards? Gearbox and Randy $hitford are dead to me.

MrUndrhill1975d ago

Hello sir. Do you prefer this hot garbage or this warmed over trash? Please enjoy.

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